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Get acquainted with the person who restricts Tramp's power without noticing

Harry Jaffe – editor in chief of the journal Washingtonian and co-author Dream City: the race, power and decline of Washington, DC

A few hours before President Donald Trump last night entered the Pink Garden to announce his intention to announce a national emergency so that he could build his long-awaited border wall.

"We do not hesitate to use our legal authority to protect the rule of law," said the 56-year-old attorney general in Washington, DC, in a brief statement.

History goes on below

This is the attitude that Racine has become almost a routine, which, being co-chair of the national association of democratic lawyers, plays a rather noticeable but extremely influential role in the fight against the Trump administration in elections, in courts and in mass media information.

The last few years have been an unusual high profile of the American legal system. The president finds himself in personal and professional danger. Some of his former assistants and advisers were charged with criminal cases. Each step of the administration is subject to large litigation.

But while the public was fascinated by the legal issues of Trump, Racin calmly built up the ability of Democrats to check their administration at the state level. Without much attention, he calmly acts as, perhaps, the most important player in restoring democratic influence in the American legal system.

As District Attorney General, Racine, runs a lawsuit against the claims of allegedly corrupt foreign governments. Trump International Hotel in central Washington, with Maryland A. Bryan Froth. As co-chair of DAGA, he helped coordinate the legal and policy lawsuits that are appealing to Tramp's administration of matters, including the separation of children and parents at the Mexican border, compliance with the Act on Affordable Medical Care and the Protection of DACA Recipients. More significant is that Racine was the architect of one of the least discussed but most far-reaching election results in November: the Democrats won most of the nationwide lawyers' posts ̵

1; the success of the election with far-reaching consequences for the rights of workers, immigration, civil rights, consumer protection and the possibility of establishing a judicial walls against the Trump administration.

All this put Racine on the trajectory for … well, what exactly? Washington, DC, has no senators or members of Congress voting. He can go back to private practice, but his passion for public service and the desire to make lengthy changes make the social arena more attractive, which led some of his friends and colleagues speculating that he could put himself in line to take a senior post on The Department of Justice, if the Democrat returns to the White House in 2020 – maybe the Attorney General or the deputy AG, or even as he suggested to the Attorney General POLITICO,

However, such speculation does not matter: without having any of these loans , Racine has helped change the American legal system. Three days after he threatened to sue Tramp's declaration of a national emergency, 16 states sued the president in a federal court. Three of these states – Colorado, Michigan and Nevada – have moved from Republicans to democratic AGs under the watch of Racine.

But you will not hear any praise from Racine: "I was brought up, brought up and trained to not cover my role in the team.


The most important fact to know about Carl Racine is that he is competitive as hell. Former college athlete, he has a huge design – his shoulders and biceps fill jackets with striped costumes without threatening. He is kind. Warm Possible.

But he likes – no, he needs – to win.

"I am flavored with the competitive spirit that I have had my whole life," he said in an interview with POLITICO. – I do not come easily. I've always had to prove myself. "

Racin emigrated from Haiti at the age of 3, grew up in the Northwest DC and attended a high college of St. After graduating he went to the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a captain of the basketball team, led him to a pair of Ivy League championships and made the second team of all-Ivy teams twice. (He also played a key role in one chapter of the summer rivalry of Penn Princeton, when in the last seconds of hard play he was infected by Craig Robinson, the brother of the upcoming first lady Michelle Obama, and sank two penalties. He still knows that he is playing hoops, sometimes against his friend and constituent, former US Attorney General Eric Holder.

After college, Racine received a law degree from Virginia University and returned to the county., to work for a short time as a public defender before turning to private practice. He landed at Venable, one of the largest white shoe firms, where his colleagues elected him as managing partner in 2006, making him the first African-American to be in any of the top 100 American law firms with the title of Managing Partner. [19659020] Representative Beto O'Rourke sits on a bench near the Texas station and talks to his mobile phone. ” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

"Carl Racin is not a natural politician," said Tom Lindenfeld. political operative and former advisor to Washington, DC, mayor of Muriel Bowser, rival Racine. "He does not … devotes his time to building his brand. He is not so good at working with the press, as in the case. "

Racin admits that he personally found the first case in office "inconvenient" – he was not accustomed to talking with individual voters face to face, dealing with reporters, etc. – but this did not stop the city of Bowser from seeing him as a threat after both of them were elected in 2014. She immediately tried to control her budget, cut her jurisdiction and bring the new independent district of the district under the control of the mayor. It hurt what Racin calls "the district council of battle."

"It was very uncomfortable," he said, "but we learned how important it was to create unions with voters and other interests." Bowser, supported and expanded its jurisdiction, then built a solid reform of the juvenile justice system DC, winning lawsuits against slumlords and bringing successful cases of consumer rights protection.

For the first time in 2015, George Jepsen, the then co-chairman of DAGA, met with him for lunch at the Marcel's French restaurant in West End, Colorado. He had something in the mind: "We cast out our examples", – recalled Racine.

At that time, DAGA was a sleepy organization with headquarters in Denver with incomplete staff and a meager annual budget. It was nothing more than an organization of annual meetings. Meanwhile, his colleague from the RP, RAGA, has already become a mass campaign. Over the years of Obama, RAGA has increased its political and fundraising capabilities, built staffing staff, coordinated with other GOP committees, and created its own super PAC.

"Why do we still have a part-time organization and a budget of $ 3 million, when the Republicans have full-time staff who has collected nearly $ 20 million?" "How can we compete?"

He read the list of states where Democrats lost seats in the AG at the last election. "If we are not ready to change," he said to Jepsen, "we will continue to lose space." He suggested moving the organization to Washington, DC, to hire staff and seriously raise funds.

