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If only the ghost reflection was more akin to Assassin's Creed treachery

Assassin & # 39; s Creed Games have been getting better and better to create a sense of place and fill it with tons of satisfying secret missions. Hours later, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo still pondering how much he likes Assassin & # 39; s Creed . This week at Kotaku Splitscreen we talk about his initial impressions of the latest Ubisoft recent games, as well as other open-world games he loves.

First, Kirk and I discuss the games we play. I am still on Fire Emblem: Three Houses but have also tried two new board games: Escape from Aliens in Space and Sheriff Nottingham . The Kirk Table Group is still playing Heritage Betrayal and Kirk is also playing at the new Hitman level and Destiny 2: Shadow-Jeep . After a break (28:32), we invite Stephen to talk about Ghost Recon Breakpoint open world games and how we all love liking. We end the discussion on (1:08:15) about Elementary Star Trek: The Next Generation Can you forgive me? and a selection of Kirk music.

Get the MP3 here or read the excerpt below.

Stephen : One of the interesting things about this game is that it will be a theme that Ubisoft does. the same in several games, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. In this case, I think it's cool – that's when they tease their next game in the previous game. A surprise upgrade was made to the Ghost Recon Wildlands set in Bolivia, which came out in 2017, earlier this year. Suddenly they are like, "There's this other Ghost," so called Special Agents in the Universe Ghost Recon and this is the character of John Bernthal, whose name I am now rescuing from me. He is, and he has a mission for you, and you do a few things. At the moment, they didn't say it, but after a couple of days they found that it was actually annoying for Breakpoint .

They've been doing it now that Ubisoft games are getting this last DLC moment or something. Division 1 did this for Division 2 . Earlier this week, I was thinking about Kotak that The Assassin's Odyssey didn't really get the final update, and I'm not surprised if they start teasing the next one next year

in any case, his group of Ghosts overtook the island. So, unlike the previous game where you go in with three AI friends and you guys go all out doing tactical mysteries – this can be a cooperative if you prefer, rather than AI – you're a solo one. I mean, you can cooperate, but there are no other human characters by default. It's just you and your drone. More aspects of survival. You can be tired, you need to drink water. You can bivouac, you can light it. And if you eat, you have a little extra increase in stats, I'll forget what type, the next time you go back to action. But if you read the book, the small tutorial you have, you can get more XP.

Maddy : You become emotionally fulfilled and then come back to action – it's not that scary. [19659003] Kirk : You do your imagination!

Steven : With the literature you read? No, these are tactical notes. This is Clancy's poem, that's what you would read about.

Kirk : "How to remove a snake and eat it."

Steven : Exactly. But basically you have big skill trees like in the previous game. They have become more difficult to extract and collect, which can be suspiciously monetized. Weapon drawings, all kinds of stats weapons that you can get, all of you constantly picking and harvesting, or whatever, and then you can get them in the game store. Some things can be purchased at the microtransaction store instead. Although, I don't think you need to do something. However, he always has such a question, and have they built them in some places?

Open to what you are doing. You can go after the main dude right away. Heather Alexander will review the game for us and she tries to do it. She is trying to make it a Ganon-style Breath of the Wild – Put on your underwear and try to take it off with a stick. But she came across a tank, so it doesn't work out so well.

Otherwise you can try to shoot these different Ghosts that went on the scammers that are on the island, or you can try to make other quests that are on the island. It seems like it might be interesting. It's a huge, huge world, I just haven't studied it enough. Like Wildlands the main character is this empty slate. The writing is still quite wooden. The whole thing is surprisingly harsh. You have several Ubisoft games that have many personalities, more like the games Far Cry some of Assassin & # 39; s Creed s or Rayman .

Kirk : Dog Care .

Steven : But then you have these games that are much more beaten up than Steep which was pretty antiseptic. I would say that Wildlands was kind of like that, and I get some of that Pointpoint Break .

Kirk : Is there a steep mountain that sometimes started talking to you? It was like this weird flash of color in an otherwise very beige game.

I have a couple of questions. First of all, John Bernthal's name is Colonel Cole D. Walker.

Stephen : Oh yeah! Cole Walker! I just needed to come up with some common words. Cole Walker, that makes sense.

Kirk : Someone just has to put together a huge list of all the "figure" names that ever existed. There are so many of them, and they are all very good. So, the questions I have. First of all, how is the gameplay? What does it look like to go out and shoot guys?

Stephen : That's great, Kirk. [laughs] What a strange question. What is it like going to the base and shooting guys?

Kirk : Love shoots guys. I mean, that's what you do in the game, right?

Maddy : how are you feeling? How are guns? Feeling good?

Kirk : Kidnapping a man's life? Watching him die?

Maddy : [laughs] Although it's a game, right?

Steven : As you both know – listeners may not know – I play games in a weird way. One thing I do is that I spend too much time on the menu trying to understand the systems and not just dive straight into the gameplay.

Maddy : You haven't really shot anyone in the whole game yet. .

Kirk : "I really understand the microtransaction store, but I haven't really shot too many people."

Steven : They threw this very strange version of the fight into it. . I was interested in some quest structures and things like that. I found I couldn't play the way I played in the previous game that I tried to control Kotaku and the way I like to play Assassin & # 39; s Creed the most [Game19459005 ]: Do you do tasks that may or may not be relevant? Or is it too real?

Stephen : [laughs] That's right. My favorite moment in any game Assassin & # 39; s Creed is in Brotherhood or any other where you own the killer property and you just walk down the street, all like ezio. Then you just push that button to whistle, and then suddenly your killer brother or minion, whatever, you jump off the roof or hay and kill the person to death. And you just keep walking down the street without breaking a step.

They took it away from the games Assassin's Creed but what I liked about the Wildlands was that you could either aim your character with a weapon, or with a drone, which you can fly into the air at any time, you can assign up to three targets, and then you can either pull the trigger while firing at one enemy, and then your three friends would automatically fire at the other three targets. Or you couldn't launch the shot at all, just hit the button and the three targets you point to will kill all three of your friends. You can do this in an extremely hidden way when you have never been in danger, in addition to just looking around, noticing, and then saying, "Okay, tag them, take them out." For me, it was the best way to stay stolen in this game, and I enjoyed playing it that way. Then I would take things if the action was too hairy or whatever.

In this case … you don't have any AI friends yet, they come, I think, free DLC. Instead, you rely on your drone to fly around and record everyone you tagged. They made it a consumable item, so you only get three sync shots and you have to collect more. So it forces me to have more direct relationships, actually sneaking up on enemies. I would say they correct the way I played. Sometimes you might argue: "Developers should go the way players play" – but I feel it's good and cool that I'm encouraged to use my stealth skills.

For much more, listen to the whole episode. As always, you can subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts and Google Play to receive each episode as it happens. Leave us feedback if you like what you hear and contact us at splitscreen@kotaku.com with any questions, requests and suggestions.

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