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Missing Google Inbox? Here are 2 new ways to make Gmail more inbox

Death of the Inbox folder is felt all over the Internet this week, as on April 2, both the Google+ and the Inbox have been officially closed. It was not unexpected for anyone, but the final official loss of Inbox is still hurting. For many users, such as myself, the Inbox is just the best way to handle and handle email. Not bad that this is another facial lift, the Inbox folder presented your emails so that they are both unique and useful at the same time.

Although I will skip it along with the millions of people who used it, I'm also part of a world that moves without it, and I need to find solutions that make managing email less painful along the way.

Today's decisions do so to a certain extent, but they do so from a purely aesthetic level. You see that the part of the appeal in the Inbox has been simplified. Where Gmail feels confused and busy even in its new form, the Inbox felt open and breathtaking. Of course, there were functional add-ons, such as packages that Inbox introduced, which changed the way in which you discussed the message, but part of the Inobox magic was just the purity of the user interface.

Enter Gmail and Inbox for Gmail. These two extensions can turn some zen back into Gmail's inbox, and make it easier to go back to Gmail if it's the way you're heading.

The first extension – the theme for incoming Gmail – does exactly what you expect: it looks like the Gmail Inbox looks the same as Inbox. You can see in the previous and after the photo below, that it is the fastest, easiest way to the overall feel of your Inbox, Inbox. However, do not be fooled because there are no packages and general folder management in the Inbox. It's just a clean, familiar look for Gmail when you go back.

My mail in Gmail before the mailbox for the Gmail Theme
My Gmail post after the Inbox for Gmail

The second extension – Simplify Gmail – has actually been made by one of the co-founders of Inbox. Although he has switched to other projects, his desire for a simplified e-mail experience obviously remains untouched. Since this extension is made by one of the people responsible for the Inbox, I'm a bit more inclined to use this solution over the first extension we talked about.

Although Gmail's simplicity works just like the Inbox theme for Gmail expansion, you still have the ability to use themes and most of the work you expect. In general, the extension simply clears a confusing, busy interface that is Gmail. In my survey, I think that Google should just accept this version and give users the option to go back to the old version if they decide. It's good.

I fell before and after the screenshots below for this expansion, and I can confidently say that this will remain on my Chromebook indefinitely. I love a clean layout and email testing feels less claustrophobic than standard Gmail experience.

My Gmail login to Simplify
Simplify Gmail in the Chrome Web Store

These solutions can not return the Inbox from the grave, but they help a lot of time to bring some of the benefits that the Inbox offers from the interface and location point of view.

Now if we can get promised packages …

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