Even SpaceX felt the love of Elon Musk to Valentine's Day.

In tweet, published late on Thursday, Musk shared the image of the rocket carrier "Falcon 9" landing on Of course, I still love you ] a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The company uses this ship, and the second one is named Just read the instructions in the Pacific to recover the boosters after they fly out of Florida and California.

A year ago From The course I still love you was involved in the mission of Falcon Heavy, which attracted a lot of fanfare to launch the red Tesla Roadster to the deep space with the Starman mannequin. During the launch of the core of the central missile complex, three kernels missed the drone ship, but its two-way boosters landed successfully at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

SpaceX pursues a missile reuse opportunity to reduce costs and increase access to space. The comparisons Musk makes between missiles and airplanes, saying that throwing the Boeing 747 after each flight would make the tickets extremely expensive. Re-use of the aircraft, however, reduces the cost of the ticket.

"A completely reusable car has never been made before," SpaceX says on its website. "This is indeed a fundamental breakthrough that is necessary for the revolution in access to space."

To date, SpaceX has recovered almost half of all Falcon accelerators launched into space, and has carried over a number of 19 additional missions, accounting for 60 percent of US launches.

The next launch of Falcon Heavy, scheduled not earlier than March 7, will launch Arabsat 6A satellite from Saudi Arabia.

Contribution: Emre Kelly, Florida Today

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