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Gnome-fortress is a crazy game that you have never heard of


This is easily the deepest – and perhaps the most painful – simulation.

The Dwarf Fortress is the most incredible and impressive video game you've ever played. Under constant development since 2003 (!) Tarn Adams, with the help of his brother Zack, everyone who used games like Rimworld, Factorio and Prison Architect, survived a part of DNA-gaming DNA, which the gnome of the fortress became the first and was processed more 1

5 years.

Allow me to explain. No, too much. Let me summarize: the procedural global generation of the dwarf fortress is the most complicated and complex in existence that simulates thousands of years of geology, history, myths and gods, songs, civilizations, animal life, and everything else. Then you will be able to build in this world a gnome fortress, capable of uniform level of fanatical attention to details. This detail extends to the smallest detail – body parts can be wound or torn entirely in battle, dwarfs could vomit or pass on the spot, or, perhaps, in all cities cats will be poisoned with alcohol from drinking beer; the level of simulation feels infinite. But these details also expand up to the highest levels of simulation macros. Wars can be provoked or prevented. World economies can be shifted

All this item comes at a price. As you should expect, a dwarf fortress is known as dense and unfriendly to newcomers. Despite the fact that this complexity can be developed, I have been playing and enjoying the game for over ten years, both in the original ASCII graphics and in mods (see below) – at first glance, DF looks like you look at the code [19659005]

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-01

And this is why the announcement that the Gnomeni Fortress is finally ready is based on its semi-mythical status and is the focus of attention, through paid release on Steam is so interesting. Characteristics of quality of life, including a new graphic version, new music and simpler modding through the integration of Steam Workshop, should help make the game more accessible and convenient for beginners. It will not be a charming ball – even as a great fan, the Dwarf Fortress interface, and the nested menu …. something else – but it's the beginning.

For a small window, like this very complicated simulation actually played out in practice, in a real game, I recorded a trip by my (spoilers) to the unhappy fortresses of Helmedstads. It starts with the fact that my gnomes understand that they have forgotten to bring axes to the new world, and everything is only getting worse …

You can view their story in a slide show format (above) or read the full article below.

  DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-01

When creating a new world I found a huge mountain range – the dominant tooth. I found a place where there was a river, deep metals, flux, work.

  DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale_02

I started digging up tools, lots of barrels of wine and rum, seeds and ostrich mussels.

  DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale_03

In my immediate east there is GREAT GOBBLY WORLD, and on the screen of the event were warned about the attacks of crocodiles with sea water, but this is probably only for taste. With the name of the fortress like Helmedstabs, what can go wrong?

<img class = "alignnone size-large wp-image-2108645" alt = "I immediately hit the ground, digging into the hill, and then digging (where else?) Down several levels, starting to work on a modest central staircase Fortress: I moved my food to the ground in a temporary storage, starting to plan a more permanent solution.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-05

Priority 1: Food supply (and booze) through an underground farm. fortress water + stone produces dirt and agricultural tile

<img class = "alignnone size-large wp-image-2108655" alt = "Instead, I'm just a wick pavilion large hole under the water dirty, then drain the pond in the pit.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-06

With the set meal, I am afraid that I have zero axes and zero paths to create an ax. This means the absence of cutting trees, no wood (except that I brought with me), and therefore, very few beds. The dwarves go crazy without a bed. I hope to stay long enough to trade with the axes. Migrants are already arriving.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-07

I immediately built some workshops (outside, Sorry, dwarfs – desperate times call for desperate measures) to start making rock bubbles to hope for trade in some axes in the fall I also began to dig a huge industrial complex under my farm and began to dig a huge, semi-practical sleeping complex with 52 bedrooms far deeper underground. It will look great when the whole stone is flattened and engraved.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-09

Rule No. 1 of the Dwarf-Fortress is all that you do should be enormous and semi-practical. I decided to register for a dwarf in person and …

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-10

I may not do it again. I also began to dig a really huge, semi-practical (see above) dining room under my food production. Traders arrived, but they had no axes. I traded the tree in order to drive me and asked for an ax (and a lot of cheese) if we live a year later when they return. The artistic dwarf struck a strange mood, took on a studio and screamed behind metal bars. I have nothing.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-11

The dwarf went to CRAZY without metal to finish his project. He was B-LINED in the home and literally knocked the baby's head out of his picks before I militarized some dwarfs to bring him out. They beat him to death.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-12

Blood everywhere. I started the production of the coffin.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-13

There was a non-life skink (middle lizard). Two fighters were killed in the place, and in front of my fortress was damaged one more outside my fort. Near my fort there are pools of blood, bones and corrupted corpses.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-14

