New York Jets unveiled its new form on Thursday night, the latter disappointed Nike's collaboration with the NFL team, which seeks to modernize its image.

Anyone who likes Air Jordan – I am alone – will tell you, despite the shoes and many classic giants' clothing of the past years, new looks and restart leave desirable with widespread frequency.

Jasmine brass boasted that their major repairs – if you could even call it – were about ninety years. This enormous planning and creative effort consisted of a slightly modified logo, a different font for rooms and a new shade of green ̵

1; "Gotham Green" (whoa !!) – attached to "Spotlight White" and "Stealth Black", which are pretentious names for … white and black. Oh, "New York" has also been added to the knitwear team, which has headquarters and plays its home games … in New Jersey.

QB himself Darnolt models the new forms of Jets, which caused a harsh reaction to social media. (Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

In general, it is rather impolite, given the untapped potential of, say, fighter planes, and even worse, given how franchising breathes in breath. Legions of frustrated fans of jets on social networks (fairly) believed that Saskatchewan's new supervisory approaches to the Canadian football league – and among them were more diplomatic thoughts.

Fortunately, most NFL teams adhere to time-tested or signature designs that provide the most perfect result.

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& # 39; This is unprofessional. : AAF players talk about embarrassment, disappointment a few hours before turning off the championship

So, with a little discussion with the project for another three weeks, here are the only power ratings that you just died to argue: 19659003] 32. Washington Redskins: Products of the past era – just as many locals want the present regime to be a past epoch. This ranking would be extremely helpful, just by securing the Indian headline logo, which obviously offends so many people who left the state of Florida, which was used in the late 60's and again in 2002.

31. Cleveland Browns: I appreciate the affinity of their fans for a disgusting orange and brown color combination and a helmet without a logo, because most of the rest of America is pushing … especially after Nike managed to worsen her 2015 Do not be afraid, Browni promised to return to a more familiar look next year, co-owner Di Haslam, proclaimed last month, "I think we got it right this time." As long as it's less wrong, Mrs H. …

30. Arizona Cardinals: They concluded the Buffalo syndrome, discussing too much. Take advantage of Maps, and return to the editions of Pat Thillman, who have a state flag on their shoulders.

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29. Jacksonville Jaguar: Cleaner after removing mustard spots and throwing a two-tone helmet. But the current cat unfortunately reminds Chester Chester Cheetah – can not blame Blake Bortles for this.

28. Miami Dolphins: For the weakened – and I've talked with many, many of you for many years – the water mammal jumps out of the water from the sun of South Florida as a background, not an apple hoop. With that said, I prefer the previous dolphin logo with a helmet and those with aqua and orange tones.

27. Baltimore Ravens: They have not existed for a quarter century, but a little rolled up, including in deplorable Dijon pants in 2015. But at the end of the day, the black-and-white vines suggest that you were on the wrong end

26. Detroit Lions: The personal bias here as I am the more a Chevrolet guy is an Earnhardt fan in me – so Ford crossover marketing does not help In general, nothing undesirable … except that the silver color is Rush.

25. Atlanta Falcons: It's time to blot out the traces of Michael Vick's days for something new … or "current" reverse turns that look much better than standard unices. Even better? Red helmet in combination with black knitwear, around 1966.

24. New York Jets: Fur. The only real cost savings is the return of green helmets, which should allow JETS to finally return to their much cooler outfits from the days of the New York Stock Exchange salad in the 80's.

23. Tennessee Titans: I more handle the update of 2018. I'm very sure that I prefer dark helmets. I'm sure I like the shoulder shafts and the hips of the "vagina", causing the image of a Roman centurion. However, the general pain is not enough

22. Panthers of Carolina: The logo is great. The colors are even nice, especially the inclusion of a quasi-tar blue color. My biggest concern is that their persistence will insist on putting white and white at home in the beginning of the season and not showing their black-silver or (now) blue-and-silver variants.

Cincinnati Bengals: I always thought that helmets with tiger stripes are smooth. However, the uniform itself deteriorated after two Super Bowl missions in the 1980s, and orange jerseys were extremely unpleasant and much inferior to the white presentation of the color Rush.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I liked Creamsicles as a child, although the logo of Errol Flynn was tricky if it was unique. But I also completely endorsed the 1997 transform, cutlass and tattered pirate flag beautifully paired to replace Errol. But Nike undoubtedly blew it off with a knitted alarm clock presented in 2014. Please Bucs, turn those digital watches … as much as you need.

