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Jimmy and Gretchen choose to love each other, sincerely, in one day, in the final of the series You The Worst

Chris Geere as Jimmy
Images: Byron Cohen (FXX)
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"And I hope that when you think about me for years, you will not find any good thing, and I hope that if I find strength to get out of hell out of my way"


Anonymous Alcoholics use the motto "one day at a time" to make it more manageable. By reducing the task of daily life rather than life-long commitment, it becomes routine that is feasible and achievable. Although not explicitly used in all situations, the concept of "one day at a time "has an acquisition on a larger scale, since" on "It remains unacceptablely abstract, which means death, and assumes that external factors will not affect the present." Some people can "work forever" as an aim that forms the current actions, but other people, many other people, need life, which is reduced to a practical, real level.

Similarly, love is not a fixed idea. A spectrum that moves inward when a relationship develops. No one loves the same amount at any given moment. It illuminates and disappears at will or by chance. There are days when it burns so brightly that it becomes an all-consuming fire that makes life worthwhile. Other days are cold and dark like the winter morning, and nothing can make you feel less lonely. This is a burning cliche to say that love is "work" because it means that it can be completed or that it can be postponed to a later date. This is a feeling of fluid that makes it fascinating and insensitive at the same time. Loving someone forever does not mean keeping a certain feeling. Accept that due to good times and bad times, you wake up every day and choose to live in this spectrum, because the other person, in spite of nothing, is worth it.

Maybe that's why Jimmy and Gretchen were demanding all the time. Perhaps someone just needs to give them permission to completely ignore the future. Fidelity always means failure, but for Jimmy and Gretchenne it is a trap that guarantees it all. Feelings can change at any time and publicly declare that they will not, regardless of how ceremonious it may be, simply illustrates the inherent lie to it under the promise. Some people accept it for the sake of the ritual, but not Jimmy and Gretchen. Even after they have gone through the determination of the wedding planning, doubts and fear were burdening the process. As soon as you say "I do", once you have to effectively give up this, and that's not what each of them can do.

So they decided not to say it at all, and that's perfect. Written and directed by Stephen Falk, "Pancakes" allow Jimmy and Gretchen to leave their own wedding, but still consecrate each other. She checks all boxes of the final series – inverse calls, kamei from familiar faces, disclosure, disclosure, etc., and also selects enough poems to send these two "worst" into the future on a high note. In fact, Falk gives each one its own happy end, and it works because it is earned because we have seen how these people fall, rise and fall again and again and again. By the end, they are still standing and better for him.

At the wedding day of Jimmy and Gretchenne, everything first goes smoothly: the place is perfect, drinks are specialized, and everyone arrives on time and looks. big. One problem? Edgar, sitting in his car on the road, was passively aggressively waiting for Jimmy to realize his mistake. Edgar may have tried to help Jimmy when he told him that he should not marry Gretchen in "We had such a nice day," but that was an unpleasant, friendly move. Regardless of how "correct" it may or may not be, it was still wrong to say and everyone agrees. Jimmy comes back from him, realizing he was not apologized. Lindsay tells him firmly that he's the one who killed the band. But Gretchen, having learned why Vernon took the place of the best man Jimmy, delivers a blow to the body. She tells him that Jimmy's one humanizing quality is that he allowed him to stay in his home, but he would never respect him, and that he never respected him, because he continued to lick his boots. – I do not even regret you more. Now I just hate you, "she says firmly, demanding that he leave. Except that he does not. He still stays hoping that his services will still be needed.

But Edgar's presence does not contain a candle to what Jimmy reveals later. After delivering a long-time grandmother to the Gretchen room, he finds out that she has not written her promises, but instead has grown them to Shitstein. (In the defense of Gretchen, Sixteen wrote his first verse, published in The New Yorker when he was 19 years old!) This, by right, turns off Jimmy. The only thing that Gretchen does not plan a wedding at all, so that Jimmy takes the flowers and supplier, and even her dress, but it's a completely different thing to turn to her promise to him, like forever. Jimmy realizes that Gretchen's mother and, incidentally, Paul, were right. The more he tries to take care of her, the more she is indignant. Gretchen will never change. Even when she has to say definitively, if she wants to marry, she answers, ridiculously: "I'm here, is not it?"

So they are fighting, and this is the same struggle they had in their entire relationship, only rates higher. Everyone waits when they get married and they are outside the place where they decide if they are returning or not. Then Jimmy finds that his promises are as fake as her that he could write it only as a fictional character, because he could not believe in something he spoke of. He can not promise that he will love her for "eternity" or "in illness and in health" or "to death", and she can not. So where does this leave?

