When the future retransmitters of the future LG G8 based on CAD models were first introduced, one feature was particularly noticeable in its absence – there was no headphone. Rumor has it that this may be the first phone with a vibrating display that emits sound, and now we have an official statement that this is so. The OLED (CSO), which acts as an aperture / amplifier, is similar to that previously announced for LG TVs. It also confirms that the G8 will have an internal OLED panel. The whole display will vibrate in order to produce the sound that LG promises to be loud and clear. LG has cleared it, explaining that the G8 will be capable of 2-channel audio, using both a screen and an additional speaker. The Korean OEM has been reunited with Meridian Audio from the UK for fine-tuning. Other sound features that come on your phone include DTS: X 3D Surround Sound and Hi-Fi Quad DAC

. speakers or speakers on the front of our phones. We will get our hands on the LG G8 on the MWC, so stay tuned to us on our cover from Barcelona.
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