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Netflix Embrace theatrical and fusion Disney-Fox All Rage At CinemaCon 2019

In recent years, CinemaCon, PVOD and Screening Room threatened to trample on the means for the existence of theatrical releases.

However, the last one – who could set another record-breaking domestic cash record this year from $ 12 billion – remains a hands-down persistent disbox of Fox swallowing and the emergence of Netflix as an industrial change game.

Although the Disney-Fox merger really dumped the industry of production and its own employees, the big theater harbor "cracked" because the largest movie theater, Disney, remains at the forefront of defending the theater window. The issue of current influence Connections, the newly revised global distributions of Marvel and Fox remain constant and we shed light (read on).

And then there is Netflix that will not hold a session at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. But, of course, will be a continuous topic of discussion this week, especially when the press meeting with Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MPAA Charles Rivkin on streaming membership in the organization, which historically included only the main film studios as their members.

The biggest question: is Netflix coming to the broad theatrical space of Martin Scorsese's film production of $ 200 million Irishman this autumn?

The word that the Scorsese camp, like Alfonso Quaron with his three-time "Oscars" Netflix pic Roma, wants a broad theatrical release. And in order for Netflix to pull out each other, they will need help from the big three theatrical networks: AMC, Cinemark and Regal. Netflix, which has only licensed executives here, in CinemaCon, is not expected to have any talks with big three this week. [1

9599004] Roma played a consortium of theater art theaters, those cinematographers who distributed day-to-date or limited theatrical / VOD releases suggest that at best Netflix could score 500 theaters on max. "Some Indians will not play on the principles," said one of the rivals of the indie distributor of the boss with information about the VOD's theatrical releases.

Of course, the results of a meeting of the Board of Governors at the Academy of Cinema and Science this month will be a decisive factor in how the Netflix Irishman handles. Will they pursue a similar strategy of limited deployment, as they did with Roma? This plan envisaged three weeks of limited theatrical performances in the main enclave of voters before the December 14th live stream. The current minimum academy rule requires that the film be played seven days in a row in Los Angeles, with the simultaneous streaming release on the service as Netflix or Amazon is permissible. Some sources of distribution have confirmed to us last season that, despite the fact that Netflix frustrates some rivals with their deployment Roma, did not deceive the stream giant, but played according to AMPAS rules. In addition, the distribution of Netflix Roma was not new: IFC faced a similar "Oscar" theatrical / VOD deployment for Armando Jannucci In the Loop nine hundred years ago where he scored The best-adapted script. Note that after a successful award Roma, Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salkoe recently reported to the TCA that she even views the Netflix theatrical / streaming model for certain titles along the way.

We heard the Rumors that plans for three or four weeks theatrical broad release were scattered for Irishman but the point is that there were no official discussions about the film Scorsese between the heads of the exhibition and Netflix artists . The official word from Netflix is ​​that there are no official theaters yet for the Irish. A broad theatrical release for Irishman would be the ultimate advertisement for Netflix for a demo version that does not yet fully possess: Scorsese pics skeletons to 40+ age-old audiences and most streamers

Although some At the exhibition, they are bullied at the window three or four weeks for The Irishman, those in industrial circles tell us that the greatest advice they can give Netflix is ​​to hire a key distribution manager, negotiate with great cat's schemes. "There is a middle ground, and there's a way they just need the right person at the negotiating table," says one of the studio distributors who distributes their two cents to Netflix.

Another clever word for Netflix: Do not repeat the Paramount Mistakes when they tried to land a shortened theatrical window The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and Paranormal Activity: Ghost Size with the theatrical chains. The studio plan was to put participants on a short theater space and make both editions available in the house 17 days after their theatrical bills dropped below 300. Theaters were able to share their home entertainment revenues. However, it's early that Paramount spoke to AMC, who began talking to other chains who then banned two titles. In the end, AMC, Cineplex, National Amusements and Alamo Drafthouse have agreed to Paramount. Both photos played in less than 1700 theaters and left Ghost Dimension earning the final domestic BO $ 18.3M and Scouts Guide terrible $ 3.7M. Netflix should have eloquently negotiated with majors in a way that others did not feel torn.

Although the show had a bad taste in his mouth for quite some time over the audience he was exposed, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. and the main content of Ted Sarandos at various conferences, we hear that big chains will completely forgive and forget such barberries if the streaming giant decides to respect the 90 day theater window.

Irishman in the fall, head of AMC Theaters Adam Aron told CNBC last month: "This is not a competition between Netflix and AMC, and in this regard the movie industry … With regard to this issue, Netflix, Irishman and [Roma Roma, we would be happy to play any movie from any studio, including Netflix, which respects the ten-year theatrical window, which suggests that movies come to the theater for the first couple of months, and then go home. If this is exactly what Netflix wants to do, we will be happy to show them the movie in the fall, but we appreciate the theater window, that's what matters to our company, something important to our industry, and that we

In a recent interview, Deadline, Cineworld's Mooky Greidinger boss said that The Irishman "I think it would be a pity that a movie with such a budget and such a talent will not receive a proper theatrical release, but instead will be released in a small number and size of cinemas. Without a significant theatrical release, the film should not qualify for the best movie of the year.

The owner of the Mid Atlantic theater and exhibition veterinarian Rick Roman offers a boost to Netflix: "They are now subject to attacks from Disney and Apple's streaming service." With the Disney and Fox merger, this attack will be aggravated. Many movies that open in theaters, will no longer be available for Netflix. What they should do is start offensive against competitors in the streaming business. Studios launch stream services that will be cut into their territory, so why not get out of the box and offer their content to the theaters? Having a movie award or a great popular hit in theaters, Netflix then releases for their subscribers will replace what they lose from studios plus give them an extra income stream.

