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John Bolton: The Man Who Leads the US to War … Any War US News

T The United States now deals with three major confrontations around the world that have potential for degradation in the war. And on the four fronts is John Bolton, one of the most faithful faithful American military forces who have ever worked in the White House. [705000] Donald Trump, 70-year-old National Security Advisor, was a device in the United States. foreign policy over the last four decades, and spent this time, whether in the government or outside it, mainly seeking the most vivid position on any issue posed to him.

He really believes when America leads, the world is safer and better place, not only for us but for the whole world, "said Mark Grahambridge, who has worked in Bolton for over 1

0 years.

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In the Obama era, Bolton's walrus mustache was almost a permanent presence on television, almost always Fox News, where he was contemptuous and spleen in the Democratic administration.

Today, Bolton looks much more fun, reaching the top of policy creation, which once seemed unattainable.

Bolton seems to have played a key role in the collapse of the second Trump Summit with Kim Jong Unem in February when he seemed to have developed a list of maximum requirements for disarmament of all that was presented by the North Korean dictator in Hanoi. The year of diplomacy has stopped, and Kim, who was expecting a more gradual approach, has now started to go through the United States with a return to missile tests.

In a confrontation in Venezuela, Bolton again became the central stage, the United States' leading voice for the failed attempt to change the regime in Venezuela in late April, producing a personal video appeal that – in vain – the main assistants of Nicolas Maduro defect. Behind the scenes, he called on the southern command of the United States, which does not want to come up with even more aggressive decisions about the power of Maduro.

And in the escalation of tension with Iran, Bolton seized this initiative. military deployments in the Persian Gulf, which were already in the stage of confrontation with Tehran, and reportedly annoyed some members of the Pentagon and special services, publishing sensational exploration of Iranian military movements

. An unusual meeting with Iran on April 29, not in the White House, but at the headquarters of the CIA. It was an echo of the war in Iraq, when Dick Cheney, Vice President George W. Bush, did the same

. On the eve of an American assault, there is no unrealistic expectation in Bolton's record. In 2015, he blew up Obama's diplomatic efforts and wrote a now-infamous commentary entitled "Stop Iran's Bombs, Bomb Iran."

  John Bolton is in a typically mad mood, incitement against Iran, when the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in 2006. Bolton is in a typical fierce mood, incitement against Iran, while the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in 2006. Photo: Justin Lane / EPA
<p>  Bolton grew up in a working republican family in Baltimore, and his first political experience was a volunteer in the doomed campaign of 1964 by Barry Goldwater, a conservative conservative from Arizona. was caricatured by the widespread media, deepened his hostility towards liberal eastern elites at Yale University, where he arrived in 1966 for a scholarship. Unlike many other students, he fiercely supported the war in the United States, but did not participate. He avoided the bill by joining the National Guard of Maryland. </p>
<p>  In the State Department of Bush, Bolton went to work, dismantling the US diplomatic efforts. He was happy to describe the adoption of the "hammer" to the 1994 North Korea Agreement. It was already exhaustion, but it has, at least, kept plutonium under control for over ninety years. The Bush team has excluded negotiations with the rogue regime, but, as Christopher Hill, the former negotiator from the United States claimed, had no real alternative. </p>
<p>  "You think that John Bolton wanted to invade North Korea," Hill said. "I have never seen him wearing a helmet, taking a pistol, so I do not know what he meant. This is not the case if these people had any thoughts on how to go forward in this. "</p>
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This person is different from those whom I met in life. He does not allow dialogue. It's just brute force

Jose Bustani

On the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Bolton served as the Under-Secretary for Arms Control in the State Department. He did not do politics, but did it.

In one episode, he was sent to The Hague to get rid of the General Director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the Brazilian diplomat Jose Bustani. , which persuaded Libya and Iraq to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention. This would undermine the war on Saddam Hussein, and Washington was angry, insisting that Bustani had exceeded his mandate. Bolton arrived in the Netherlands in February 2002 with an ultimatum.

"He came to my office and said:" You have 24 hours to get rid of, and this is an indication from Dick Cheney, "Bustan said. Busstani refused, noting that it was only recently elected the second term with American support. – And then Bolton said: think better, because we know where your children are. – Two sons of Bustani worked in New York at that time. Buzstan was shocked and kept on the ground, but ineffectual. The Bush administration convened a special conference of member states and eventually forced Bustan to leave.

Bolton previously denied the threat to his children.

"It was a very unlucky experience," said Bustan. – This person is different from those whom I met in life. He does not allow dialogue. You do not discuss anything with him. It's just a brutal force, it's all. "

Bolton's management style returned to persecute him when he applied for his next job as Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005. The Senate refused to confirm it, and Bush had to get around. Congress in general put it on a temporary appointment, which ended in 2006.

He spent his years outside the government at high-paying jobs at the American Institute of Entrepreneurship, the main Conservative Intellectual Center in Washington. and the most prominent speaker for the cult Iranian opposition group, the International People's Organization (MeK), which for many years has been classified as a US-EU terrorist group.

  Bolton played Trump as Stradivarius

Bolton "played Trump as Stradivarius," according to one of the former assistants. Photo by Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

It was this background that convinced Tehran that Bolton was inexorably confronted with a violent regime change. If on the road to the war there should be a freelance ski jumper, and a return to dialogue, this may require Trump to release Bolton.

Trump joking with other officials and foreign leaders that Bolton wanted to put him into war. "I really humiliate John, which is pretty awesome," he told reporters last Thursday.

But there were reports that the joke might be thin, and that Trump was becoming concerned about the direction Bolton led him to. ] "John played Trump as Stradivarius," said Grahambridge, Bolton's former assistant. "John knows well and knows the president well … He knows that he was very simple.

" [But] I think his influence has decreased over the last month, because he, unfortunately, in my opinion, actually the opposition's power in Venezuela was mistaken. And now you have many people who are … about what is going on in Iran. "

Grombridge added:" The problem is that we have a president who is so energetic that you know he could wake up in the morning and just by accident a tweet: John went away.

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