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Google One will back up iOS or Android devices for free

Google One, a cloud storage service launched by Google back in 2018, will now back up your iOS or Android phone to your Google Account for free. The iOS app will be able to back up your photos, videos, contacts and calendar events, consolidating in one place what various services such as Photos and Drive offer, Android Authority notes. Meanwhile, the Android app, which can already back up various files from your phone, now offers backups without a Google One membership.

In addition to backing up your files, Google One is also updated to make it easier to manage which files are stored. This memory management feature is available either in the app or on the web, and allows you to manage files saved from Drive, Gmail and Photos in one place.

The new memory manager will make it easier to see which files take up space.
Image: Google

You get 15GB of memory for free with your Google personal account (new features are not supported by the new features), and Google offers paid storage plans that start at $ 1.99 per month for 100GB of memory. Google says that new features will be introduced for Android in the coming days, and that a new application for iOS will be launched soon. The full list of countries where Google One is available can be found here.

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