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Grounded now on Xbox Game Preview; Obsidian for adding content based on reviews

Grounded, a survival game that confronts the flaws of your backyard, now on Xbox Game Preview. Obsidian said that the feedback from players from the release of Xbox Game Preview will affect the future content of the game.
In an ad, Mikey Dowling, communications director at Obsidian Entertainment, said: “We can’t wait for players to move to the backyard of Grounded. In fact, the community is so important to us at Obsidian that we specifically wanted to bring Grounded to Xbox Early Access so we could collect and implement your feedback at the beginning of game development and eventually create a better game. ”Dowling goes on to say that Obsidian will“ add community-based content for everything from single player history to new bugs and features, ”and that players are encouraged to give feedback on any features or additions you want to see in the game in the future, and let the devil know what you think by playing the Xbox Game Preview program.

In Grounded, you shrank until you were about 1

0 mm tall, went to the backyard and took on the task of skill, research, construction, wrestling, following the instructions of the mysterious robot BURG.L and generally trying to survive long enough to understand how to return home. There are individuals who have a history of the campaign, and a cooperative for up to four players. If you’ve seen the trailer for “Grounded” above, you know that this garden hides quite large spiders, but Obsidian has prepared a mode of arachnophobia, which allows you to change the appearance and audio effects.

Initially, there will be no solid achievements, but achievements will be added later.

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