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Jamal Adams says he’s excited to visit with the Seahawks, plan to retire with a franchise

Jamal Adams was overwhelmed with uncertainty over the weekend, not knowing which team he would report to NFL training camps. After months of arguing with the New York Jets over his contract and considerations for potential bidding, his family could see the stress on his face.

After a long Friday day, he slept the next morning and woke up to five missed calls from his agent, who was trying to tell him that the deal to send him to the Seattle Siaux was working.

A few hours later, the NFL off-season blockbuster trade was completed.

“When I got the call, to be honest, I burst into tears of joy,”

; Adams said Thursday. “A lot of mixed emotions. I miss a lot of the guys out there. But at the end of the day, man, that was my calling. I was supposed to be here.”

If it wasn’t clear on Saturday when All-Pro security took to Twitter and danced with a cigar in its mouth on Instagram Live, it was in its introductory video conference: Adams is excited as Seahawk. He said the same thing several times in his first comments to the media in Seattle.

The Seahawks have inherited Adams’ rookie contract for the past two years, and while the mass exodus of regular samples they have refused to buy leaves no doubt that they want him out of it, sources told ESPN they have no plans to extend it in 2020.

Adams, 24, first dropped the question about his future, then said he could “absolutely” see himself in Seattle in the long run.

“The plan is to resign here,” he said. “That’s my plan. But obviously these things will work out on their own. When all you need to do is just go out on the field and do, do the right things on and off the field, and those things will take care of yourself, man. So I I’m very happy to be here. I know the rest of the guys are excited about me and the coaching staff and everyone else. So, man, we’re going to worry about that again when the time comes. “

Adams called the Seahawks a first-class organization, citing the fact that he included them in his list of seven preferred destinations when he asked to leave New York last month. He called it surreal to force him to play under “legendary coaches” in Seattle and next to “Fan Hall” like Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

The price he received included first-round elections in each of the next two drafts plus the 2021 third round and starting defender Bradley McDougall. Seattle won the fourth round of the Jets in 2022 with Adams. According to ESPN Stats & Information, this was the fourth trade since 2018, which included the first few rounds for the player. Others were under the best striker Khalil Mack, quarterback Halen Ramsey and left tackle Laremi Tuncil. This has not happened before since 2009, with quarterback Jay Cutler.

Asked if Seattle had given up box safety too much, Adams said anyone familiar with his game knew he was doing more than just play boxing.

Adams joins the Seahawks defense, which begins in one of the worst seasons since coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider arrived in 2010. He continued to fall on this side of the ball from the heyday of the Boom Legion. Adams paid tribute to his predecessors in secondary Seattle – Chancellor Cam, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman – and said he planned to address the Chancellor.

The Seahawks feel that Adam’s alpha faces will rebuild the part of the edge that protection lost during the LOB.

“A lot of fun and juice, man, a lot of energy,” said Adams, captain of the Jets, about what he brings to the Seattle locker room. “I’m a cheerful guy. But when it comes down to the ball, we talk about the ball and we get down to business.”

Adams already has a relationship with several of his new teammates. He knows Wagner from their time together at the Pro Bowl and the Jordan brand’s trip to Monaco, where they talked about what they were going to do one day. Adams called it a “cheat code” to combine the two All-Pros together, and said Wagner told him that his app would draw some attention from confronting offenses pending at the defense attorney.

Adams returns with Quander Diggs, who took him on a college visit to Texas. Both talked because the trade was in its final stages, and both hoped it would pass. Adams described Diggs as “like a brother to me,” and said they had already talked about “Xs” and “Os” and their responsibilities as initial guarantees of Carroll’s protection.

Another thing awaits Adams: a game in CenturyLink Field. He said he shot a video of the Seahawks’ home games to understand the noise of the crowd, acknowledging the uncertainty about whether fans will be allowed into the stands this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Adams was conciliatory when asked about the critical comments he made about the Jets shortly before the trade. Among them was his interrogation of the leadership of coach Adam Gaza.

“I’m focused on being Seattle-Siak,” he said. “I really am at peace with it. We have to move on and it’s part of the business. A lot of those guys and coaches have reached out to them and they said they’re going to miss me and they love me And it’s the same back. I’m I’m pulling for those guys there, I really am, I don’t have any hatred for anyone in my heart. [GM Joe Douglas] for Adam Gaza, it doesn’t matter, I wish them well. And like I said, man, I’m so excited to be a Seattle sikhok. “

Jets flying back, Le’Veon Bell fired several variants of the word for Adam as trade declined. Asked Thursday at SportsCenter about Bell’s comments, Adams laughed and looked forward to the Seahawks’ scheduled home game against the Jets at 14 weeks, as he did in his first response on Twitter.

“It’s nothing but love for Le’Veon, man,” Adams told SportsCenter. “I really wish him well. Everyone has an opinion on certain things; it’s just the nature of the beast. I had to do what was right for my family and me. And, eh, man, no one was lost there. Like me already said, man, through COVID and what we’re going through with the pandemic, hopefully we can reach it by week 14, because if we do, it’ll be fine, man. I’ll just put it on something like that. “

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