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High Life distorts viewers' expectations for a space thriller

Grotesque, fascinating, unique new fantastic movie by Claire Denis High Life opens with a series of peculiar images. The magnificent gardens cover the floor and the greenhouse walls of the spacecraft. The baby cries from an improvised playpen. The astronaut tries to console her from the outside of the ship and accidentally loses one of his instruments that falls into the emptiness beneath him – the emphasis on down it seems that gravity still claims its will far beyond the Solar System. All these elements exist, despite the fact that most viewers will take on cinematic and real space travel, where people adapt to unnatural conditions and undergo strict astrophysics. For Denis, knocking the public at an early stage is an effective, mixed statement of purpose.

The French director debuted in English, Denis for decades was one of the great sensual cinematographers known for elliptical methods of treating love as Monetary Night and 35 frames of the Rom ] or colonialism like White Material or Chocolat or something between them like Beau Travail her film about the erotic tension between the French legionnaires in Djibouti. Her latest shot in the genre of the 2001

film "The Trouble of Everyday" turned the history of vampirism that eats me into a metaphor for the consumption of erotic desires. It has never been in her interest to abide by the conditionality, and if the violation of the form implies a thorough elevation of the laws of space and time, she certainly wants to drive the Neil deGruse Tysons into a certain catatonia. [19599003] Life Denis folds science fiction to his will, colonizing a spacecraft with coarse ships and devastating agents that could not be further from sterile, estimated bronchiums, which usually go out into orbit. (For this purpose, the movie will make an exciting dual feature with Luc Besson's Lockout aka Space Jail although there is a very narrow audience for both of them.) Its philosophical approach to the genre is firmly fixed in the film in the abstract The realm of the classics like or Denis thoroughly rejects the sterility of these films. Her ship is alive with emotions and conflicts, and it practically flows out of organic material – blood, sweat, sperm, and spit. The mysterious center of the storm is Monte (Robert Pattinson ), which opens High Life as a survivor in the cosmic mission She survived – a child born on the ship in the circumstances that Denis takes her sweet time to explain.In one of the most popular films, Monte collects the bodies of his passengers and throws them into emptiness.Denis runs his descent through the vacuum, as if the snowflakes in a gentle snowfall in the deep space.

As usual for Denis's work, High Life successfully flips forward and backwards, but it eventually fills the missing parts. Monte and most of the crew members who were collaborators are sentenced to death, who were sent to space during a long-term search to find an alternative source of energy for the Earth. He seems to have decided to keep his head down and do his time, as does the gardener Cherni (André Benjamin). But other crew members who play Mia Goth, Claire Tran and Evan Mitchell, cause much more trouble. And none of them seems to be deeply involved with the ship's mission: to explore the Penrose process, the real-world theory developed by physicist and co-author Stephen Hawking Roger Penrose, who says that a large amount of energy can be extracted from a black hole that can potentially save the planet. Of course, it is not expected that the crew will return alive from this mission, which significantly affects the mood of the ship. For people who are already prone to violence and rebellion, the combination of neighborhoods and their status of guinea pigs in a suicidal mission naturally leads to discord. Much of the tension occurs around the devil's doctor, Juliette Binoche, who collects samples of sperm from men on board and tries to fertilize women without any benefit. When Monte refuses to take part and takes the vow of celibacy, the obsession of Dibsa is upset, and she takes dramatic steps to get what she needs.

The interest of Dibs in the engineering of a child on a vessel designed for oblivion is one of many mysterious secrets High Life which Denis endorses to leave unresolved. Despite the fact that the film will become America's largest in the world, with the main star, support for A24 distributions and without a language bar, it is also the least accessible because it is so steadfastly behind the mind. But her previous work is a hint that she considers the primordial disorder of human desire, even in an environment that functions to suppress it.

Life finds the way on this ship, despite the crew of the suicide bomber, and later written as sterile space constraints. There is still room for love and compassion, rape and murder, as well as violent masturbation sessions from Fuckbox, a small room resembling Orgasmatron if it was designed by George Clooney in Burn After Reading .

And yet, for all the efforts that Denis puts in the demystification of outer space, she is also completely intimidated by her. Although there is plenty of evidence that a black hole crushes Monte and the child, Denis can not say for certain, and is in fear of the heavenly beauty that they face in this way. Though a wonderful sound design, Tindersticks is a vocalist and longtime singer, Denis Stewart A. Staples, both holds with fear and fear . At a time when the Earth itself seems to be approaching doom, the presence of a real miracle and a new life in the film is optimistic. In the face of emptiness, in the farthest distances of space, humanity continues

High Life opens in a limited edition in New York and Los Angeles on April 5 and expands to a wider release on April 12. Check out the official ticket sales site for more information on local impressions.

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