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McConnell caught between Trump, GOP for disaster relief

Leader of the majority of the Senate Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellKrush: "Devastating" if Trump Closes America-Mexico Overnight Defense: NATO Chairman Calls on US to Support Alliance to Its 70th Anniversary | Turkey rejects Pentagon's pressure on agreement between Russia | Rand Paul, liberals are united to push Trump on Syria's conclusion Leaders urge Trump officials to not close the southern border MORE (R-Ky.) Currently squeezing between President Trump Donald John TrumpTim Ryan is expected to announce a presidential post this week: Kushner's report was rejected due to concerns over foreign influence: the report by Morgan Ortaguus has been named a new representative of the State Department MORE and are worried by participants in their republican conference on Project on the Elimination of the Consequences of Natural Disasters. question of assistance Puerto Rico.

Trump spent part of the meeting with Senate Republicans last week, violating what he sees as Puerto Rico, who consumes more than his fair share of money for disaster relief. The president told the leaders of the Republican Party that he opposed receiving more money from the devastated storm of the island, showing visible assistance to prove that Puerto Rico sucked off the necessary resources from other states.

"Puerto Rico received far more money than Texas [and]. Florida is united, but their government can not do anything right, it's a place of turmoil – nothing works," he wrote this week [19659006] Democrats, however, will not allow the Republicans to draft a disaster relief bill to go without additional money for Puerto Rico and know they have leverage, as some of the states most in need of assistance – Georgia, Iowa, and Florida Nebraska – have delegations from the Republican Senate.

He will also provide money for the restoration of military bases – the Lejeune Marine Base Camp and the Air Cherry Point Marine Corps – in North Carolina, in which two senators GOP ing. Thom Tillis Thomas (Tom) Roland TillisOvernight Defense: House of Verdicts Condemn Transgender Military Prohibitions | 5 Republicans vote against prohibition Senate bill blocking Turkey receiving F-35 from Russia deal About money: Wells Fargo CEO is down Trump promises to keep funding for Special Olympics House of wares approves marijuana bank account | The controversial choice of support from the Fed in the Senate bill will allow Turkey to choose between American fighter planes, Russian air defense. MORE (North Carolina), faced with rigorous races next year. for the loss of crops in these difficult agricultural countries and includes a special language to help producers of pecans in Georgia who are on the verge of default and need federal assistance immediately.

Sen. Johnny Isakson Johnny (Johnny) Hardy IsaacsonThis Week: The Congress has set the next stage in the fight against Mueller. Trump continues to attack McCain's "awful", despite the calls of GPs, Cranço veterans to Trump: "Stop talking about McCain." More (R-Ga.) Clicking on McConnell directly to get the bill as soon as possible.

"Oh, yes, I talked to him," said Isaacson. "I told him that this is the most important thing of the period."

Isaacson warned that if the relief does not get into Georgia in 10 days, "some farmers are going to lose their farms or get serious debts, because banks can no longer wait for them to pay off their debts."

"If we will pass by the middle of this month, everything will end, "he added," Congress will be in session next week, but scheduled for the next two weeks. "

McConnell is in a difficult place, the most likely way to get help in the event of a natural disaster for Georgia and other states this month will be shortened An agreement with the Democrats to increase aid to Puerto Rico, but this will be seen as a trumpe blow. McConnell, facing the re-election in 2020, has one of the lowest ratings for all senators and needs the support of the president.

Republican Senate Committee member saying that colleagues from the states that have suffered devastating crop losses are getting Nervous, as the struggle for Puerto Rico between Trump and Democrats threatens to drag on for a week.

"Now there is a lot of money in the disaster relief budget, but the people of Georgia, Nebraska and Iowa are extremely worried," said the legislator.

The Republican bill will also provide assistance to forest fires in the state of California.

McConnell said on Tuesday that he would continue the negotiations, since "no action is an option." 19659006] The senior republican assistant said that the pressure on the Senate Minority Leader Charles Sumer Charles (Chuck) Ellis SumerSumer answers Biden's assertion: weigh the pros and cons of & # 39; Dog with a bone & # 39; & # 39; The mentality will not help Democrats in 2020 Senate Demps Press White House for Upgrading Puerto Rico's recovery over (DN.Y.) To explain why Democrats

The assistant noted that it includes $ 600 million in aid in catering for Puerto Rico.

