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If you do not want a nuclear war, you hope that Trump does these things at his summit with North Korean Kim Jong Unem

Regardless of what President Trump says, or when he holds the second historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Unem on Wednesday and Thursday in the United States, he will never satisfy his republican and democratic critics.

to his realistic instincts – first of all, pragmatically working on preserving his first program in America – and if Kim is serious about reaching a certain agreement on controlling nuclear weapons, an unusual couple can make a story in Hanoi.

knows Trump – or maybe Trump and Kim – may be awarded the Nobel Prize. Kim's father and his grandfather, who was leading North Korea, have a history of accusing former US presidents of both sides of assurances of cooperative behavior and then violating their promises.

The North invested heavily. • develop a small nuclear arsenal that Kim does not want to refuse, considering it the best guarantee against any US effort to attack his poor communist nation.

Critics of President Trump to the left and right reflect him as naive and desperate To reach a sort of agreement-any deal-with Kim who boasts of his election campaign next year. Korean leader, the truth is exactly the opposite: only denuclearization will provide security to North Korea

Can Trump get a real deal that, at a minimum, North Korea is much closer to the American goal of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula? Or Washington and Pyongyang are judged to be enemies far into the future, without the North's hope to peacefully abandon their nuclear bombs?

I believe in President Trump ̵

1; at least when it comes to this important issue of national security. Although I am proud of being a registered republican, I can not say that I always agree with the president, and I do not accept any of the more astonishing and fiery rhetoric that he has shown when it comes to North Korea.

Trump has unique features that lack the elite of foreign policy in Washington: a clear vision to see things in a different way, with the ability to apply their successful business skills to an arena of global policy that is difficult.

is ready to try new approaches in international affairs, which others consider crazy, he took an old book on how to handle the realm of the hermits and lit it [Amr19659003].

The imagination and the principled realism of the US president could make history in the coming days. I believe that there is a clear plan to enter a new era of peace on the Korean Peninsula, protect our allies in the region and offer a real chance to see North Korea renounce its nuclear weapons

. ] At a Singapore Summit in June last year, here are some steps that could make a success at the Hanoi Summit:

First, President Trump must force Kim to understand that America is not an enemy of North Korea, not has a desire

For this purpose, President Trump must establish the conditions under which Kim feels comfortable enough for him to begin the process of denuclearization. Weapons are his best insurance policy against the upcoming US assault, Trump must persuade the leader of North Korea, which is exactly the opposite: only denuclearization will ensure the security of North Korea.

If Trump and Kim would agree to sign a plain text

Kim would have the proof that he should not only trust our intentions, but also return to his own people – especially to the military t and his leadership circle – and say that America no longer has any hostile intentions and our relations have fundamentally changed.

The peace treaty will also allow Trump to demand a historic victory. The US president must propose a treaty without any preconditions

In the end, a peace treaty would not really have been a concession to the United States. He simply acknowledges the obvious fact that the Korean War ended in a jumble in July 1953. It was long before Kim was born and when President Trump was only a 7-year-old boy.

Secondly, American officials

To do this, both parties should create small offices in the capital cities of other countries. This will allow for almost instant communication and understanding so that important messages do not take many days to travel from one part of the world to another.

Many will deny that this is de facto diplomatic recognition of the government of North Korea. . Perhaps this is true, but with the potential of North Korea to attack the United States with nuclear weapons, the ability to understand the views of the leaders of this nation is more important than ever.

The establishment of a communications department will also allow the northern part of North Korea. get a better window into our own diplomatic strategies and thinking of national security, helping to ensure that Kim and his regime are not mistaken for our intent.

There is no weakness in the desire to engage in dialogue with those with whom you have differences of opinion in preventing armed conflict. Therefore, we have diplomatic relations with Russia, China and many other countries with which we disagree.

Look it this way: North Korea was created in 1948, when Korea was divided into North and South. The United States has never had diplomatic relations with the North and even three years of war against the nation. But the strategy of using diplomatic isolation to curtail the regime has not worked for 71 years – so why do we think that the continuation of this strategy will work now?

The third – and extremely important – the world must see the first steps. North refuse nuclear weapons.

The formula for this is well known. Kim has already said that he will dismantle his nuclear facility, Yongbyon, if Washington offers "appropriate measures" – that is, the release of economic sanctions that damage the northern part.

Trump administration has only recently begun to deviate from the idea that sanctions can not be given until the complete denuclearization of North Korea.

President Tramp needs a way to get Kim off, without criticizing him, who says he is doing a gigantic act for Kim's senseless promises.

This is where the president of South Korea Luna Ja'ing comes to visit. The moon told Trump that he would move fast on Korean economic projects that cost tens of billions of dollars to the north so that Kim abandoned his nuclear weapons.

Given that the economy of North Korea costs only $ 16 billion – half the size of Vermont – an economic shot to hand would be a change for Kim ime. My bet is that the North would take advantage of this opportunity, and all parties will clearly get something they want. Korean War.

In addition to those Americans who were missing in the ancient war, there are also many North Korean soldiers whose status has never been resolved. Both countries must step up their efforts to resolve these issues once and for all.

Washington and Pyongyang should form joint teams that can work together to unlock battlefields and areas where it will likely remain.

History tells us it can create an important trust between peoples and cure the wounds of the old war. This is exactly what happened when the United States and the United States began such an effort to re-establish diplomatic relations

History proves that peoples who do not really trust each other have a long way to bridge the gap and achieve lasting peace.

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It is in the United States and North Korea that interest in the end of the war between us is that, in the worst case scenario, it may again flash out of nuclear weapons, killing millions [19659003] Even those of you who are opposed to President Trump and want him to leave the White House as soon as possible, should be happy for their success at the summit. If he can somehow eliminate the nuclear threat of North Korea in exchange for economic and diplomatic action, it will be a victory for the American people and for people all over the world.

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