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Obviously, the MCU can not reproduce this part of the comic book Marvel

The following was adapted from YouTuber Patrick Willems & # 39; a new essay Restrictions Marvel Cinematic Universe – Part 2 . "

The most important innovation of Marvel Cinematic Universe was the transfer of serialized stories from comic strips to feature films: the set of current stories that exist in one world, sometimes overlap and overlap. But what does "comic story" mean in the 21st century?

Marvel publishes dozens of current episodes each month, each of which is dedicated to all the characters or teams we know: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Smilyvets, Captain Marvel and others. For decades, these series have received new issues every month, and are likely to be for decades. Regardless of what's going on in different parts of the Marvel universe, stories about these characters continue.

Every year, Marvel releases a major event of events, as a civil war that shares Marvel's heroes in an ideological battle; The secret invasion, that the Earth invades the Army of Scrolls, changing shape; or House M, in which the mental disorder Scarlet Witches has created an alternative reality. These stories always end in a way that changes the universe and establishes a new status quo (or, as Marvel says, "Nothing will be the same!"). This new status quo is being investigated in various current series for the following year. At the end of the Civil War, Sherone Carter, who was brainwashing, killed Steve Rogers, and the series explored the consequences: Baki, called the Winter Soldier, took over the captain of the mantle of Captain America and Tony Stark became director of SHIELD and created a new

  Secret Invasion # 8 (2008 ) - Norman Osbourne and Hammer

C Secret Invasion # 8 (2008).
Leinill Francis Yu / Marvel Comic [19659012] This status quo remained unchanged for two years, until the end of a secret invasion. There, Norman Osborne saved the world and replaced Tony Stark with SHIELD's head, creating a new Ahnesch team, made up mostly of villains. Over the course of the next year, Osborn put his will on the world, as heroes tried to stop him. An individual Iron Man series followed Tony Stark to avoid the removal of technological secrets from his brain. Comics are interesting

This is exactly what Lee Lee meant 40 years ago when he insisted that Marvel's comics supported the "illusion of change." Of course, Steve Rogers comes back from the dead and becomes the captain of America. Norman Osbourne was eventually demolished and sent to jail. But these changes in the status quo persist for a long time, that we obtain many years of history concerning them. We spend time with the characters who react and adapt to the effects of great events.

The nature of feature films does not allow a constant series to follow individual characters. Marvel's arc of solo movies, like Captain America or Thor, is usually a story of origin, followed by an autonomous adventure that ends with a crossover with other characters. We do not get monthly or even annual adventures for Captain America.

That's why it's important: The first stage, each of the major MCU movies ends like a new status quo. In Captain America: Winter Soldier SHIELD collapses and Hydra returns. At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron a new Avengers warehouse came out. At the end Captain America: Civil War "Avengers" collapsed.

These films are the equivalent of great crossover comics, without any consequences or effects that are observed from an individual point of view. . We really do not feel the changes in the status quo, making the illusion of changes more difficult. (And with agents SHIELD who are still excluded from the actual action, the serialized satellite does not strengthen the effect.)

SHIELD switches off in Winter Soldier does not apply to future stories; One movie later, Nick Fury is from the SHIELD helicarrier, as if nothing had happened. Captain America is still doing the same mission, but his costume now has the Avengers logo. The remains of Hydra are sent to the first stage Age of Ultron … then, basically, we see several operational Hydra in one scene in Ant-Man . The new "Avengers" intends to make one mission in the beginning of the Civil War … and then the Avengers will collapse. On paper, this is a mass change in the lives of characters, but without the stories that they are studying, they do not have the weight they intended to have.

After the Civil War The following History of these heroes is Avengers: Infinity War the largest of all crossovers. Characters make some short, undefined references to what happened to them between the films, but there is no time to show or explain it. Captain America is only a supportive character in the War . He's out, he's fighting, he says hello to his friends, and that's all.

  Falcon, Vision, and the Red Witch in the Avengers of the Infinite War

Falcon, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch in Messiahs: The War of Infinity
] Marvel Studios / Disney

Comics open the doors to readers who seek the foundation of nature . You can take the solo series of Iron Man to get to his head and understand the new status quo from his point of view. But the MCU business means that Tony Stark's autonomous story ends Iron Man 3 . To follow the hero, you should see the films of Captain of America, the films "Avengers", as well as the movie "Spider-Man". And since he is no longer the protagonist, the main events in his life occur outside the screen or in films where he supports the character. He and Pepper Pott collapse, reunite and engage in films. In order to serve the current MCU, movies must skip over the years of character life and cut them to auxiliary roles.

No character can embody this more than James Buchanan Barnes, as well as Buckley, called the Winter Soldier. White Wolf? Tanks appeared in four Marvel films and changed more than any other character. He was a young Brooklyn soldier during the Second World War; He was washed by the brain of the killer Hydra; Now he is persecuted hermit, who is trying to reassemble his mind again. He also lost his hand. But how good do we know Baki?

What is lacking in the MCU is best explained by the closer look at Captain America of Brokeback's Eat, which started in the mid-2000s, and which again introduced Bucky as a winter soldier. Like in films, he faced several times with Steve Rogers before Cap discovered the truth about his personality. Rotate: After processing the space cube, known to fans just for the MCU, like Tesseract, all Baki's memories are restored. He drives himself out, full of blame for all the terrible crap that he has made, and in the next few stories he begins to say what to do with himself. He helps Cap stop the terrorist attack. He asks Nick Fury for work at SHIELD. Then, when Steve was killed, Bucky ends up taking over the mantle of Captain America.

After his memories were restored, Baki basically got his own story. He took care of what happened to him, made a choice and grew up. By the time he put on a suit and took a shield, he was a fully-formed character, which we understood and cared for.

  Captain America and Bucky in the Civil War of Captain America

Captain America and Bucks in Captain America: Civil War
Marvel Studios / Disney

Captain America: The First Avenger sets Buckie with 20 minutes of time on screen – and then he dies. He returns as a Winter Soldier, where we learn about his personality about an hour and a half in the cinema. The film ends with the image of Bucky, who learned about his past in the museum. It is a great fit for him to have a path of self-rectitude, reconciled with his past deeds. But there is no space for this story in the MCU release schedule.

Baki continues to appear after two years in a civil war . He lives in Bucharest, and, as we learn later, he has already gathered his memories together. But we do not see this story, because as soon as Baki appears, he has already been subjected to a terrorist attack. This is a movie that completely revolves around Baki; Whether it's people who chase him, protect him, wash his brain, or fight with him, he is in the center of the action, but without a significant foundation. There is only one reason to take care of it: because Captain America takes care of him. Bucky is a human MacGuffin.

The serialized stories that Marvel, Kevin Feige, and their cinematographers have performed are impressive and unprecedented. For the main characters and arches, it basically works. There is a pleasant ongoing history and consistent sequences through almost two dozen films for more than 10 years

But the disadvantages of the system are beginning to manifest. What Marvel, in essence, does, scoring a square peg (serialized interconnected comic book story) in a round hole (artistic films). Tanks are easy enough to climb and become the Captain of America in comics, when creative teams have time to adjust his character and attract readers to him. But if the MCU intends to do something similar – with Avengers: Endgame looks like the latest movie by Steve Rogers – then people at Marvel face a challenge ahead.

The decision may have already been submitted. yourself with Marvel's upcoming Disney Plus show. Unlike the various Marvel series on Netflix or Hulu, these shows will really be directly related to movies, one of which is rumored to focus on Buckie and Falcon. And since the history of comics has much more to do with episodic television than feature films, it can finally be an opportunity to spend some time developing these characters away from giant battles for the fate of the Earth.

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