Except what we already know. Falk makes a smart choice to solve the flash forwards long before Jimmy and Gretchen decide to give up the wedding. As today's Jimmy goes beyond the scope of smoke, we unimpeded ourselves into the future, where he is just as disturbed as his wedding day. He was not in the ambush of the sudden presence of Gretchen at this other wedding, but from Edgar. In the interim Edgar moved to New York and adapted the podcast of the murder. He apologizes to Jimmy for his actions, and he accepts, admitting that it was a "bold and selfless act." Edgar tells him that it was not selfish, but that was the only way in which he could break his ties so that he could finally flourish outside the country. its orbit. It was a necessary move for a clean break. So it happened that he made the right call.

Falk delivers so many impressions back that it might be a little confusing, but they are: Jimmy and Gretchen are still together and they have a daughter on Felicity, whom she had previously seen playing with Edgar in the episode of the past weekly Gretchen wanted to see Edgar again, not Jimmy. They all gathered at the second wedding of Lindsay Pavel. A florist who blew the way to Jimmy back when their nanny is now. Jimmy sold the house because it was not safe for children. Gretchen at that time was at the hotel and tried to stay sober for a month. (She did not succeed.) Flash-forwards talked about the future, but not about the future. They were simple points of view on a more complete life, which we then could not clearly see.

In the end, the final did not depend entirely on whether Jimmy and Gretchen were together, but rather the status of their own lives. Nevertheless, Falk still gives them emotional climax: Jimmy and Gretchen, having gone for a wedding for pancakes at a restaurant, decided to stay together and choose each other every day. Maybe they will not be one day. Perhaps Gretchen's depression will get the best out of her, and she will jump in front of the train. Maybe Jimmy decides to love someone else. Every day they have to choose and live their choices. Once at a time.

But in the end, the permanent, which they pledge at any moment, is just the permission they need to do. According to "No children" of mountain goats, we see Jimmy and Gretchen becoming parents, which seemed unthinkable in the first season. They still go out to the bar, but with them they bring Felicity. There are still sleepless nights and stormy days, but it's nothing they can not overcome, because they can go far at any time. Except that they will not be. They can .

Along with them, Lindsay and Paul fall in love again. Finally, Edgar builds his life. Even Vernon gets his cellphone Vern. When everyone gets to the dance floor at Lindsay's wedding, we see how far this sad clown has come. Jimmy and Gretchen's child dances along with Lindsay and Paul's child. Tallulus has grown and has cute spots for the eyes. Becca is pregnant again, but this time she is responsible for choosing water for drinking. It's all in a good place. Regardless of how long it takes, it is worth celebrating.

You are the worst has always been a love story, but it was also a slow story. Everyone in the series postpones maturing, because it is much easier to play a child who depends on others and does not assume responsibility for how their actions affect other people. Jimmy and Gretchen throw a wedding – their latest childhood act. In the end, they assume responsibility for their lives, choosing not only each other, but also the people who surround them. Given that every day is a struggle, it is better to share it with people who understand you than with those who do not understand it. Pancakes are always tastier than novocaine, especially when you eat them with your beloved person.

Stray Observations

  • Please check the interview with Eric Adams TV Club Editor with Steven Falk in the Final!
  • Outgoing People: The first season guy, played by Winston Story, who attends the wedding, mainly for hinting tips; Ben Falds, who is very much of all, including Vernon's waste juice, and mistakes Edgar's car for his Uber; and Steven Falk, who can be seen dancing at Lindsay and Paul's second wedding!
  • Shame YTW could not force the true HoneyNutz to make the final appearance, but perhaps Allen Maldonado is too busy.
  • Cool direction bat: Falk often frames Edgar's car from the center so we can not see who will enter his passenger seat at any time.
  • Starlee Kline plays the lead podcast of the murder that Edgar takes care of and decides to adapt. She makes a very good impression of Sarah Kennig.
  • The moment that really got to me is when Gretchen tells Jimmy that she wants to shake the presents at Lindsay's wedding because they have to give her a kitchen combine. This is just a great moment You are the worst moment
  • Keter Donogue is singing for the last time, and this is an original song called "The Last Dick". South By / Justin with abs / Peter and Reeves from Footlocker / There is Eugene from Deaf schools / And Dylan who sold coke / And do not forget the singer from Spin Doctors / Bryce, who was surprisingly loud / Mike, who was well-off / If Much longer thick / Maybe piled up, you can not beat / The last dick! "
  • " How do you do it? Adult friendship is so hard to maintain. Billy Corgan and I were really closing up until the year when I got the best green room at Weenie Roast. He never worried about it. "
  • Thus, the conclusion you are the worst reviews on The A.V. Club. This is not just my first TV show, but my first period of work. I was still in college when I wrote about the first season. (Do not read these reviews. I'm sure they are not very big.) This show has been consistent in my life for the last six years, and watch how it finally ends a bit bitter. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on these years, even after moving AVC to Kinja. It really means a lot when someone takes time to tell me how much they liked these reviews. With this, I propose to you all to say goodbye.

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