Disney-Fox also brings noise to CinemaCon: Who will spend their combined two-year slate with 40 releases?

This CinemaCon, Fox will officially be drafted into Disney's presentation for two hours. After Disney eliminated respected Fox distributors, Chris Aronson and EVP, General Salesman Spencer Klein, many issues remain, as the new merger has 20 films to be released by the end of this year and another 20 by 2020, and this is not counting any future titles, Fox Searchlight recalls from the festivals.

Here's What's New in Deadline: The processing of the Fox graphics balance on the inside of the distribution will be Bill Lewis and Linda Dietrinko, based in New York, reporting on Disney's SVP and General Sales Manager of North America Ken Caldwell (who, in turn, announces EVP Disney on the distribution and management of franchising Cathleen Taff). The manager of Fox & # 39; s International will release Boss post-post Andrew Cripps from Brian Song and Andrew Marshall, a report at Disney's SVP International Distribution, Jeffrey Forman (and he reports to Taff). Frank Rodríguez will continue to lead the Fox Searchlight distribution. How long does the current Fox staff remain, is unknown. As for the worker in two years, it will depend on how many titles pump out Big Fox under Disney. At the bottom of Miramax, Disney allowed the label to have its own overseas sales, internal distribution operations, advertising and marketing teams.

  Bohemian Rhapsody


The Greatest Showman and Bohemian Rhapsody, Mega Commercial Award, similar to how Miramax operated under Disney. We hope that Disney continues to make marketing marketing on some of these reliable Fox rates rather than orphans, which is traditionally a scenario when the new regime takes on a slate that they did not smudge. While Disney has made the right to BO with some of Steven Spielberg's drama like Lincoln and Bridge of Spies and DreamWorks Help, branch sources believe that a strong studio suit with four quadriceps, not drama, R rated pics and smaller names (when 2012 & # 39; s The Light Between The Oceans tanked, rival distribution chiefs sniped that Disney was not familiar with the handling of such a sophisticated arthouse fare).

Consensus – We will not hear from Marvel Kevin Feige's boss of this CinemaCon that the grandiose design of the new Disney / Fox Marvel is so absorbing the last X-Men, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four universe . We still do not know what the Disney MCU name is for next year on May 1 and November 6. Understanding is that the answer is revealed through Avengers: Endgame. Again, Disney / Marvel, as it is known, takes off the secrets to the wire, so there is always a small chance that there may be some news. Big questions still: whether X-Men spinoff New mutants began to come out of the calendar this summer on Hulu? What will happen to Gambit? Producer Lauren Schuler Donner told us at the TCA that the fate of the Channing Tatum project is in the hands of a new conglomerate and has not been developed without a director. One thing that is confident on Wednesday: expect frames from the summer Fox Doctor Hawk Dark Phoenix.

<img class = "size-dl-article-body wp-image-1201737851" src = "https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/james-cameron-cinemacon.jpg?w= 301 & h = 202 & crop = 1 "alt =" Finally, we'll finally see something from Avatar 2 this year?

It would not be shocking if James Cameron returns to CinemaCon this year and he It was last time he was here three years ago when he boldly announced the release of four sequences Avatar . The appearance of the director-oscar can help to give a face and renewed sense of vigor with this merger, which has left a lot of gloomy recent weeks. after Releases

The Disney-Fox release for 2019-2020 remains

April 17 – Easter weekend – 2 Disney / Fox movies on the gown

Breakthrough (20)

[Disney Nature]

April 26

Avengers: Endgame Dis / Marvel)

May 10

Tolkein (Fox Spotlight)

May 24 – Disney / Fox movies on clothes, but Ad Astra according to rumors, went to the fall.

Aladdin (Disney)

Astra Astra (20)

June 7

Dar k Phoenix (20th)

June 21

The history of toys 4 (Disney / Pixar)

July 12

] Stuber (20)

19th of July

King of Lions (Dis)

] Auger . 2

New mutants (20) – went to Hulu

Aug. 9

Artemis Fowl (Dis)

Sept. 13

Spies in disguise (20)

Sept. 27

The art of races in the rain (20)

October. 4

Woman in the window (20)

October. 18

Maleficent: Lord of Evil (Dis)

Fox. 15

Ford v. Ferrari (20)

November. 22

Frozen 2 (Dis)

Dec. 20

Star Wars: Episode IX (Dis)

Dec. 25

Call of wildlife (20)


Feb. 14 -Disney and 2 Fox movies on the same weekend

Untitled Disney Live Action movie

Nimona (20)

] (20 and )

March 6

Forward (Disney)

Gambit (20) -The film is not being developed and remains without a director, despite the interest of Channing Tatum.


Mulan (Dis) [196459003] May 1

Untitled Marvel (Dis)

19 June

Untitled Pixar

June 26

Untitled Fox Marvel

July 3

] (Fox)

July 17

[19459] 019] Hamburger Bobs [20]

24 July

Jungle cruise (Dis)

October. 2 – Two Fox movies on the same weekend

Untitled Fox / Marvel

Death to the Nile (20th)

Oct. 9

Actions Untitled Disney Live

Fox. 6 – Two Disney / Fox films at the same weekend

Untitled Marvel

Rons Gone Wrong (20)

November. 25

Untitled Disney Animation

Dec. 18

Avatar 2 (20)

December. 25

Untitled Disney Live

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