Over the years, OnePlus devices have been used for desktop signature thanks to wallpapers created by the Swedish artist Hampus Olsson. The designer started with OnePlus 2 and added his unique combination of abstract colors as a wallpaper for every device that the company has been producing ever since. He also worked for Paranoid Android and has a large portfolio of works for smartphones. Now he has released his official application for wallpaper on the Play Store.

Abstruct, as the application, contains over 300 4K wallpapers, about half of which are free, and the other half is paid. They are divided into collections, including official wallpapers for OnePlus and Paranoid for Android, as well as several other themes. The style of the design signature is clear, although you probably know what you get.

Abstruct is clean and bright as an application, easy to view, and once you have chosen the wallpaper, it is easy to install on the home screen and / or lock screen or download it to the device. There is nothing else in the program, although I would like a rotating wallpaper selection that changes automatically every day. No need to browse and find them again. [1

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