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I can’t stop watching this exciting new original Netflix series, and you’ve never even heard of it – BGR

  • To the lake – This is the new original Netflix show, which debuted this month, a science fiction drama about families at risk in life as the plague is on the verge of destroying society.
  • The 8-episode series was filmed in 2019, long before the start of a new coronavirus pandemic.
  • Regardless of the real parallels, To the lake this is a stunning new Netflix show that you won’t be able to stop watching once you start it.

When To the lake which premiered on Netflix a week ago, I thought I was not going to watch a pandemic series at all. I was going to check out another original Netflix that was about to get into streaming Persecution of the blue estate. These are further actions Haunted house on the hill which has now become an anthological cycle in the same vein as American horror story. However, when I finished, I decided to do it To the lake my next booze on netflix.


7;s really the premise of the show that convinced me to check it out, and I wouldn’t even need to read the show’s synopsis if Netflix used the original title. You don’t need to understand Russian to know that Epidemic means, especially given what is happening in the world now. But before you write it off To the lake because of pandemic fatigue, you need to know that it’s really the quality of the show, not the parallels with real life, that makes me want more.

“Faced with the end of civilization, when a terrible plague occurs, the group risks its life, love – and humanity – in a brutal struggle for survival,” – said in a synopsis of the series. But make no mistake, the release of a TV show is just a coincidence when it comes to real life events. The series begins in 2019, a much happier time when the world was free of testimony.

But in fact the pandemic forced me to enter the list To the lake like my next binge. It turned out that the show is much harder to drink than any such drama. This is because it’s all in Russian, which is also a huge advantage To the lake. You really don’t want to watch this TV show in any language other than Russian. Please do not wish to play its English audio version and read the subtitles instead. This way, you can experience Russian characters fighting a deadly epidemic and each other’s native language. Remember how weird it was to hear the perfect British English accents of actors in the hit series HBO Chernobyl? It really ruined an otherwise incredibly entertaining show.

The need to read these subtitles when you pay attention to the action makes it impossible to use such a habit, which usually interferes with watching TV and Netflix. That’s right, you have to leave your smartphone in your pocket. You will find yourself at a stop and rewind to see what Anna has just said to Lenoid, or where Anton has disappeared. The smartphone is a distraction, I couldn’t stop watching To the lake and I wonder what might happen next.

To make you understand what is happening in the film, without spoilers, I will tell you to imagine something average Infection, a television movie that has grown in popularity over the past few months, and The Walking Dead, a series of zombie apocalypse that AMC is still not ready to leave after all these years.

The infectious disease, which is more deadly than coronavirus, is spreading rapidly in Russia, and several families decide to retreat to the desert a few hundred miles from a cozy suburb of Moscow – from here Lake part. Face masks, hand hygiene and social distancing can no longer save Russia Sergei.

The Walking Dead Scary zombies are replaced by something much scarier and much more dangerous: human nature. If you thought that wading through hordes of stock walkers or looking for a better home is a difficult task, imagine that you are doing all this in a world where every other group of people can be more dangerous than the real pathogen down society.

Forget everything you know about rules, laws, and any common understanding between humans that has allowed civilizations to evolve. When it comes to life and death, people are reduced to their animal instincts. That To the lake solves it, and does it in such a way that you want to silence the phone and plunge into this deadly Russian winter.

Not to mention that the whole show gets too close to home, given the current health crisis. In real life, there are no signs that the pandemic is uncontrollable. Eventually, humanity will not move into real life, as happens in these post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows. But if this eventually happens, there will be no special warning. No one will tell you that society will fall apart and that everything you knew yesterday about normal life will be lost tomorrow. All this happens in an instant, and you will understand it in fact. That’s so fast To the lake the transition from ordinary life to a struggle for survival, where otherwise everyday events can lead to unexpected, possibly fatal consequences. Everything happens pretty fast – from a boring dinner to watching people run for their lives.

Unlike Infection, we have no cast in the new Netflix show. Or rather, the stars of Russia Epidemic not as widely known as Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law or Kate Winslet. But Kirill Karo (Sergey), Victoria Isakova (Anna), Mariana Spivak (Irina), Alexander Robak (Leonid), Eldar Kalimulin (Misha), Victoria Agalakova (Polina) and the rest of the cast really make the show bright. The credit, of course, goes to director Pavel Kostomarov and writers Yana Wagner and Roman Cantor for making the series a reality, and Netflix for taking it.

There are a few episodes left, I haven’t figured out if the show needs a second season or if one will be enough. To the lake may be a story that needs no continuation. If anything, the show does clearly warn of the worst-case scenario for a deadly pandemic. And this is a reminder that we can still work together to overcome COVID-19 and future health crises. As you will see, when you start watching this fantastic new show, our lives can certainly be much worse than now.

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