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Impeachment Study Last: House Committees Issue New Probe to Ukraine – Updated

New accuser may undermine Trump's main argument

Key facts and recent news

  • House committees dealing with the impeachment case have issued summonses to the Pentagon and the White House, requesting documents to suspend military aid to Ukraine. [19659004] "According to Attorneys Claiming The Original Perpetrators," There Have Been "Several Criminals"
  • On a July call between President Trump and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr. Trump called on Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Prior to the call, the president instructed Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to refuse to issue military assistance to Ukraine, which had been designated by Congress.
  • Shortly after the July call, White House officials moved a call record to a highly classified computer system that severely restricted access to it.

Washington ̵

1; Three committees of the House of Commons Democratic Forces have issued new summonses to the Secretary of Defense and Acting Director of the White House Budget, requesting documents on the decision to freeze. military assistance to Ukraine during the summer.

"The subpoena requires the documents required for committees to examine this sequence of events and the reasons for the White House's decision to refuse critical military assistance to Ukraine, which was designated by Congress to combat Russian aggression," the committee chairmen said in a release.

The Pentagon spokesman stated that the Department had "actively issued an internal directive on the retention of documents relating to this matter. As we have stated earlier, we are ready to cooperate with Congress and other relevant parties on matters relating to with the problem of Ukrainian assistance where appropriate. "

On Sunday, attorneys representing the perpetrator who complained about President Trump's relationship with Ukraine said they represented "numerous culprits" in the case, including one of "first-hand knowledge" of the case. events.

"I can confirm that my firm and my team are submitting several directories in connection with the basic August 12, 2019 announcement to the Inspector General of Intelligence," Attorney General Andrew Bakay wrote a tweet Sunday. "There are no comments yet."

Mark Zaid, another member of the legal team of the first culprit, also stated that the team represents a second official who knows firsthand about the events, as first reported by ABC News. At the heart of the Aug. 12 complaint, the original defendant did not hear or see the transcripts of a phone call between Mr. Trump and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

"I can confirm this report that the second # obstacle is represented by our legal team," Zaid tweeted . "They have also made a protected disclosure under the law and cannot be retaliated against. This is WBer's first-hand knowledge." – Stefan Beckett

Democrats considering "extraordinary" steps to protect the identity of offenders

6:08 PM: In an interview with CNN, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorty, a Democrat on the Intelligence Committee , confirmed that the committee is considering "extraordinary steps" to protect the offender's identity in an unscheduled future interview.

"We must take all precautionary measures because we cannot burn his face," Krishnamoorti told CBS News. [19659019] Potential measures, including dimming the appearance and voice of violators, were first reported to The Washington Post on Monday.

The measures that the committee is considering are extremely rare. The Senate Intelligence Committee aide said they could not come up with a time when their committee would take such steps to protect the respondent's identity. That person said the closest parallel they could think of was when the chair and vice-chair offered to fly to London to interview Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier detailing the connections between campaign by Trump and Russia who had legal concerns about traveling to the United States [19659008] The measures being considered by the House committee, this aide, "speak to concerns about a member of the rating and his intentions." In other words, Democrats are worried that Devin Nunes, the Republican chief on the committee, will share the culprit with the White House.

Senate Party: "I can't think of a time when we had to hide someone's identity from the other side," said the assistant.

Nunes refuses to direct the probe of the House Committee on Russia after being accused of coordinating with the White House to disclose classified information aimed at embarrassing the previous administration. – Nancy Cordes

Trump calls the impeachment investigation a "scam"

President Trump speaks after the signing of a trade agreement with Japan in the Roosevelt White House room, Monday, October 7, 2019.

Evan Vucci / A.P.

4:54 PM: After signing a pair of trade agreements with Japan at the White House, the president took questions from reporters and called the impeachment probe a "scam".

"The impeachment request is a conversation I had with Ukrainian President Zelensky, it was very good, it was a very heartfelt conversation," Mr Trump said.

He again criticized the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, for rephrasing his remarks made during a congressional hearing last week, calling it "fraud." – Stefan Beckett

GOP Senator Says Trump "Shouldn't Have Asked Biden" During Challenge to Ukraine

Senator Rob Portman Speaks to Journalists Outside High School Wyoming, OH, June 22, 2017

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

16:21 PM: Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has stated that the president raises the prospect of investigating the July 25 application for a conversation with the President of Ukraine "inappropriately," but said he does not consider it to rise to the inevitable offense.

"The president does not have to raise the issue of Biden during this call. It is not appropriate for a president to involve a foreign government in investigating a political opponent," Portman said in an interview with The Columbus Dispatch on Monday. "I do not see this as an inevitable offense. I think the Chamber has openly impeached itself by suggesting certain things."

The president called Portman "honorable" last week after Portman said he was given a "consistent cause" to delay the release of Ukrainian aid. – Stefan Beckett

Trump will speak at the signing of the trade agreement

3:12 PM: The president is expected to speak at the signing of two trade agreements with Japan in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. Take a look here.

