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Hostage Fox and Friends compares Ocacio-Cortes with a child

"Fox and Friends" hosts went to another tear about their aversion to rap ideas. Alexandra Ocacio-Cortez (DN.Y.) on Tuesday criticizing her ideas of climate change and comparing her with her child "erupting nonsense."

"Listen, this is like your children who throw you foolishness, and you like:" Quiet , quiet, find out something before returning to me. Let them just let it go, "co-founder Pete Hagets complained that Ocazio-Cortez proposed the Green New Deal, which gained democratic support.

Hegsett and his compatriots ridiculed the value of $ 93 trillion Green New Deal until 2029 and mocked Ocacio-Cortes's assertion that climate change prevented people with children.

STORY: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on instagram


Alexandra Ocacio-Cortes on Instagram

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We open the door so that others can pass

If the Republicans thought that women were dancing in college – scandalously, wait until they find out that women are dancing in Congress! 59

Today we celebrated #Chanukah in the community with @jfrejnyc & many others. It was an explosion, and the rabbi Mia gave me the honor to help her ignite Shamash – a candle of a servant who sparked others. I'm so inspired by the idea that each of us can be a "shaman" for our friends, family and community. Let's take this energy and light early next week!

"Nobody puts on my head a scarf, except me. This is my choice – one protected by the first amendment." – @ilhanmn, poorly selected, MN
Ilhan my homie! Proud I'm so proud of her pride and proud to support her when we close the door to turn the 181-year rule of the house, which states that handkerchiefs are not allowed to Congress.
This year, and with Ilkhan's leadership, we are going to turn the script around and tell hijabi girls all over the world that they can run the board, fight for Medicare for All, and swing a pretty handkerchief if they want it.
To learn more about ways to change home rules, check out the current IG story, where I refer to the article about @ teenvogue.
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Today is. Countless supporters, door locks, organizers, small dollar donors, and all of them – thank you.
This trip was one of the hardest and most valuable collective efforts I have ever been involved with. We did not just have a campaign – we created a movement in our backyard. We built a community. We focused on issues that nobody wanted to talk about. We raised our neighbors and revealed the level of courage + friendship that we never thought possible.
Thanks to everyone who has been part of this trip and has followed us to this moment. Regardless of what's going on, it's just the beginning. Let's continue to keep our shoulders in advancing economic, social, and racial justice in the United States of America.

We went there, got on the street and joined the community in November – came to rock The Queens & Bronx offices have the opportunity to apply

For many, it's radical to feel comfortable in your own skin – and to know that you are more than just like you.
One of my favorite quotes is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr .: "Everyone can be great … because everyone can serve. You do not need to have higher education to serve. You do not have to force your subject and verb to agree to serve. You need only a heart full of grace. The soul is born of love.
So take space. Speak out Close the door and take the others. Assume that you will be criticized, regardless of what – it's the price of the struggle for change and innovation. I consider constructive criticism of the project of improvement and medicine from him.
Ultimately, descended people remain lagging behind, and they make ungrateful work of change – those who transform society. We can all be part of it if we so decide. We can all knock on the door, register our cousin for a vote, or educate ourselves on an issue that interests us.
We are all capable of awakening and loyalty. And because of this, we can all be great.
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Another day, another door

Relay relay @ biaggi4ny for her NY primary on 9/13!

– I vote for you!
👩🏽💼: "Thank you so much! One day and I will vote for you. "
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Ultimately, our 5X-based efforts were overwhelming. On the eve of midnight nothing was presented to our Congressional campaign.
Ocasio2018 in the NY-14 election is all thanks to YOU. THANK YOU to our supporters, door doors, captains of petitions, donors, prayer books, ALL who helped to do this in all major and small forms.
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Speech by train 6.

2018 is finally here. Over the next six months, we must work without stopping in this campaign.
Join us by calling the voters of the Bronx and Queens this weekend. You can do it from anywhere, or even take some friends and make it a party. RSVP is now a link to bio. @: @Josealvarado

Ocasio2018: Signing up Accounts and Questions since Pre-K 65

In case you have not heard, I was nominated! The US Congress should be specific. Thanks to everyone for incredible support so far – we will need it for this wild ride to come. Special thanks to Rachel and Robin for giving me the privilege of spending my first child in a campaign and making him bubble up in my nose infusion new #brandnewcongress



-The Cortese asks: "There is a scientific consensus that the lives of children will be very difficult and this leads young people to a legitimate question: do they still have children? "

This, says Hisset, shows Ocasio-Cortese and the "new Left" believe that climate change is similar to World War II.

Cortez's views, however, are not as disturbing as Fox News

Mike Hoffman, Executive Director The Cornell Institute for Climate Based Clearness and a research associate at the Cornell University Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future, told USA Today that if we do not do more about climate change, by the year 2050, our children and grandchildren will be prepared for a chance by 1 on 20.

In addition, the issue that Ocacio-Cortes poses about the presence of children, this is what the New York Times considered in February 2018. The quality of life of children born today will have both a river flow and violent fires, and extreme weather becomes more widespread, "the article quoted people who are not inclined to have children due to the climate crisis. "Others are acutely aware that having a baby is one of the most costly actions that they can do environmentally."

The Fox & Friends segment also launched a clip in which Ryus Limbo came across Ocazio-Cortes as "blatantly wrong" about everything "She is passionate" and adds that there is no one who would have told her to be calm and "grow up" .

A co-author Brian Kilmide asked why the Democrats "swallow up to 29-year-olds," suggesting a freshman too young. He recalled that "grown-ups" Mike Bloomberg and former CEO Starbucks Howard Schultz are the only two people who put Ocacio Cortes in her place

Fox News, especially those who were on Fox & Friends, were obsessed with

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