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GOP legislators adhere to the Pelosi mandate floor mask

Reporter Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiDemocrats abandon short-term deal ahead of unemployment Legislators abide by Pelosi’s mandate on the mandate floor Trump tests loyalty to EP with election tweet and incentive strategy MOREThe new requirement for a floor mask in the house (D-California) had its planned effect on Thursday.

The new requirement arose after Rep. Louis HomerLawyers of Louis (Louis) Buller HomertGOP adhere to the mandate of Pelosi in the attic LEARNING ENERGY: EPA rule extends the life of toxic coal ash rates | The statement of claim against the Cretaceous lawsuit against the state of Michigan may continue, court rules | Democrats in the Senate are introducing a bill on environmental justice. Hill Coronavirus Report: iBIO Chairman and iBIO CEO Thomas Isett says developing a safe vaccine is paramount; The United States has more than 150,000 deaths from coronavirus, about one more death per minute (R-Texas) tested for coronavirus positively the day before, violent lawmakers and staff throughout the Capitol complex.

Homer was among several Republicans in the House who were resistant to wearing masks, despite recommendations from health experts that a face coat is an effective way to prevent the spread of viral drops.

Many of those legislators who did not wear masks represent states that are now hot coronavirus programs, including Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

But on Thursday, every Republican had a mask on the floor of the House. The floor staff also followed the rules, telling members to wear masks that slid under their noses.

However, one GOP legislator did not fully follow the rules.

At one point Rep. Glenn GrotmanGlenn GrothmanGOP – Trump masked fractures open the Conservatives’ first letter to Trump with concerns about the fourth bill to help with the coronavirus. Tariff rates are popular – because there are MORE (R-Wis.) He called – which no one should do while sitting in the ward – with a mask under his chin.

The woman’s young employee quickly approached Grotman, who initially ignored her. But once a senior male worker intervened, Grotman got up and left. He later returned to the Chamber with a mask on.

Pelosi warned, announcing a new policy from the chamber floor on Wednesday night, that any lawmaker or official without a mask would be barred from entering the chamber and risked being removed if they did not comply.

Some Democrats called for a mask on the floor of the House weeks ago, long before Homert tested positive for COVID-19. But they said it was better late than never.

“One would hope that this would be done as a rule of general decency, but we obviously need a rule,” Rep said. Jamie RuskinJamin (Jamie) Ben Ruskin’s lawmakers are following Pelosi’s mandate in the attic. Five exits when grill panels technical supervisors Lawmakers faced off at an antitrust hearing: “Put on your mask!” MORE (D-Md.). “I am just happy that the speaker did what she did. I’m sorry she had to do that. “

“This is a scandalous situation when it comes to members who are ill and can potentially expose everyone else,” Ruskin added. “Everyone’s nervous.”

Homert recently attended numerous committee hearings on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, sometimes without a mask. In recent weeks, he has sometimes worn a face covering, but also in some cases mingled with his Republican counterparts without a floor.

The mask requirement, which officially took effect on Thursday morning, applies to both the floor of the house and the surrounding office buildings. A report to lawmakers and staff by Arms Sergeant Paul Irving and Capitol doctor Brian Monahan said anyone without a mask would be “asked to put on their faces or leave the building.”

However, legislators do not have to wear masks as long as they are recognized to speak in the House of Commons or in committees.

Earlier, Pelosi began demanding masks at committee meetings in June. This directive appeared after another MP on GP appeared around the Capitol without a mask – Rep. Tom RiceHugh (Tom) Thompson Rique Pelosi demands masks on the floor of the house Many state deputies who are subject to quarantine after the impact of Homert Homert’s tests, positive for COVID-19 MORE (SC) – test positive for coronavirus.

The chairmen of the Democratic House committees stopped forcing any members without masks to leave the hearing. But some chairmen have introduced a policy of refusing to give time to speak to any member who does not wear a mask. However, Majority Majority Member James Clayburn (DS.C.), who chairs the Coronavirus Crisis Selection Committee, threatened to suspend personal hearings last month if GOP members continued not to wear masks.

During the meeting with the members of the conference, the leaders of the Chamber of Public Organizations decided to support the use of masks and reviewed security measures. Masks were needed for the meeting itself.

“I think they should all wear masks,” the minority chamber leader said Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthy’s lawmakers are following Pelosi’s masked mandate on the floor of the house. Memo: Trump’s real goal is the legitimacy of the election. Hill Campaign Report: Trump Faces Retreat After Suggesting Elections May Be Postponed MORE (R-California) told reporters.