19. Denver Broncos: Since Nike radically changed them in 1997 – Swooshiness has long been the subject of corporate influence – the franchise won three Super Bowls, so … Personally, I prefer the Orange Rush color with The "D" logo of the helmet from John Elvey's premiere.

Looks very well, guys. (Photo: Kevin Jairaj, USA TODAY Sports)

18. New England Patriots: Not as good as Pat Patriot's fan but a multi-yearly power plant has an overall elegant appearance, 39 with Lombardis.

17. Buffalo Bills: The return to white helmets and the appearance of the 1970s helped the franchise, which lost its path at the turn of the century, when ugly pipelines and a few shades of blue all overclocked.

. New York Giants: It was nice to see the casual return of the GIANTS logo, with which I grew up and became famous by Lawrence Taylor. The resurrected skins of the 60s are also beautiful, although the G-Men look better in white trousers than gray.

15. Houston Texans: Always valued how simple and consistent they were to keep it, a logo embodying the Texas flag and the state-recognized Numbers.

14. San Francisco 49ers: Back to solid ground after dubious experiments for many years.

13. Chicago Bears: Old School. Clean. Like the preservation of the initials of George Khalass on the left shoulder.

12. Minnesota Vikings: A half-moon golden helmet mixed me like a child, but what A great insight when I realized that the horn is coming out of Viking's golden helmet. Some unsuccessful tricks were dropped, and they again got on the course with this restrained silhouette on their shoulders.

11. Green Bay Packers: Stay away from restorers, and they are in good shape. The green Rush color can be enjoyable.

10. Indianapolis Colts: I'm partial because my dad is dancing about his old helmet Johnny Junitas. But simplicity – rarely changing, despite the fact that silver in the 80's, – still resonates to a horseshoe.

9. Chiefs of Kansas City: Practically unchanged for almost six decades, there is no reason to correct what is not violated. The arrow's logo is beauty

8. Dallas Cowboys: Classics. Shoutout to the original GM Tex Schramm, who had their wearing white at home so his fans were regularly treated to a variety of colors as attending the team sported cornucopia returning home-made jerseys. I always thought that the blue doodle jerseys were very underestimated … and their alternative looks with ugly samples of shoulders on the opposite end of the spectrum.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: This model will always be associated with the long-awaited breakthrough Super Bowl. And who does not love these helmets? Nevertheless, on a visceral level, it feels like they should be in Kelly Green, not "North Green", right?

6. Los Angeles Rams: It's nice to see them returning to both white and yellow horns from their previous time. The only neophyte for you is Rams, who first gave us the logo of the helmet, loved by the former player Fred Gerke in 1948. Let's hope that the franchise will not overestimate it with the change scheduled for 2020, when the new stadium opens.

5. New Orleans: Highly underestimated. Gold and black provide the perfect contrast, while the flirtation de l'escorts include the optimum civic appeal.

4. Seattle Sikhops: Purists certainly do not agree, but they enjoyed the best design of Nike. The main theme, with the fan base "12s" (including 12 inside the collar), the characteristic fleet and Action Green and the redesigned Seahawk totem, are fully integrated with the Pacific Northwest Ethos.

3. Los Angeles Chargers: The rule of lightning. And the sweet variety, the all-royal Rush color may be NFL better. Nevertheless, I miss the helmets when they wear the famous blue powder. And the shoulder and shoulder bolt was far smoother before the 2007 processing – and frankly, I preferred the dark shaft and white bolt from the time of LaDainian Tomlinson with the welcome blue powder.

2. Pittsburgh Stills: The great colors (like Seattle, the mirror of the city), the big logo – the trio of hypocycloids return to the Stalmark symbol used by the American Iron and Steel Institute and love that the left side helmet is empty. I even adore the new completely black version of Color Rush, which mercifully replaced those who threw bumblebee.

1. Oakland Raiders: The only gold standard since the Silver & Black trademark appears blocked in 1964. Even when they play badly, they look impressive. Single Offer: Black-on-Black Color Rush.


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