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I See You – This is a beautifully crafted puzzle horror movie

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, reviews of festival films, VR previews and other special events events. This review comes from the 2016 Interactive SXSW Festival.

There is an impressive tradition of films about the disappearance of a child, where an injured father tries to convince the authorities that something happened to their child, but evidence shows that there has never been a baby. A subset of the mystery "Who's crazy here?", Which plays with a sense of reality and understanding of the situation of viewers, such as movies Bunny Lake is absent Flightplan Forgotten rely on an audience to sympathize with the protagonist who can create a mystery and a crisis where it is not.

Narratively complex secrets I see you playing with expectations and reality the same, but it's surprisingly frank about the disappearance of children. In the first stage, a boy riding a bicycle through the woods brutally breaks into the air with an invisible hand that disappears outside the screen. This is an unforgettable gambit of discovery and, it would seem, a declaration of a specific tone and intention for the film. But, like many other elements in I see you he sets expectations that are not immediately reproduced in the expected, familiar ways. Writer Devon Gray and director Adam Randall (from Netflix iBoy ) use this creepy image of a flying 1

0-year-old boy to connect his audience, but the rest of the movie is a much more complicated process. In this movie, nothing is what seems to be – except when it is, and the audience simply does not have the tools to interpret it.

What genre?

Horror film, action film, domestic drama, murder mystery, police procedure … I see you annoying his way in a variety of different genres, and part of the way, as writer Devon Greece and director Adam Randall keep viewers thinking they are guessing about the exact nature of what they are looking at.

What happened?

When the 10-year-old Justin Wind disappears in the woods, Detective Greg Harper (John Tenny) and his partner Spitziki (Gregory Allan Williams) are assigned to investigate. The remaining explanation is that the kidnapping of a boy with the infamous murderer Spitsky, who was sent to jail 15 years ago, raises the question of whether he has condemned the wrong husband or if his city is haunted by a killer- copying. Meanwhile, his wife Jackie (Helen Hunt) is trying to fix the fence with him after having dealt with, but their son-teen Connor (Judas Lewis) is opposed to it more and more badly.

By then, strange things begin. in their home – secular objects that appear or disappear, consumer electronics are spontaneously switched on, broken windows and window repairers who saw something unremarkable – viewers already have a whole list of possible explanations and suspects, sufficient for the creation of any number of plausible Directors want to we thought of X, but this is probably theory. The actual fact is impressive, but more importantly, it's intriguing – a kind of disclosure that opens opportunities, instead of turning them off.

What about in fact? In what I see you gets without giving too much, but one can say with certainty that, in part, it is about how impressive people can be, whether they are faced with malicious intent, they can not even be in course, unknown at all, or just his need for other people. Hunt, in particular, delivers painfully cheesy performance as it asks her husband to forgive that he meets with cold charges or tries to maintain a brave look before his son's fury. But Tennessee also seems vulnerable when he tries to focus on the betrayal of his wife and his suspicions about her, and Lewis gives a strong image of a boy who covers his grief with aggression. There are many open needs in this film, and not so much it satisfies.

But the film also thinks about how easy it is for people to see their expectations, and not the truth, as well as skip important details while they survive their own drama.

Is it okay?

I see you not for everyone. People who go to the movies, expecting some experience, and get angry when, say, Cloverfield or No country for the elderly or Comes at night do not play like they imagined they were not going to enjoy this movie. Also, people who love formula dramas and can not tolerate trailers that confirm every story do not like. Even certain types or fans of horrors who expect to eat or darken the terror can come out of this complaint. I see you tense, but only occasionally terrible. No one is going to distribute a descendant previous word that this is the most terrible thing.

But for people who are especially attracted by a thorough plot and the ability to shy away from wide genre clichés, I see you – a rare present. It's an experience of tension that gives way to a long series of surprises and stories, some of which may not even realize that they are striving until they come. This is a project for fans of Memento or Timecrimes a variety of challenging puzzle-films, where all the shapes fit together with the precision that is well processed.

if the dramatic segment was poorly executed. Instead, I see you evades the cliché equally favorably in terms of directing. The party, for the first time the film's composer William Arkain, is unconventional and impressive. (During one of the post-screening questions and questions at SXSW, directors discussed how Arcane used non-traditional instrumentation tools, including wire hangers, and he made music for such things, "said music director Will Kaney .) Cinema is muffled, but distinct, with an emphasis on skillfully illuminated faces that create an effect that is more like a family drama than a supernatural horror film, and casting helps keep the tone muffled, but intense.

But above all, I see the teb relies on his script that creates expectations in order to surpass them, and then uses his new paradigm to create a new set of expectations. Every time the viewer feels that he understands the games that are playing and tries to outsmart the movie , history draws a new development, up to the final moments of the film. Such a secret can not be foreseen, although all the tips are laid out in a prominent place.

What should she evaluate? I see you as a surprisingly short graphic violence and completely deprived of naked body or sexual situations. There are several adult themes, but in addition to the profanity of the vocabulary, there is very little in this film that could not play on the screen in the 1940s or 50s, when this particular brand of well thought out audience was more widespread. With relatively small changes, it could play as a dual function with The Lady Vanishes by Alfred Hitchcock, another intricate mystery "What is True?", Which rewards the audience for close attention.

How can I really look at him?

I see you now looking for an American distribution, so that the release date is not yet available, but it seems inevitable that it will reach the time in the theaters. Just do not take it for another release 2019 under the name I see you (about the logger who accidentally captures the crimes on the camera), or 2016 I see you (Bollywood a novel about a man who is in love with an apparent ghost) or 2016 I see You.com (a teenager who becomes rich by taking away the bad behavior of his family and streaming it online). In fact, do not be surprised if it eventually comes out with a more distinctive name.

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