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Justin Simmons to the Cowboys, which ESPN offered as a potential pre-trade deal

The Denver Broncos have decided not to sign Justin Simmons for a multi-year contract, instead adhering to the franchise the team applied to security early last spring. Earning $ 11.441 million in the franchise, Simmons certainly received a significant increase, almost three times the amount earned during his four-year contract with the newcomers. For one season.

This is what an All-Pro level game during the contract year can do for security. Last offseason, Simmons entered into talks with Denver in hopes of becoming the highest paid security player in the game.

However, the Broncos wanted to see how he duplicated his work in 201

9 before releasing long-term money. Early returns? So far, CEO John Elway looks like he was wise to “rent” Simmons for another year, instead of tying him to a mortgage.

Simmons floundered during the first quarter of the season. In addition to all the injuries suffered by the Broncos, Simmons’ regress could be the biggest disappointment to date.

Although he still receives the top 10 security ratings from Pro Football Focus, anyone who has watched four Broncos matches this year may notice that he was far from the same player he was in the past. As the term of trade is fast approaching, of all the options available in the Broncos, Simmons now makes the most sense if Elway intended to make a deal.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell may predict that the Broncos will potentially trade Simmons away from the Dallas Cowboys until the October 29 deadline in exchange for 2021 peak of the second round, 2022 peak of the fourth round.

Broncos fans will probably want to wait for a package the size of Jamal Adams in exchange for their stellar safety, but it’s just unrealistic. Adams was two years away from a free agency, while Simmons was already on his first franchise. The Broncos have failed to agree to extend their contract for the season with a Boston College product, and with Simmons, who is expected to earn $ 13.7 million in the second franchise against $ 175 million next year, things won’t get any easier.

If Denver loses their next two games and drops out of the playoffs 1-5, they will have to face the facts. It doesn’t make sense for Simmons to play the second half of a losing season before allowing him to go into a free agency. Blocking in the second round gives the Broncos a better choice than compensatory selection in the third round, if that selection comes a year earlier, and allows general manager John Elway to run free agencies without denying this possible compensatory selection.

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Some fans may hear this hurt, but Barnwell’s logic is flawed. If the Broncos can’t at least split the next two games by beating the New England Patriots this week or the next Kensas City in Denver, if a team like the Cowboys is ready to give up the second round next year, plus choosing the middle round, knowing the financial hurdles that may await this team in 2021, would be too good a deal to miss.

Now, if Simmons stood out, it would be a different story. It is usually not desirable to separate elite players in the midst of their forces.

In 2019, Simmons hinted that he may have elite potential, but in the first quarter of this season he is playing at the replacement level. If the right team called, offering a second round in exchange for Simmons, this is a deal that Elway must accept all day and twice a Sunday.

I would not expect a deal to happen. Although Elway has been active in recent years on the trade deadline. In 2018, Elway dealt with Demarius Thomas and Pro Bowler Emmanuel Sanders in 2019.

In the way Simmons plays, I can hardly see any team ready to offer him a second round, even one that could benefit from safety assistance like cowboys. After all, we are talking about a one-year miracle.

Did the Broncos invest in the third round of Simmons’ choice in 2016, so get it for five years just to hand it out in the second round? It would be a coup to celebrate for Elway GM.

Chances are, head coach Vic Fangio will be fully on board, although even if the right offer comes from Denver. I would be interested to know exactly how Fangio feels about his $ 11.4 million safety, which plays at the replacement level.

I guess – since we are speaking strictly for hypothetical purposes – Fangio will also accept this proposal. At the speed that Simmons is playing, the Broncos will refuse to turn down such an offer if it ever becomes a reality.

What will not happen. It’s interesting to think, isn’t it?

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