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Kacey Musgraves and children's Gambino win awards in 2019 grams: NPR

Kacey Musgraves (speaking on the microphone) won the Grammy for the best album of the year for Golden Hour .

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kacey Musgraves (speaking on the microphone) won the Grammy for the best album of the year for Golden Hour .

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

On Sunday night, Grammy's 61rd television program telecast has made every effort to balance several requirements – to amend the whole gender, expand its palette of winners and admirers and do everything possible to reward those who now have a major influence on the mainstream. , but not many years ago. In the narrow line of premium-time displays, it seemed to achieve some progress in each calculation, without moving too far from its comfort zone.

Casey Mugraves won the highest award of the night, the Album of the Year – her fourth trophy of the evening – for Golden Time (who also won the country's country album). Children's Gambino won the record and song of the year for her award-winning "This America" ​​(which also received the best video in music), but did not attend the ceremony.

Other great awards were awarded to Cardi B who received the Best Rap for his debut solo award Privacy Invasion and Dua Lipa, who after a second after the performance with Saint Vincent was named The best new performer (and noticeably noticed that women really did more than last year). Drake surprised everyone, seeing that he was receiving a gramophone for Best Rap Song. (You can find our complete list of winners here.)

On the eve of the Sunday show, Grammys and his paternal Academy of Recording sounded a pretty horrible year, having to deal with the negative consequences of President Nile Portnow's release. Commentary after last year's show that women in music have to "climb" if they want recognition. This error, in the midst of the #MeToo movement, coupled with documented lack of awards and nominations for women and persistent, well-founded allegations of cultural short-sightedness after many years of inability to award some of the most promising performers of music (Beyonce) and Major Kendrick Lamar among them in recent years) has set expectations that the 2019 awards should make serious soul searches.

Alicia Case, the third colored woman who will host the ceremony (after Woop Goldberg in 1992 and Queen Latifah in 2005), was somehow in a position at an early stage to withdraw saying "I was super blessed to win 15 grams "without being alienated in any way. Her charisma and free confidence were infectious, and they did a lot of heavy lifting throughout the show. (She does not lie when she said, during her introductory remark: "I got you." She did.) And, as if to drive a circle through the heart of this identity crisis, Case was attached to the end of the tail. her introductory speech by former First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pincket-Smith.

For this year's awards, the Academy has increased the number of nominees in each of the four major categories (song, album and year record, plus the best new performer) from eight to eight. In the "Best Album" nomination, there was a certain assumption that Brandy Carl's nomination on By the way, I forgive – Carllee took home three trophies of the genre as pleasure – could lead to the split of voices between two rooted artists. But for the voters of the Academy, the idiosyncratic work of Musgrave raised her over some formidable contests, including Kundra Kendrick Lamara Black Panther: The Album, Daniel Jeanel Mona Intrusion on Confidentiality .

Keys were also one of the brightest performers of the night, they also played double pianos by killing her a composition she "wished [she]" including "Killing Me Softly", "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole, "Clocks" Coldplay and "Laurin Hill" Doo Wop (That Thing), among others – comfortably, like the singer in the lounge on a regular Thursday evening event, as the production staff used this time to dump the scene.

Other notable performances included a tribute Dolly Parton, who has prominently shown himself to Parton, accompanied by Musgraves, was baptized by Parton Miley Cyrus, Katy Pere and Maren Morris, Dua Lipa and Saint Vincent seemed to enjoy each other really while enjoying Saint Vincent's "Massage Tour" and "One Kiss" Lippi, the synchronization of Cardi B's lips was synchronized, although she still managed to provide a convincing Checking "Money." Janell Monet directed both the Prince and Michael Jackson in the early "Make Me Feel" show, Lady Gaga brought almost unnecessary energy for his inevitable meta-blow "Shallow". Meanwhile, the tribute departed by Areti Franklin – from André Dan, Fantasy and Jolanda Adams – was easily at night with a vocal high sign of water. (A second second, however, for the performance of Brandy Carl "Joke.")

The show was, as always, very long – almost four hours . This is not to a small extent because there are more than a dozen commercial breaks that reflect the current moment, like everything that happens during the actual show. We had Childish Gambino as a computer-generated avatar, reprising his "It's America" ​​dance moves in advertising for the new Google thingamabob. In order not to overcome, Ariana Grandee faced a commercial break for Apple and their anonymous things. Camila Cabeello also appeared in the MasterCard ad shortly after it was opened. Let's not even get into this video of ASMR, which Zoe Kravitz made for light beer, or Will Smith as The Genie in the upcoming live action Disney Aladdin . In the end, artists somehow make money.

Neil Portnov, an outsourcing and outgoing president and general manager of the Academy of Recording, was frank in his final speech on Grammy's scene: "We must take this unique opportunity to make changes in our own unique industry to make sure that there is diversity and inclusion in everything we do – and we will. "

The attempt was tangible – six of the nine television awards were handed over to women, but with some of the biggest winners of the night and the biggest mainstream stars that not finding In the building, including Ariana Grande and Children's Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Carter and Kanye West, the Academy of Recording may have dug a deeper hole than she understands, many expecting Drake to be among that number, but with , appeared to gather his only reward, only to take the immediate goal of Grammy's relevance, during his speech, he told young artists who gestured to their new trophy: "You do not need it right here."

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