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One true Democrat stands to be called a "lie" of the party

Bob Carrie, a former senator and governor of Nebraska, has always been one of my favorite politicians because his policies were not perfectly polished. Among other free points, he called the close Democrat Bill Clinton "an unusually good liar," and said that the requirement to become president was that you should "want more than life itself."

an investment bank, but did not lose the desire to break the ranks with his party. The habit falls into the controversial critique of the current Democrats, where he says that they suffer from two major "mistakes".

"The first" – he writes in Omaha-World-Visnyk – that Americans long wait for the president, who will ask us to pay more for pleasure to increase the role of the federal government in our lives. "

The second mistake of Demce, according to him, "lies in the fact that Americans were denied the truth when the special prosecutor Robert Muller and Attorney General William Barr came to the conclusion that President Trump did not agree. He continues to say that there is no reason to believe that, that the full report will change the conclusion that Trump is an innocent person.

This is a wonderful observation ̵

1; but Kerry is not over. He also supports the movement to find out what happened to the FBI in 2016 and why it led the nation to a Russian racing hole.

"Congress needs to be investigated as the Justice Department got it so wrong" writes. "If the president of the United States is vulnerable to abuse by prosecutors, then God will help everyone else."

He makes several recommendations, including that the investigation of the Congress should be carried out by an outsider's impartial commission. He told me in a short interview that the probe should complement, but not substitute, anything that Senator Lindsay Graham made of the Judicial Committee, or anything done by the Ministry of Justice or his general inspector. , he wants an independent commission, because "we need something to trust."

Taken together, promulgated and his comments make up the damned accusatory verdict of his party and the great Washington. Who can argue?

The problem, of course, lies in the fact that all leading Democrats, Kool-Aid, that America is ready to embrace extreme left politics, and that Muller and Barr cover Trump and Vladimir Putin.

This is a material of lunar bats and foil hats, but if there's the main Dem who has the courage to talk about it, I missed it. The whole party, including Chuck Sumer and Nancy Pelosi, seems to intend to hold hands and jump off the rock.

Therefore, the voice of Carrie is so important and timely. It would be desirable to hope that other jams will call courage to join him

Many have been told that it provokes party unexpectedness to madness. But I'm convinced that the most complete explanation for all the strange behavior is that this is a deeply false answer to Trump.

Trump syndrome is not a joke – it forces the opposition to make irrational and even crazy statements and decisions. Although some of these reactions are related to Tramp's unorthodox behavior and habits, most of this is due to the simple fact that he has made significant achievements for the country, something that Dams has never expected and can not digest.

Politics, as a rule, generates imitation, the success of Trump shocks his opponents and provokes them to behave in quirky, corrupted ways. They are obsessed with impeachment and promise to find facts that would support him any day.

They do not want to spend any moment on anything else, which means they have abandoned their working days. Trump is their white cat and we know how Moby Dick has ended.

Secondly, the answers to the policy are just as loose. Take immigration where Democrats have long been supporting border security before they suddenly opposed it. To say that they are "immoral" only because Trump supports them means that she wants to harm the nation because she hates the president.

Reparations are an example of another kind. Why support for this idea, which existed on the periphery for decades, has become imperative for party presidential candidates?

My suspicion is that part of the explanation relates to the success of Trump in lowering the level of black unemployment to the lowest level. Throw in the germinal movement among the black conservatives in order to avoid what some call "Planetary Democrats," and there is a real fear on the left that their almost monopolistic black-haired content is endangered.

In order to keep Trump among black voters, Dames decided that treating them as victims and giving them government discuses is an answer. But again, the answer to this will win, because the support for such a radical and impractical situation creates a contrast that will promote Trump among the majority of voters, including many black ones.

In the political plan, by 2020, there is a light year. But after Muller spoke, and with the leading Democrats who were trapped in their long mistakes, the point of no return was getting closer every day. Under the hill, the chorus of capitulation announces it unchanged. This time the choir is headed by Mayor de Blasio.

"People need to understand – even in our best day, if you are in a city, state, there is only so much that you can do," he said. accusing the federal government that in the city almost everything is not so.

Even for Putz it is a new minimum.

His comments reinforce the conviction that he has abandoned his working day. Lazy, incompetent and corrupt from the very beginning, he spends his short working days traveling through the nation in the pre-tribal quest for the presidency.

Perhaps the language de Blasio about stumps in Iowa and New Hampshire should go like this: the mess and voters do not love me there. Make me the president and I will do the same for the whole country. "

At least, he would be honest.

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