New migrants arrived immediately from mountain houses to the west, blasting my population to 56, including 22 children. They had to walk in pockets of fresh insides to get in.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-15

My gnomes can not take care of the wounded, because I do not have buckets and trees to do more. Still a little bad news: the dwarves that were clogged by slipping turned into wandering in the next full moon

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-16

They broke my fort, killing several before they were subordinated . In the dining room there are remnants of 10 dead dwarfs, mixed with blood and vomit. Living dwarfs are basically too scared to work. I took a million screenshots of what was going on and intended to give you all the play, but I will go to chase – more and more dwarfs were converted into dwarfs, and in the end 50 + dwarfs were killed.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-17

Only 9 adults remain alive. In the following days, the situation worsens – I present to you three vignettes from my underground labyrinth of death:

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-18

Inadvertent child dwarf crawling through blood bullets.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-

Visit of the human bard head "rolled up" and open the neck

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-20

I have exhausted the coffins and began to form the body from the outside.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-21

But then, WONDERFUL, the fortress begins to stabilize.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-22

With their help, all inanimate gnomes were killed and not overturned.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-23

In addition, the fortress is chased as shit now

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-24

It's been weeks to make enough coffins to condemn everyone. All bodies are in a sad terrible tomb, but at least it stopped persecution.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-25

I finally traded along the axes and finally had a tree to handle! The life of the fortress basically returns to the normal state. I dig delicious bedrooms deep underground for my worthless aristocratic nobles, building a huge extension for dormitories, and finally finished smoothing the stone in the dining room.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-26

Now I have 105! It is difficult to keep pace with their drinking and product requirements. But fortunately, now I have managers and accountants, I can create mass orders to keep things under control. I dig deeper, I'm looking for magma and I work on the outer wall / groove.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-27

A "goblin" siege appeared, but it was only a few stray and some beak dogs. They will return more in the next year. 10 dwarfs are now dedicated to the military, equipped in the skin, and are trained with crossbows and melee weaponry. Not being, while trying to create an absolute entrance to the rock wall to my fort I accidentally shaved an entire huge overhang. She broke up, killed a few, and (more importantly) destroyed several created masterpieces.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-28

When I dug my moat, I planned it incorrectly, and when I dug up the final block, the Flap of Water swept my gnome and slammed it to the loamy wall. He died in deep water. He survived, but was "very angry" about this business.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-29

The next year was fast. I'm looking for and (finally) found a magma and began to prepare an operation on smelting / making metal. I began to fix my outer fort with some walls and built the upper levels. I ended up generous quarters and generous tombs for my worthless nobles.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-30-1

Goblins returned next spring. My heart sank. This is a huge siege force. 20+ dog beak and 35+ goblins, and up to 9 trolls waltzed to the screen. Brutal for the 3rd year. I mobilized meager military forces and placed them at the inlet of the throttle

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-31

The military gnomes are rapidly overflowing. I have no more protection. At the moments of the goblins shed blood in the hostel

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-32

The fight is bad, but I enjoy little victories. One dwarf got stuck with a goblin with his teeth and tore his head.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-33

Dwarves bravely fought, but they simply were not adequately prepared for this. While the last fight against a few adults, children play games and tell stories in deeper bedrooms. I'm not going to lie – it made me a bit emotional.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-34

Almost all dead. The visiting diplomat lets me know that he is going. Thank you guy. Only three gnomes were left: two adults and Sodel's fences – 11 years old. This is he, avoiding clashes in the bedroom of the lower center:

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-35-2

I resign myself to being invaded. This rescue game – and the whole world in it – is deleted after the defeat.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-36

Although it is unlikely to be nearly impossible, I would like to imagine the last life of Axedwarf and Marksdwarf found Sodel

For three years, the fortress of Helmstedps scampered, apparently glorious , perhaps an obscure story in the remote mountain slope before it was discovered and exhausted by the forces of evil.

 DwarfFortress_Justin & # 39; sTale-37

This is a fortress of gnomes.

Dwarf Fortress does not have a Steam release date yet. But if the aforementioned story about dwarf violence and the incompetence of the controller make you start playing, you do not have to wait. Dwarf Fortress completely (free from all causes) is completely free to download and play. Graphical packages that will help the game look very close to what it looks like in the Steam screenshots are very easy to manage and install, even for beginners. If you give the game a shot, make it past the curve of training, and eventually set off 500+ hours, Brothers Adams will support Patron to allow fans to rate them.

Justin Davies – editorial manager of IGN. First of all, he fell in love with the dwarf fortress before he had the Z axis. You can follow him on Twitter on @ErrorJustin


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