During the conference, McCarthy also complained to staff that numerous SOE lawmakers, including Homer, were forcing their employees to work in person during a pandemic and reportedly refusing to use masks in their offices.

McCarthy advised his members to check with their employees, because they should not think that they are comfortable working in the office, according to a source in the room.

Rep. Rodney DavisLawmakers Rodney Lee DavisGOP adhere to Pelosi’s mandate at the Hilicon Valley house: Trump puts forward the idea of ​​postponing the election, faces a quick two-party rollback | Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Revenue Reports from Google | Senators Ask Justice Department to Investigate TikTok, Increase Hill Campaign Report: Trump Faces Repulse After Assuming Elections May Be Postponed MORE (Fig.), The Supreme Republican Committee on Home Administration, also delivered a report on occupational safety and health measures to be followed by congressional offices.

Homert tested positive for COVID-19 during a filming at the White House on Wednesday morning before a planned trip to Texas with President TrumpDonald John Trump’s campaign Trump cancels advertising to review messaging strategy: Nunes report refuses to respond if he receives information from Ukrainian lawmaker who should harm Biden poll: Many Gen Z voters say they see more political advertising from Trump than Biden MORE.

If Homer had not been tested at the White House, he would probably have spent another day on Capitol Hill carrying the virus without showing any symptoms or contact with others.

Pelosi and the leader of the majority in the Senate Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) lawmakers Mitchell McConnellGOP are fulfilling Pelosi’s mandate for the mandate of the Hilicon Valley: Trump puts forward the idea of ​​postponing the election, is facing a rapid bipartisan rollback | Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Revenue Reports from Google | Senators ask Justice Department to investigate TikTok, Zoom Trump tests GOP loyalty with election tweet and stimulus strategy MORE (R-Ky.) The White House rejected a proposal for a similar testing system for Congress because they wanted to direct resources to frontline workers. But McCarthy, Davis and others say the decision should be reconsidered.

“There is no other place that is responsible for this size, which is managed in this way. “I don’t understand,” McCarthy said.

Homert’s diagnosis quickly began a chain reaction between fellow MPs, staff and journalists, who rushed to quarantine and were tested.

The number of lawmakers who announced they would be quarantined after Homert’s exposure this week continued to rise on Thursday. At the moment, at least four of Homer’s colleagues are isolating themselves: Reps. Kay GrangerNorwell (Kay) legislators Kay GringerGOP are fulfilling Pelosi’s mandate for a mandated home. Hill’s morning report – presented on Facebook – positive Homert tests; Security fears intensify on Capitol Hill Louisiana, Republican quarantine after exposure to Homert MORE (R-Texas), Raoul Grialva (D-Ariz.), Mike JohnsonJames (Mike) Michael Johnson. Louisiana Republican self-quarantine after Homert Pelosi exposure demand masks on home floor Many quarantine MPs subject to quarantine after exposure HOMERT MORE (R-La.) And Jody didLegislators Jody Brownlow HiceGOP adhere to the mandate of Pelosi at the house of Cain, paid tribute after the death of Homer COVID-19, Homer introduces a resolution banning the Democratic Party MORE (R.-G.).

Granger was sitting next to Homert at home from their home state on Sunday, and Johnson was having dinner with Homert on Monday. Grillva, meanwhile, chaired a hearing at the House Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday, in which Homer took part in a park police affair with protesters in Lafayette Square last month.

In addition, Homert briefed the Attorney General William BarrBill BarrGOP lawmakers adhere to Pelosi’s masked mandate for FBI officials hid copies of Russia’s probing documents for fear of Trump’s intervention: the Court of Appeals’ book will rehearse the Flynn case MORE on Tuesday outside the room where Barr testified before the House Judiciary Committee. They were seen in the hall of Congress without masks.

A Justice Department spokesman confirmed to The Hill on Wednesday that Barr would be tested for coronavirus the same day. Testing the subject the day after exposure to COVID-19 increases the likelihood of false negatives.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz), chairman of the conservative Kauku Freedom Chamber, was among lawmakers seen on the floor in recent weeks without a mask. But on Thursday, Biggs wore a mask adorned with his country’s flag, claiming he wore it.

“I don’t think any of us have ever denied that it’s real,” Biggs said of the coronavirus.

Juligras Brufke contributed.

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