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McConnell stands firmly on the Pelosi agenda

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                  Democrats – especially the 60-year-old freshmen – are confronted with a new reality: it does not matter what they do while the Republicans control the Senate, and the White House. "Win MacNami / Getty Images" </p>
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House Democrats are eager to boast of everything they do with their new majority – the only problem is most of them aimed at the Mitch McConnell garbage dump – from a wide range of healthcare services to ambitious offers. on gun safety, climate change and space reforms (D-Calif.) And its expanded freshman class quickly fulfills the promises that they have won in the House, after they submit their proposals, they are as far away as they are – disappointing the dynamics that legislators testify to.

History goes on below

"I'm not sure that everything we do will be achieved by the Senate, chairman of the House Budget Committee John Jarmuth (D-Ky.) Said. "This is a reality."

McConnell (R-Ky.) Faced with his own reelection and defense of the hard-core NGO card in 2020, he has no incentive to work with democrats in their internal program.

The blockade of the Senate will deny tangible victories of Democrats who would speak on the election campaign, while keeping vulnerable senatorial parties from forced voices. Republicans also intend to protect President Donald Trump from potentially awkward clashes in a veto on well-chosen legislation.

As senator John Cornin (R-Texas) said: "We are a firewall."

"Most of these things are very simple for Republicans in the Senate to cite against," said most of the senates, Whip John Thun (RS.D.). "We believe that many ideas are crazy. I do not see many of our people who have many problems with reports are against most of what will be their agenda. "

Gridlock in the divided government is a long-standing tradition of Washington .. It is not all bad for democrats who can help lay the groundwork for the Democrats 2020 program and show voters that the party can do if it comes to The authorities at the next election.

But this is the latest validation for the house democrats who came to power in the middle of the longest closure of the government in history and saw that their order was frozen until it was resolved several weeks of continuous work at the border trunk of Trump [19659006] When Pelosi and her deputies finally managed to access their records [2]including checking bills and expanding anti-corruption package, they were overshadowed by struggle and procedural disputes.

Now Democrats, especially the 60-year-old freshmen, are faced with a new reality: it does not matter what they do while the Republicans control the Senate and the White House.

"Now, we do not do anything, the House and the Senate are connected," said the first rap. Max Rose (DN.Y.). – I'm disappointed that Mitch McConnell is a coward.

Democrats of the Senate know this dynamics very well, seeing McConnell suppress the agenda of President Barack Obama, not to mention a Supreme Court candidate in 2016.

"He is about to provide her with treatment of Merrick Garland," said Senate Deputy Dean Durbin (D-Ill.) On the Democrats House.

McConnell does not at all want to express a liberal offer, at least when he feels politically beneficial. The Democrats were divided on a "green new course", and McConnell put this figure on a vote last week only to ensure that 43 "Democrats" voted "current" – an awkward result for candidates approved by many Senate Democrats for president.

Senate Republicans can also vote for "Medicare for All" or keep the Supreme Court in the hands of nine judges to try to divide the Democrats. Democrats say privately that the "current" voting strategy is now considered the best way to fight McConnell's "goca" votes.

But when it comes to radical ethics and HR 1 reform or other major progressive proposals, the Democrats have no hope of getting Senate Republicans even on record. This leaves relatively small legislation as the only potential option for success in a divided government, but the two chambers did not pay much attention to improving infrastructure or other bipartisan ideas.

"Public support for the People's Program was critical to our victory in November, and this will be the key to eliminating any obstacles on our path, including the Republican Senate," said Pelosi's representative Drew Hammill

Disappointment of some Democrats are mostly concentrated not on McConnell, but on their own coalitions.

"It's time to move away from the point of view and to the legislative character," said representative Kurt Schroeder (D-Ore), a moderate Democrat who was not ashamed to criticize the leadership of his party. "I have not heard anything about the economy or some other issues."

Schröder noted that he and other members of the Left Bank Coalition "Blue Dog" sent a letter to Pelosi and the leader of the majority of Stan Hoyer (D).

"I guess it just plays on the left wing of our base and that we will move to infrastructure, let's release prescription drugs," Schroeder added. current agenda.

Other moderates also hope that leadership will soon go past what they see as bills on messaging.

"I would not call it disappointment. I would call it a foreword," said D-Conn. "I really hope that both transport and infrastructure, as well as healthcare costs, I think we can move on to this phase. ", Assurances helpers to bring legislation to the floor later this year, but even infrastructure – the idea that in the widest possible way combines Democrats, Republicans and Trump – has its own obstacles. [19659006] It is expected that home democrats will return to their infrastructure package at the end of spring or but in the beginning of the summer, but, as in previous years, it will be difficult to find a long-term solution for road and other transit investments Legislators have not been subject to an increase in gas taxes for 25 years.-No.) Dozens of conservative promissory notes, let them practically all get bored.

"When you are in the house you eat" on your agenda, said Senator James Lennford (R-Okla.), Former Member of the House, then "look at the documents … and you go: no one says that over what we are working on. Because everyone knows that he will not go anywhere. "

Perhaps the best result for Democrats is that the inaction in their legislation presses on GOP Sens. demand a vote on campaign finance reform or environmental bills. While, perhaps, it can be said that even if Democrats beat Trump, they should also capture the Senate.

Really risking to lose some of their places like Maine, like Colorado, like Arizona, "said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.).

Andrew Desiderio and Sarah Ferris contributed to this report.

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