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New names dominate the Overwatch League Open Week

BURBANK, Calif. – In the long-awaited return after six months of the season, the League of Overwatch has never been so popular as it was last weekend.

From the parties that filled the four-story centers in Chengdu, China, to a packed house at Real Sports Bar & Grill outside Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, the return of the League Overwatch belonged to eight new expanding teams and a massive influx of talent rookie.

Of all 1 89 professional players in the Overwatch league this year, 105 are newcomers. This number does not include players such as Kim Izajaki Min-cheol, who debuted on stage this year, despite being part of Los Angeles Valiant from the 3rd stage of the first season. Although this is the world's second-tier World Overwatch, it still belongs to the first timers, many of which have had great success in the first week.

Here is what some of the recruits at the League of Overwatch had to say about their

"We are ready to see the world China again," Chengdu Hunters Flex Tank Ma "LateYoung" Tianbin said with tears in front of his eyes.

LateYoung made this point to say it English on the radio after the Hunters unexpectedly beat a friend of the Chinese expansion team Guangzhou Charge. It was almost midnight in local time, and most of the audience went beyond the limits of several Chengdu leaders in the first row, but his passion was no less emotionally impressive for him

. Last year in the Shanghai Dragons, and they are still in the historic strip of Winless at 0-42. Chengdu's all-Mandarin lineup was expected to do the same. The winning debut meant a lot of renditions, and LateYoung let the world know on the scene, remaining modest after often recalling how Guangzhou pushed its team much harder than it ever pushed in the league of Chinese rivals.

] "People say we're gonna get 0-28", LateYoung later told the Chinese press. "Well, I think the worst scenario is now – 1-27."

"At some point", Toronto Definition of DPS Li "Ivy" Sen Hion said: "I began to enjoy myself."

Nerves have affected many new Overwatch professionals, including Ivy and his teammates Toronto Defiant. Ivy said he was so nervous that it affected his first two cards against the Houston rebels, but as soon as they won the Volkswine industry, the nerves disappeared, and he began to have fun. Little Mistakes, "Toronto Defiant Support Park" RoKy "Joo-seong said," but what was important was our team work. "

This teamwork would not have been possible without the former Los Angeles Valiant and the Meta Bellum flex player Lee" jealousy "Kan-je whose adaptation in the game and experience helped lead the team despite some individual mistakes.

"We are newly formed teams, and we have not much experience playing together," said Envy. Today's thinking was that we just wanted to enjoy the game and not felt too much pressure, but everyone just showed their true skills, and it worked very well. We did not have any difficulty

Nervus also touched Lee Guangzhou Li "Happy" Chong-Wu in the loss of his team Chengdu Hunters.

"The Overwatch League is definitely much bigger than the rivals. I was very nervous," said Head. "I have seen more diverse compositions in the League of Overwatch than Contenders, and players are much more professional."

Team Proficiency and the players were also referred to by the last two pickups of the Seoul dynasty: former Element Mystic flex support Lee "Jecse" Seung-soo and former Lucky Future Zenith flex player Choi Michelle Min-hyeok

"Compared to Contenders, Overwatch League is far superior from the point of view of how they relate to us players, the general environment and the real world, "said Jesse. "In this connection, I really can speak well and show my true skills."

Michelle also referred to a more professional environment, and also thought that the big scene and the crowd would help him better perform his actions and show his improvements as a player

"All the same, " Supporting Atlanta Stephen "Kodak" said Rosenberger. "Although it may be difficult to get a point, it's there. We were having fun together."

Along with 2-0 Hangzhou Spark, one of the most exciting expanding teams to watch on weekend holidays was Atlanta Reign, which focused on collecting top-notch personal talent, regardless of any language barriers it inherited.

Atlanta has one of the most diverse teams in League Overwatch and looked surprisingly coordinated in the 1st week. All cards are in their second match of the weekend.

"Communication-wise, it was kind of interesting," – emphasized Dousttin's support "Dogman" Boverman. "At the beginning, it was probably a bit more complicated when we changed Kodak, but over the past two weeks, it was a bit easier, but it looks very much like Philly and their setting. I'm pretty sure that Philadelphia Fusion and our team own very close, so they worked on a similar ideology, picking up the registry, and this was what became our team. "

Dogman is the latest addition to the registry of the board and it is still adapting to the team environment and its travels, but he mentioned that the environment and the team helped UT him as a player.

"The only adjustments I had to make are getting used to lifestyle," he said. "We are far enough away from the arena, and we are also in a very nice home that was provided to us by the Atlanta Ranger. Inside the house, it's just a surrealistic entrance, so I took some time My colleague at Kodak here, we are both very good friends. my closest friend in the team is probably so that we work together well. "

Kodak's point of view, apart from his time with Mosaic and 6nakes in the European League of Contenders, was the World Surveillance World Championship.

"I think that at the World Championship there is nothing you play, it's not as intense as the League of Overwatch," he said. "Of course, there are more nerves here."

"Salt is a completely different beast," The Boston UPS uprising of Jeffrey's "Blas" Tsang said.

Existing warehouses also added some new talents.

Blasé – one of the latest additions to the Boston Uprising, and he praised his team for overcoming some of the first weeks. The complexities included the new Cameron Fusions Bossport main tank that arrived a few days before its first match, and the Noh's "Gamsu" main-tank, Young-jin, traded at the Shanghai Dragons. Several members of the team had to play in non-functional positions, as a result:

"I think everything was fine," said Blashe of his speeches against New York's Excelsior and Houston Outlaws. "I made a couple of mistakes that I'm not proud of, but overall, I think I played very well. I'm very proud that the team was in favor of the circumstances in which we were with two main tanks, so that I

Like some of his other colleagues, they said he was a little nervous, but also that the crowd gave him a blow during the game.

"We're on the stage," said blus. "There is a crowd. The energy is way higher. In Contenders, of course you're in a team house or some people are just not there with you, in their home countries and playing, so [OWL] is way more exciting." 19659039]
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