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North Carolina Elections Election: Mark Harris Calls for New Elections

At the hearings in North Carolina, investigators outlined in detail the "illegal", "coordinated", and well-funded plots for intercepting the absentee ballot in the US House of Representatives that remain indeterminate more than three months after the election day – finally brought clarity to one of the most strange election scandals in the last memory. that he believed that new elections should be named. Harris was the obvious winner in an election night over Democrat Dan McCaid. and otherwise violate the absentee certificate – and workers who claim to have helped him in the scheme, gave a cursed testimony. They met again in the next two days to continue the hearing, and the proceedings were continued until Thursday when Harris spoke.

But when the hearings on Thursday started, the council showed that the Harris campaign gave new evidence at night before Harris gave the testimony. : no contacts were previously disclosed between the candidate and Dowless. Harris lawyers said they misunderstood the scope of the inquiry. Democratic lawyer Mark Elias called the documents "extremely important". He appealed to the court to consider how the evidence was released as "adverse intervention" of the Harris command.

Harris then spent most of the day on the grill. about his relationship with Dowless before he made his stunning admission that evidence required a new election.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Harris's chief political consultant and his own candidate's son gave a great testimony to the decision to hire Dowless. Consultant Andy Yates and John Harris insisted that Harris did not know what Dowles did and found too much trust in the investigator's allegations. However, John Harris said he had warned his father that Dowless's previous work on absentee certificates seemed to be illegal, a warning that the candidate did not pay attention to. When his son closed his testimony with a few good remarks about his parents, Mark Harris was in tears.

The Electoral Council, consisting of three Democrats and two Republicans, finally resumed after governor Roy Cooper named new members against a background of a disputed legal dispute. They examine the evidence in the case, after which they are expected to vote on which course to be taken at the end of the hearing.

"At the end of the hearing, they have two options. One of them is to confirm Marc Harris's victory. Secondly, the call for new elections, says Michael Bitzer, professor of politics at the Cataba College who was following disputes.

The preliminary iteration of the North Carolina Election Committee refused to certify Harris's apparent victory over McChrysty on the evidence that he was reimbursed by absentee certificates. Now, more than a month at a new congress, there is no United States representative from the North Carolina's Dead North.

According to state law, the council may cause new elections if the basic fairness of elections is stained. It seems unimportant whether there would be enough contradictory votes in order to change the result. The chairman of the election committee, Bob Cordle, Democrat, in his recent interview, noted that the previous races in which new elections were held, the margin did not change the situation.

"They should not have decided that the result would be overturned," Cordell said in WFAE's domestic policy. "We obviously want to have honest elections."

What we learned about interfering in ballot papers at a public hearing

It is important to remember two things about absentee certificates in North Carolina: anyone can ask at the end of each day before the election, government officials publish a file in which voters asked for absenteeism the newsletter by mail, and whether they returned it to the counting.

The campaign could check this file each morning to find out how much it registered.

"From a mechanical point of view, it is a gold mine for information and candidates for candidates," Bitzer told me earlier.

This treasury of data would give the perfect and the people with whom he worked a detailed picture of how many absentee certificates come from republican, democratic and unincorporated voters every day – and as a consequence, as any absentee ballots they need from their voters to keep pace with the Democrats.

Indeed, some of the workers who testified before the council on Monday, described that Dowless is discussing with other operatives how the state of absentee certificates is calculated. Haris even allegedly asked Dowless at one point about his apparent confidence in the state of elections.

Investigators working on behalf of the North Carolina Election Committee began a hearing on Monday, outlining the contours of the counterfeit bulletins they say were headed by Dowell, and then questioned Lisa Bryth and several other women who worked on it.

Britt, who for some time was the bearer of Douse and said she remains close to him, said she believed that she and Doels had done something wrong. But she repeatedly insisted that the candidate GOP, Harris, was not interested in the plot.

Between the opening statement of the investigators, the testimony of Britt and the testimonies of other witnesses, this is what we learned about the intervention in the ballot. Scheme:

  • State investigators said that Doulz used questionnaires on absentee ballots for pre-election to "pre-fill" forms for the 2018 election and sent staff to search for voters so they could sign the forms and request ballots – they described
  • The employees allegedly filed and received a payment from Dowless on the basis of how much they submitted and then sent forms to the polls.
  • At least 780 applications for absentee ballots were allegedly filed by Dowless or one of its employees.
  • During the "second phase" of the operation, investigators said that Dowzle sent workers to collect absentee ballots from voters. 9026] Some of the bulletins that were collected by the employees were not signed by witnesses or were not sealed, and the workers again took these bulletins to the Dosuz and received a fee in return. According to testimonies, investigators are signed as witnesses to some of the ballot papers he collected.
  • In order to avoid the suspicion of civil servants, the ballot papers were sent in small batches, from post offices near the houses of voters, and the workers were convinced that their signatures, and even the ink that they used, corresponded to the voters.
  • Britt confirmed most of the case investigators in her testimony, indicating that she collected the ballot papers that Dowless instructed people to sign the ballot papers they had
  • . Britt showed that if the ballots were left without evidence, she signed I have my mother on some bulletins so that they do not suspect the state council. feet were not sealed and the elections were left empty, it filled some of the empty offices – again, it was done to avoid raising suspicions from state election officials. (She said she never filled Harris on the ballot because voters usually filled at least a congressional race and several others.)
  • Britt also pointed out that Dowles appealed to her shortly before the hearing Monday and gave her a statement so that she could express her pleasure during her testimony.

Collection of an absentee certificate for another person and a false testimony of the ballot paper – two of the allegations made in witness statements – are in violation of the law of the state, according to State investigators.

Britt, Andy Yates, and John Harris argued that Harris was not aware of this plan. Investigators and lawyer-democrats have so far prepared Yates for failing to determine the prior story of Dowice, when he worked at Yates for the Harris campaign. John Harris also told the board that he had warned his father that Dawsle might have held unlawful elections in the previous election – but his father somehow hired Douseel.

Public prosecutors also said that they could not conclude whether the information about the early voting was incorrectly shared with third parties, one of the other allegations made in jury testimonies that began a fraudulent scandal.

The number of non-sent absentee sentences in the nine was extremely high

Most of the focus was on two districts in the Blades, Bladen and Robeson, in the south-eastern corner of the state near the South Carolina border. It is noteworthy that each of the testimonies given by the lawyers of the Democratic Party attracted voters to the Bladen District, and one man said that Dowfs himself said he was working on absentee ballots for Harris in the county

. had a much larger number of absentee ballots that were invited but not returned, compared with other districts in the nine districts.

Michael Bitzer / Old Northern State Policy

And at the district level, according to Bitser's calculations, the girls had a much higher level of unrecovered absentee ballots than any other district in North Carolina.

Michael Bitzer / Old North State Policy

Bitzer also found that the proportion of votes that Harris received from the dismissal of Bladen was extremely high. It was the only district in which Republicans won the absentee ballot vote, gaining 61% of McCready's 38%.

Surprisingly, however, based on the partisan analysis of absentee sentences taken in the district, Harris would have won not only all the republican ballots, but also almost every ballot from voters not registered by any of the parties and a significant number of Democratic electoral newsletters

Michael Bitzer / Old North State Policy

In other words, according to data, Harris seems to have taken advantage of a surprisingly high proportion of votes in the two districts where his investigator was supposedly working. At the state hearing, significant evidence of interference with ballot papers has now been presented, which could lead to the end of the new North Carolina elections in the nineteen.

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