The Pentagon and the Office of Management and Budget

12:39 PM: The Pentagon and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have been sued for filing a case investigating Democrats.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reforms Elia Emgel Ellio Engel wrote on Monday to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Acting Ombudsman Director Russell Whutz.

"Request for impeachment by the House of Representatives, we are submitting a subpoena forcing you to present the documents set out in the accompanying schedule by October 15, 2019," the heads wrote in their letter.

The White House was also charged in court on documents late Friday.

At least a week before Mr. Trump spoke on the telephone with the President of Ukraine in late July, he instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvey, but to halt the release of nearly $ 400 million in military assistance to Ukraine, which have already been appointed by Congress. A senior administration official who is directly aware of the Trump administration's actions on funds previously confirmed by CBS News to delay military assistance.

Larry Kudlow says he doesn't know if Trump joked about China investigating Biden

11:57 am: Trump's top advisor Larry Kudlow asked if the president was joking when he said the Chinese should investigate bids for bids, as suggested by some Republicans, responded, "I honestly don't know, I don't honestly know."

Kudlov made comments to reporters on the White House driveway after a television hit.

Senator Marco Rubio said he believed the president was simply trying to get journalists to invite China to investigate the Biden. Chamber of Commerce Department Chief Kevin McCarthy said Monday that the Fox and Friends president did not mean China was investigating the bidding.

But last week, the president proved serious when he declared that China should investigate its political rival.

"I would think that if they were honest about this, they would start a major investigation into the applications," Mr Trump said at a Friday in the South Lawn. "This is a very simple answer. They have to investigate the bidding because as a startup company – and all these companies, if you look, and by the way, China too – they should start investigating bidding. "[19659052] Trump tweets bring" another culprit off the bench "

8:11 AM President Trump has ventured to reveal that the second fighter has made details of his call with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mr. Trump, quoting the Foxes and Friends segment, smashed the primary culprit as "partisan," and then decided on another culprit who came "off the bench."

Trump's impeachment protection becomes increasingly difficult for the CCI [19659016] 7: 12:00 If the House comes to impeach Mr. Trump, his court must hold Republican control.

Just a handful of Republicans have raised concerns about the president's contacts with foreign leaders. , but there seems to be no single presidential defense. In private, some Republicans say he just shouldn't take it, even if they don't approve of it.

One reason? The president is reluctant and his rating in the Republican Party remains high. The latest Gallup poll, which was taken as a notice of the president's call to Ukraine, shows his approval by 87% of Republicans.

Maine State Senator Susan Collins is one of only a handful of Republicans to recall the president. She told Bangor daily newspapers: "I felt that the president had made a big mistake in asking China to join the investigation of a political opponent."

Nebraska State Senator Ben Sass said in his statement to Omaha World Herald that "Americans do not" look at Chinese commissions for truth. "And Utah State Senator Mitt Romney called the president's request" wrong and horrible. "

Still, most Republicans either despise Mr. Trump's actions or remain silent as it becomes more difficult to defend.

"I doubt if China's comment is serious, to tell the truth," Republican Senator Roy Blunt said in The Face of the Nation this Sunday

Blunt says not to take the request seriously Trump regarding Biden probes

When asked if he would accept the president at his word, Blunt said, "The president was – no, the president likes to go out on the driveway of the White House. I didn't talk to him about it. I don't know what the president thought. But I know he likes to get the press. " – Nancy Cordes

The new kidnapper doesn't change the White House's strategy, says Trump's lawyer

6:20 am: Mr. Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulov said that CBS News reports that the latest culprits in the call dispute in Ukraine are not changing the legal strategy of the president moving forward.

"We have already released a transcript of the call. So this person thinks they don't "like what the President said?" Sekulov said.

He went on to say that he believed that the fact that the second fighter was represented by the same law firm as the original challenge aided the president's political strategy because it "shows that this firm is attacking the president"

"60 Minutes" on Impeachment Probe

New developments this week in an investigation into Trump's impeachment

Last week, members of Congress went home to hear their constituents. 60 Minutes passed with two members now facing some of the most impactful decisions of their careers.

Their congressional district is 1,700 miles and worlds apart. The 11th Congressional District of New Jersey is white, suburban and affluent. The 23rd Texas congressional district is wide open and 70% Latin American.

More details here .

Pompeo does not perform the probe, says Dem Chairman

Rep. Elliott Engel says Mike Pompeo does not investigate impeachment

New York State Congressman Elliot Engel, one of the top Democratic Democrat chambers investigating Mr. Trump's deal with the Ukrainian government, said Secretary of State Mike Pope responds to cooperates with congressional investigations.

"He has not yet investigated," Engel said on Sunday, "Face of the Nation." "Discussions are ongoing, and we hope it will stick."

Engel, a longtime Bronx congressman, is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which oversees the State Department. The commission is one of several high-profile committees – including committees on intelligence, oversight and the judiciary – leading the impeachment investigation into Mr Trump's efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to conduct politically motivated investigations, including one of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son , Hunter.

Read more here .

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