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Missing tourist Holly Cortier found in Zion National Park in Utah, family says

The National Park Service said search and rescue teams found the courtier on Sunday after receiving “reliable guidance from a park visitor that they had seen the courtier in the park.”

They said that since then, Cortier has reunited with his family and left the park.

In a statement, the Courier family said they were very happy to be found safe.

“We would like to thank the rangers and search teams who have been searching for her day and night and never lost hope. We are also grateful to the countless volunteers who have been generous with their time, resources and support.

The daughter wants to help tourists to help bring her mother home

“It would have been impossible without a network of people gathered,” the Chambers-Cortier family said in a statement.

“We’re all just overwhelmed and grateful,” Kelly Kaufman’s family friend told CNN.

The courtier was last seen getting out of a van at a stop in the Grotto area, which leads to several tourist trails in Zion, according to the National Park Service.

The park service says Zion’s 232 square miles contain “high plateaus, a maze of narrow, deep sandstone canyons, and the Virginia River and its tributaries.” From the highest peak to the lowest canyon, the difference is about 5,000 feet.

Zion National Park thanked those who helped find the courtiers, including the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, K-9 units, search teams and security guards from other national parks and volunteers.

The daughter of the courtier Kaylee Chambers went to Zion to try to find her mother.

On Saturday, she told CNN that she usually spoke to her mother almost every day and was worried when she had not heard from her for more than a week.

“It was her dream to see national parks,” Chambers said. “She lost her nanny job because of Kovid-19. The family couldn’t afford to keep paying her. She did it on a positive note – she said she gave her time to get out, to see the parks.”

The wards turned to other tourists for help in finding the courtier, but she said her mother was a fit, experienced traveler and fighter who could survive more than a week outdoors in all the lasting glory of Zion.

“If I could say something to her, I’d say keep fighting,” Chambers said.

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