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Interesting questions about the investigation of Müller

Several free ends remain in a special lawyer Robert Muller Robert Swan Muller: The United States must applaud Müller's choice to conduct an investigation in Russia More investigation on the background of signs that a long probe may be winding

39 questions about the investigation, when Muller's probe approaches its biennial anniversary.

Is Muller really close to the end?

Trump allies and legal advisers predicted During the year, Muller's investigation was nearing completion, in order to refute new allegations or investigative maneuvers.

However, it has recently been signaled that a special lawyer is approaching the endpoint. A few cases, including the former head of Campaign Trump Paul Manaforth Paul John Manafort Muller will not report to the Justice Department next week New York prepares state fees for Manaforth in the event of the pardon of Trump: report Protection of the First Amendment, even for Roger Stone and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, has begun sentencing.

Muller appealed to federal prosecutors from other districts to help in some cases, including the persecution of Comrade Trump Roger Stone Roger Jason Stone Muller pushes back on the statement of CNN CNN was hinted at the arrest Muller would not report to the Justice Department of the next For the first time, defending the first amendment, even for Roger Stone, MORE he may eventually be

Press Reports have determined that prosecutors leave Muller's office to return to their other jobs. And Rod Rosenstein Rod Jay RosensteinEx-Trump Assistant: I can not imagine that Mueller does not give a "roadmap" for the imprisonment of Roenstein: My time in the Justice Ministry "is coming to an end" McCaib's statement against Trump MORE deputy prosecutor general who has appointed Muller and who has been in control of the investigation for more than a year is expected to leave the Ministry of Justice in the coming weeks. to get Muller's report already next week, but an official at the Justice Department said that this would not happen.

Some unresolved issues suggest that Muller's conclusion and final report are even further. The court with two witnesses over the court session of the grand jury, including a mysterious foreign company, appealed to the Supreme Court to sue. As of January, former Assistant Trump Trapat Richard Gates collaborated in several ongoing investigations. The trial of Ston is also months, and perhaps he could decide to cooperate.

Randall Alison, a professor of law at George Washington University's overseas university and former assistant prosecutor of the United States, said he was skeptical of the end of the study.

Believe me when I hear this from Müller himself, – he said. "We've heard so many times in the past, and there's so much to be resolved."

Legal analysts point out that Muller, who presents his final report, does not necessarily mean the end of the investigation that a special lawyer has transferred cases to other areas.

"Muller's shutting down of the office is not like closing the investigation," said Stephen Cash, a lawyer at Den Pitney and former Senior Intelligence Senate Counselor. 19659004] Will we see more allegations?

Many are surprised if Müller discloses more accusations – especially those who claim that the Americans were involved in a conspiracy to intervene in the election.

Muller's lawsuits against Manaforth and the Russian farm troll refer to "uncharged persons" and continued the investigation by offering the prosecutor's office an investigation into anonymous individuals.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Richard Burr [RedC)PovidomyvschoperedavspravydoMyullerakolysvidkivdopytanyhurozsliduvannivlasnoyiRosiyipidozryuvalyvbrehniRanishetsohomisyatsyaKomitetrozviduvalnoyipalatynadislavMyullerudesyatkysvidchenyakimozhutbutyprotsytovaniyaksvidchennyanepravdyvyhsvidchenyakschoMyullervyznayeschohtosbrehav"Mymohlybachytybilsheareshtiv"-skazavEliHonihadvokatLovenshteynSendlerikolyshniypomichnykadvokataSShA"AbovzhemozhutbutyobvynuvachennyayakiznahodyatsyapidpechatkoyuabomozhutbutyscheareshtyMozhlyvoyullerhotuyeostanniyraundzvynuvachen"

Prosecutors also penetrates electronic evidence seized during a search of residences Stone, which can lead to new evidence or new evidence of criminal activity.

How will Barr manage the report?

Attorney General William Barr will decide which parts of Muller's report will be released.

Barr stated during his confirmation hearing that he would release Muller's findings as much as possible in accordance with

The Regulations on Special Advocates require that Muller submit a confidential report to the Attorney General when he finishes. After this happens, Barr has wide powers to decide that release the Congress and what can be made public.

Legal experts and national security experts state that sensitive information about national security and materials of the grand jury will be removed from any public announcement. Probably Barr will decide to summarize the findings in his own document in order to avoid protected material. CNN reported on Wednesday that Barr plans to give a short report to the Congress shortly after Müller will give him a report.

Barr may be subject to a manuscript from the Democrats of Congress if he limits the release of the report, but may also draw on Tropez's anger if he reveals inconclusive information about the president.

report if they believe that Barr did not release enough of him. They could also tell Müller or Rosenshtein to give evidence – creating a scene for a high drama on the Capitol Hill.

What will the report look like?

Just as Barr has a broad right to discretion, Muller has the freedom to write it.

Rules require the report to explain why the Special Advocate has decided to prosecute certain crimes or has decided not to disclose other allegations. This means that the report may be a short, two-page resume or a detailed and detailed description, similar to one of Muller's "speaking" statements. in a way that allows most of it to be released. There is nothing that would have prevented Muller from issuing several messages.

It remains unclear whether his final documentation will answer the question underlying the investigation: was the "Trump" campaign a conspiracy with Russia to intervene in the elections?

Legal analysts believe that Muller's report will be informative and manageable facts and will not look like the gentle 500-page report by Ken Starr, who outlined the details of the relationship between then-President Clinton and Monika Lewinsky.

"I think it will be a bit boring. It will not be like the report by Ken Starr."

Cash said the report would be repeated. Detective Sergeant Joe from the Dragnet series: "Just the facts, ladies."

What will be the end for Trump?

Perhaps the most important issue is that Muller's report reveals Trump and any knowledge he has about contacting a campaign with Russians.

Trump has long denied that his campaign has entered into conspiracy with Moscow to intervene in elections and regularly ridicules the investigation as a guerrilla "witch hunt."

no secret Trump does not want the investigation to end; he wrote that the probe should "end" in the early morning of the morning, describing it as "so bad" for the country.

"As long as Muller's report does not personally attract Donald Trump Donald John Trump: Tax returns on small numbers, the IRS data show that the White House warns Maduro how Venezuela orders a partial closure of the border with Colombia Republican strategist Ford O'Connell

"The reason is very simple: they want this neck albatross, they have been defending for two years now. They now want to play and show that the actions of Democrats are to get Donald J. Trump, actually not knowing that Art moose with Russian intervention during the 2016 elections, "Connolly said, dismissive information about Trump, it could be politically damaging and trigger new headaches for the White House, which could serve as a road map for Democrats who are seeking to investigate the president and maybe initiate the impeachment process.The prosecutors are still conducting an investigation involving the president in other districts, including a Manhattan investigation into the financing of the campaign by ex-lawyer Trump Michael Cohen, prosecutor Tami women who argued with Trump before the election.

Cohen must give evidence – publicly – before the Congress next Wednesday

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