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How to re-sign almost all, please bring key veterinarians

2019 is an ideal thunderstorm for a few of us who are wary of NFL financial elements. For the past six years, I was standing on the top of the mountain and piercing to the valleys that did not exist and have never been such a thing as the Cap Hell for Dallas Cowboys under the current CBA. Over the past two years, people have been caught up in the fact that teams can use any long-term contract to create a place for signatures they want to do.

Solutions for the Dallas Cowboys were easy. Sign the guys you love, shuffling money, tell the public that you are not interested in playing on the market of free agencies and voila, skip the hall.

Everything done has changed in 201

9, my dude.

Of many stars, the window is now open, where the Cowboys have a lot of space to play. At present, this figure is about $ 48 million with a projected limit of $ 190 million.

Cowboys is a good team that has not won, but is able to become a great team if you add the necessary snippets. They have some top-level players who have already signed the contract, and also had a series of really good players who would like to get into a free agency this season, next season and in 2021. Again, this is the perfect storm to test the theories that were rooted from year to year.

So what does Dallas do? Who should they paint now? Who should they wait?

In most cases, projections live in a vacuum, with little regard for what happens to everything else that needs to be solved.

Not here. For the off-season manifesto, we will extrapolate to the three internal predictions of the total cost that we have given and how Dallas can structure its agreements and deals of free agents to compete for the next three seasons.

The three-year window is that the team should be focused on. If Dallas does not win over three years, they should take into account whether things need to be completely blown up. Not everybody will survive, and they should be more than good with it.

Let's rock.

Dallas will need to step away from some of its players in this offseason. This is the reality of the league in which they exist.

Do not sign

Cole Beatles: Bisley was the best receiver of the Cowboys over the past few years. He is an EPA monster but, of course, he feels he is in a position to shift his trade to another location. We predicted a three-year, $ 22.44 million deal for Bisley in October, but then Dallas bought Amari Cooper and began to give him most of the tasks that she was busy with, frozen number 11 in several games.

We also do not resign D.T. David Irving, R. B. Reed Smith, T. E. Jeff Swam, F. B. Jamiz Ovalale or O. G. Markus Martin.

Release of these guys

Sean Lee: Lee made it clear that he wants to play in 2019, but his time has expired with cowboys. Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith have it from here. Dallas will not be able to trade Lee, so release him early and allow him to find a new home. He could work on a much cheaper deal, but they would have got $ 7 million from their books. Salaries

Jeff Hit: Hit is a responsibility at the end of the period. Save a salary of $ 2 million and spend on help that can help.

Brett Maher: He is not good.

Total savings: $ 9.6 million

Jones also with me with very thin ice. It is necessary to conduct a campaign battle for the GP, but it only saves 800 thousand dollars, so it was not included here. Minimum winnings. I'll let Allen Hearns out and spend the money on a more prehistoric slot-receiver, but it seems that Dallas plans to hold on to him.

Now that the dead mass has been removed, it's time to get to the little things. Here's a look at key indicators that we think will make Dallas a fair contender, but not just what should happen this year, but in the next few years.

We determined the contract status of each player to move to the season of 2021, based on how we believe that the team should continue. Later we connect the value to prove that all this will work.

Dallas Cowboys Three-Year Plan: Offense

Player 2019 2020 2021
Dak Prescott New Course Y1 New Course Y2 New Course Y3 [19659028] Amari Cooper New Y1 course New Y2 course New Y3 course
Ezekiel Elliott Current 5th year
La & # 39; el Collins [19659029] The current The walk
The free agent TE The new course Y1 The new course Y2 19659029] FA WR The new course Y1 Walking
FA Backup QB
New Course Y1 New Y2 Course Walking
FA Backup RB Deal Y1 Walk
Allen Hurns Current Walk [19659029] –
Tyron Smith Current Current Current
19659030] Current Current Current
Travis Frederick Current Current Current
Current Current Current Current
Current Current Current
First round choice New course Y1 [19659028] New York Y1 New Y2 course Walking
Expected hat $ 190M $ 200M $ 210M

Dallas Cowboys three-year plan: defense [19659024] player

2019 2020 2021
DeMarcus Lawrence 196590 30] New course Y2 New course Y3
Byron Jones 5th year Franchise Walking
Jaylon Smith Current R1 RFA Tender 19659028] Randy Gregory Susp Current Orig. Rd RFA
Antwaun Woods Current R2 RFA Tender New Course Y1
Xavier Woods Current Current New Y1 Course
Tyron Crawford 19659029] Release
Chidobe Awuzie Current Current New York Course Y1
Jordan Lewis Current Walk
Anthony Brown [19659030] Current Walking
Safety of the free agent New course Y1 New course Y2 New course Y3
FA RDE New course Y1 New agreement Y2 New course Y3
FA 3-Tech New course Y1 New course Y2 New course Y3
FA CB [19659] 029] New course Y1 New course Y2 New course Y3
2020 1st round choice New course Y1
Leighton Vander Esch Current Current Current
M $ 200M $ 210 million [19659097] Obviously, this is not every position in the 53-seat team list, but the rest may be and will be completed by the elections and the players who will close to the minimum wage. It is safe to say that if cowboys can put all of this in their budget, they will be able to fill a competitive team.

The two biggest remote products here are that RB Ezekiel Elliott and CB Byron Jones will not be expanded. it's off season. They could be very good in real life, but now my recommendation is to both wait.

Ezekiel Elliott

We have already determined how Elliott's extension looks, but does not exist

Elliott's initial contract:

Year Basic salary Total bonus [19659025] Cap Hit
2019 $ 1,000,000 [19659030] $ 3,600,000 $ 8.69 million ($ 4.09 million from the recruits)
2020 $ 7,500,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 11.1 million
2021 $ 13,725,000 * $ 3,600,000 $ 17.325 million
2022 $ 9,725,000 $ 13.325 million
2023 $ 11,725,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 15,3225 million
2024 $ 15,725,000 [19659187] $ 15.725 million
TOTAL $ 18,000,000 * = functional warranty

He concluded a contract for 5 titles, so he was not paid enough and the team approved the contract. The annual version is for him this spring, effectively keeping him in the house until 2020. If some of the free agencies are moving to fall back to where Dallas can not get their own person, then there is a greater chance of this expansion happening now.

Exercise, we will fix Elliott in her year in 2020, and the second year in 2021. If a long-term deal is reached, it is likely to reduce this blow and these revenues may overturn.

] Byron Jones

This is the case with Jones, which gives me a pause in the distribution of a huge expansion. After the team lost a few years playing it safe, Chris Richard moved him back to the corner, and he flourished. Firstly. Jones was not allowed to touch the first 12 games, but in the stretching of the season and in the playoffs, he received regular beatings. Bali and 24 receptions in the first 12 years. Regardless of how much space Dallas has, they still need to be careful.

Follow the jump to see how Dallas sits on the wisdom head after signing the three top priorities …

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