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New reference book (s) and everything else you missed in your weekend impeachment request

First-hand knowledge: If the second-hand person has first-hand knowledge that confirms the claims of the primary culprit, and on July 25, there was a call between Trump and the President of Ukraine, it undermines the main line of attack used by Republicans. Trump has never challenged the transcript of the call, so the argument that the original perpetrator had second-hand and therefore bad information never exactly worked. A whistle blower with a direct knowledge of the challenge will completely destroy him.

Intel Employee: The second fighter is working in the intelligence community and communicating with the inspector general of the intelligence community, CNN reports.

There is no new written complaint: The person has not filed a complaint. , but attorneys say anyone who acts as a security watchdog community is considered to have made a protected disclosure and is an offender under the law.

Bottom line: The new thief will undermine Trump's defense and his attacks on the original whistle. But Republicans defending Trump say the new fighter is changing nothing. They point to a July 25 phone transcript where Trump taps Zelensky to investigate the bidding allegations and say they see nothing wrong. Others see inevitable offenses.

How many is "multiple"?

Zaid admitted the second culprit, and his partner Andrew Bakay described the "numerous" culprits on a tweet Sunday, but did not specify if it was more.

# 39; the basic message of August 1

2, 2019, revealed to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. No comments yet. "

The New York Times reported on Friday about an official who knew directly about a call that was considering a speech. It is unclear if this man is the second fighter, first reported by ABC.

Where the puzzle pieces

fit Adam Levin CNN points out that the news of the second justifier, who apparently had direct knowledge of the elements of the complaint. emphasizes how much of the complaint is upheld.

  • The very call between Trump and the Ukrainian leader
  • The crux of the call was that Trump had pushed Zelensky to investigate two claims in favor of the president's political needs – a thorough analysis of Burma, a Ukrainian company, by a Ukrainian company, Biden, as well as the 2016 election election and the role of Ukraine
  • The White House confirmed that the call was placed on a highly classified server to avoid scrutiny and that White House attorneys played a role
  • Julian's meeting with Zelensky's assistant was in fact a continuation of the call
  • Kurt Walker confirmed how he tried to help Ukrainians meet the demands of the White House
  • Text messages published by House Intel confirm that Zelensky's leadership prompted them to play during 196501 ] Pence and Perry brought up corruption investigations during meetings with Ukrainians. Although both claim that they did not discuss Biden's investigation, compliance with the requirement was publicly and privately transmitted to Ukrainians by other people.

New Moment of Conversation: Trump Just Stirs Up

After his attempts last week to say that there is nothing wrong with what happened in a conversation between Trump and Zelensky, Trump's supreme surrogate. Jim Jordan argued in an interview with ABC News that Trump did not seriously ask China to investigate the allegations when he directly asked China to investigate the allegations. This is a new riff on the old idea that Trump should not be taken literally.

Jordan: Do you really think he seriously thought China was going to investigate the Biden family?

STEFANOPULOS: He said it right there in public.

JORDAN: I think – I think – I think he gets – as I think, Senator Rubio said a couple of days ago. I think he is forcing the press to spin everything about it. Remember, this is a president who is tougher on China than any other president.

He abused China. It is also in the midst of talks on trade with China. If nothing else, he passes his pressure points

No votes

Why doesn't Pelosi just vote? As Democrats continue their impeachment investigation, the lack of official voting to get things started becomes more of a problem.

Mark Sanford, a Republican, is unlike Trump, as anyone you are likely to find and who is running for office. against him in the GOP primary, Tapper said of the state of the Union even that he would not support impeachment without a vote to begin it.

"Again, I think we need to take it gradually. I mean, I think, in your opinion, we should vote before we start the investigation … you formalize the process in contrast to the open process that is now underway in Pelosi … "

Pelosi argues that the Constitution does not need to vote, although the last two presidential impeachment requests contained one.

Sanford, a former congressman and governor of South Carolina, stated that he would soon be more supportive of condemning Trump for being so close to the election.

Former reporter Joe Walsh, who also opposes Trump in the GOP primary, disagreed.

"I don't understand it with all due respect, Mark. This president deserves to be impeached. Jake, no White House and high-level Republicans are involved in this show today, because there's nothing to defend "This week, the president betrayed his country again. I would vote if I were in Congress on demand? There is enough of what we know now to vote for impeachment of this president. This week he stood on the lawn of the White House, Jake, and told two additional foreign governments to interfere in our elections it is possible. "

Democratic processes solve Republican problems

Absence of voting coupled with the reading of inaccurate quotes attributed to Trump during congressional hearings, chairman of the House Intellectual Property Committee, Adam Schiff is easy had it both ways – criticizing Trump and then continuing the impeachment process.

Here's Trump's questioning, Susan Collins, tells the Daily News News:

"I thought the president made a big mistake in asking China to join a political opponent's investigation," Collins said. "It's absolutely inappropriate.

] But Collins also questioned the Democrats' process, according to WABI:

"I'm a little worried that the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee misrepresented and misled people about what was in the transcript of a conversation between the president USA and resident of Ukraine. So I hope it will be done with the seriousness that any impeachment process deserves. "

The rest

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