Democrats, however, say that this is extremely inadequate.

destruction in Puerto Rico and there were no excuses. It's easy to say that we will not help them, we will help other victims, "said the Senate minority. Dick Durbin Richard (Dick) Joseph DerbineWarren, Booker once again presented the dignity of women in the Menedens law, Rubio Conducted by the Senate efforts to regulate sanctions Venezuela Party leader insists on security, as the Republicans are preparing for nuclear control over the rules MORE (D-Ill.).

Democrats believe that time on their side is increasing pressure to provide federal assistance as soon as possible.

"Do not be mistaken – we have reached this impasse, because the president said to himself that he opposes the help of Puerto Rico. And the Republicans go further ", – said Sumer on the floor of the Senate.

Summer says that Democrats are ready to provide funding for republican states of the Midwest.

He and Sen Patrick Leah on the proposal of the administration's budget, stating that this will be a distraction of the emergency relief bill against the background of Puerto Rico. The Trump campaign exerts pressure on the Demos to support the disaster relief bill. , threatening the Puerto Rico struggle MORE (Vt.) The Committee on Assistance proposed on Tuesday amendments that would increase funding for the States of the Midwest, as well as Puerto Rico.

"Democrats support non-contradictory financing for all of the United States affected by natural disasters. This is any state or territory that needs to be restored, "said Sumer on the floor.

Chairman of the Senate Assignment Committee Richard Shelby Richard Craig to agree budget resolution | Disaster Relief Bill Expands Against the Fight Against Puerto Rico | Klobuchar Releases Tax Declarations | What to watch as Dames returns since 2020 Trump increases pressure on the DEMs to support the Disaster Relief Bill that threatens the fight against Puerto Rico MORE (R-Ala.), Which is centrally involved in the talks . funds for damage caused by a tornado in the south-east, and floods in the Midwest would be the key to the deal.

But White House officials later told him that the proposal would not fly with Trump, who consistently opposes more money for Puerto Rico.

"The president said he would not do it," Shelby said.

He described that the talks were now "deadlocked" and said that Trump had "not yet agreed" to the money for Puerto Rico.

Democrats think Trump wants to punish Mayor San Juan Carmen Julin Cruz, whom he called "crazy and incompetent."

Cruz called the truffle Puerto Rico "vindictive," and suggested to MSNBC that the president might explode because he had once gone to golf on the island.

One Senator-Democrat, speaking against the background, said that Trump might be angry that the mayor summoned him publicly, while the senior assistant of the Democratic Party said that Cruz's public enmity with the president "did not help". 19659006] Shelby and Lichy spoke on the Senate floor on Wednesday afternoon, but refused to say if progress had been made.

Republicans warn that presidential nominees will pay a political price if they continue to support the democratic blockade of the disaster relief bill, as the first Iowa State party in 2020 will become the main beneficiary.

"Several of my Democratic colleagues have found their way across Iowa, telling them how important they are to them, as presidential election commissions are approaching, and yet they voted to block the funding themselves, which will help these seven people exit "Said Seni. Johnny Ernst Johnny Kay Ernst Gillibrand GOP Senate Prepares to Change Trump Nominee Rules Some Rare Good News for Fiscal Conservatives MORE (R-Iowa).

"I am disappointed with the policy of partisans who play with people's lives back in Iowa and throughout the Midwest," she added.

An attempt to exert pressure on Democrats participating in the White House has no significant effect. All of them voted on Monday against a republican aid package in the event of a natural disaster.

"I worry that [Republicans] tried to punch one American against another. We can do all this. There is an urgent need for Iowa, I saw it with my own eyes, and I will struggle hard to make sure that Iowans will receive funding. I do not think that the political games we see now are becoming a nation, "said Serie Cory Boner Cory Anthony BucherrTim Ryan expects to announce a bid for this week's presidency: Women's Law Dignity How the Democrats learned to stop worry and love teachers MUCH (DN.J.), the hope of a white house.

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