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How to access the new Vex 2 offensive mode on Destiny 2

If you have Destiny 2 and you can't figure out how to launch a new Vex offensive game, you're not alone. We were also initially disappointed. (Yes, I'm Dad.)

The Vex Offensive is a six-player co-op mode open to anyone with a season pass for the new season of Destiny 2 Dying. This should be everyone who has the new Shadowkeep extension in the game when Bungie combined the first $ 10 pass for this great addition. Almost all players downloading the Moon through Shadowkeep should have access to it. Some of them may not, if they are among the people who send us tips about missing out on the season. Thank you, everyone, we'll review this and let us know as we learn more.

In any case, the idea was that the offensive of Vex and the new raid of the game would begin today, October 5. Go to the game of the moon map and you can see it:

This is a Vex attack that can be selected from the turquoise icon. But it needs to be filled in with "Eyes on the Moon", and it's a quest that many players seem to be having trouble with. They tweet about it. They report it. Etc.

In order to get a quest, players need to go to the main center of the game – the Tower, and talk to Ikora Ray. She has got you a new list of Vex-oriented quests in the form of a Vex Invasion quest

After picking this up, you'll need to go back to the moon and then search for lightning storms in the sky . They look like this:

It is clear that these storms that represent the Wex invasion of the moon do not occur infrequently. I waited 40 minutes for one to begin at the southeast corner of the map near a large spaceship in the Anchor Light area.

Icons on the Moon Map shows a potential Vex invasion in three spots, one near where I was expecting, the other two near the Archer & # 39; s Line and north of Hellmouth. You can try to go to everyone, looking for a storm. I just hung out in the Anchor of Light, called and picked up a handful of Wex who had spawned, like a previous spy or something. The storm finally came.

As the storm begins, the Vex collective noun arrives. In search of Caviar you need to kill 100 Vex. It comes easily. There are a lot of them. The problem is the destruction of the Gate Gate, which spawns as part of the invasion. This difficult beating seems to clear the wave of invasion, causing another storm of light elsewhere on the map. Look to the sky to find it, run through the Sparrow to reach the new occupation forces of Wex and repeat. Clear the next three invasions, thus drawing out the three Lords of the Gate and the search step of Caviar can be returned to Eris Morne, never the hilarious quest giver on the southern part of the Moon Map.

She's there with some eyes on the Text for the Month to read, the raid to pick up and voila, the offensive Vex should be available.

The Vex Attack is all that goes on about the Black Garden, the bucolic stage, where Vex comes from. Like many Shadowkeeps, this should be another familiar sight for players Destiny 1 .

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