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Giants News: Protect players from opting out, more

Good morning, fans of the New York giants!

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Giants are in the general position №10.

As Nate Solder rejects the Giants, try to stop worrying about the return of the NFL – and remember his valuable lesson about what really matters | Opinion – nj.com

Of all the NFL players who dropped out this week, it’s hard to imagine anyone with a situation that concerns more than Solder.

But as difficult as that choice has been, Solder is giving world sport a valuable lesson about what really matters, even as the NFL progresses ahead with its bubble-free season.

For a moment, can we step away from the training camp logistics and the lack of fans in the stadiums, and remember the human side of the pandemic that has now killed about 1

50,000 people in the United States alone?

Just forget, if you can, that you really want football back so you have something to watch this fall weekend. And admit that players who put themselves out there – especially massive submariners like Solder – take a serious risk that affects not only them, but their families.

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The fact that a handful of NFL players are abandoning the 2020 season should come as no surprise. At the moment, almost nothing is needed. Well, if Patrick Mohames, who had just signed his record contract, decided not to play, or 23-year-old ruling MVP Lamar Jackson, it could be amazing. But if any pregnant friend or loved one who lives with them, or if any of them find that he is experiencing a medical condition that makes him more vulnerable to COVID-19, then any claim that he lying jaw, should be discarded. The bottom line is that every player has to make a medical, family and business decision when it comes to whether it makes sense to participate in this season or not.

Frankly, none of our business is about why someone decided to take a small payout (which will be paid in 2021) and not succumb to all the unknowns who will come with attempts to play professional football every day (practice) and then weekly (games) in 2020. Everyone has their own mental calculation to consider, taking into account the risks of injury, how much they trust the effectiveness of the test, how realistic they think it is to support operations with 150 or more people at team headquarters, every day, in that a time when large fees are not strongly recommended.

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