Racin, a beginner, both local and national, realized he was in danger. But Jeffsen agreed with his assessment. "It's time for DAGA 2.0," says Japsen. "We could not invent an organization in one night, but we wanted to compete in 2016."

The Rev. became the co-chair of DAGA with the Attorney General of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum.

The first task was to hire the first full-time executive director of the group. After nationwide search, Sean Rankkin, who was Racine's political advisor in 2014, won cookies. In the spring of 2015, when Renkin rented office space in Washington and began hiring workers, Racine and Rosenblum went to court blacksmiths and raised money.

"It was difficult," said Racine. "We met with potential donors – trade unions, advocacy groups, law firms – to make DAGA financing a case and make it relevant. It was not easy. "Some donors suggested that the organization was useless and that instead of increasing their contributions, they considered the possibility of not donating at all. "We [were] met with honest disagreement as to how our mission is," said Racine.

The most common refrain: Prove it.

With the 2016 elections on the horizon, Racine and Rankin were intended to do just that. They decided to focus on democratically-open locations in two major states: North Carolina, the political battlefield that changed in the last election, and Pennsylvania, where acting A. Kathleen Keane – the first Democrat who was in office for more than 35 years – was forced to resign after being convicted of a criminal offense.

"We did not get hope for success," said Racine. Both races would be complicated, especially with Trump at the top of the presidential ticket.

In Pennsylvania, while most national democrats ignored the warning signs that the state was not a robust blue redoubt in the presidential election and spent $ 500,000 on Josh's election Shapiro, a frankly progressive district commissar from the suburbs of Philadelphia. An educated liberal who worked for the disgraced former Sen. John Edwards and brought the country extreme progressive policies. While RAGA poured $ 3.8 million into the race, DAGA made direct contributions and partnered with donors to drop at $ 3.1 million. He "surprised many people," said Rankin.

But just as Racin and DAGA began to prove their agility, the policy of running for the post of Attorney General has changed a lot.


By 2017, after years Republican lawyers, who generally sued the Obama administration for everything, from the Law on Affordable Medical Services to environmental standards, it has been well established that State AGs use their positions to fight the White House on political or partisan differences. But among themselves, the AGs had a long history of working together in a bipartisan fashion through government lines on water protection issues to protect consumers' rights to Big Tobacco lawsuits of the 1990s.

Emphasizing that collegiality, AGs had a handshake agreement that RAGA and DAGA would not challenge areas owned by actors on the other side. . This step was evident – "RAGA has a clear mission to win the race," said Zack Roday, spokeswoman and when DAGA responded in kind, it accelerated the flow of money and resources that led to more competitive. and expensive AG races than ever before.

The first gloved approach came in 2017 in Virginia, where the Republicans poured almost 9.6 million dollars. Democratic official. DAGA responded with $ 3 million, plus $ 500,000 in in-kind donations, according to a nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project – a part of more than $ 10 million Democrats spent to arrange a place.

Wednesday won. "There is no doubt that DAGA provided a counterbalance to the balance of republican money," recalls Goering. "In addition, I have a special relationship with Racine." They were cross-border comrades in neighboring jurisdictions, which made DAGA easy to work closely with the Herring team from the outset.

to take part in Virginia. After the elections that took place a year before the start of the 2018 matches, he suggested to the group to test their new text and social media aimed at increasing the number and quality of interaction with potential voters.

Heringa said that DAGA "was activated in many different ways, especially for direct contact with text and social networking links." According to information provided by DAGA, her social media has increased Facebook "likes" from 8,000 to more than 50,000 six months, and his efforts to organize volunteers allowed the campaign to reach 330,000 voters in Virginia using text messages.

"Believe that she knocks on the door to the iPhone," said Elizabeth Haynes of Open Progress, a progressive band. which focuses on the testing of digital instruments and that in partnership with DAGA in the race Herring. "She replaces face-to-face interaction with the screen. We've found that more and more people will interact with you. "

DAGA has gone all-in on digital and social networks. "Carl was fascinated by working with us," Haynes said. – When we needed a point of view of Charles … we did it. That mattered.

With the great victory of Hering, potential sponsors of DAGA sent a message to the organization: OK, now do it again in 2018.


Dana Nessel was an unlikely candidate for the Attorney General of Michigan State. "I have never run for the library, not to mention the state office," she said. She is abruptly progressing. She is a lesbian in a state who has never elected an open policy of LGBT to a high post. She is a vocal feminist who released a video on "MeToo-themed" in the end of 2017, in which she unexpectedly asked, "Who can you trust most to not show you your penis in a professional setting? Is this a candidate who does not have a penis?

For all these reasons, Nessel was rejected by most of the state's democratic system, as a person whose liberal politics and frank style might be responsible for candidates up and down the tickets. ” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

And yet, on April 15, 2018, she won the party candidacy for the post of Attorney General – a step that infuriated many democratic enemies in the black political formation of Detroit, who advocated for her main enemy, an African American

. Racine's team did not matter: the election won.

Nessel said that the first phone call she received after receiving the nomination was from Sean Rankin. Three days later, she was on an airplane to Washington to meet with Racine and the DAGA leadership team. "I knew that I needed help and hoped it would be the organization that will provide it," she said. "Carl extended his hand."

Nessel and Racine have been united in the history of the war since their days as public advocates. Renkin began to study her, creating a vehicle for the campaign. She returned to Detroit with a sense of direction and confidence. The organization did not go out with money and voters, and in November Nessel defeated a well-funded Republican candidate and became the first Democrat in 20 years to win the race for Michigan AG.

Sitting here as the Attorney General of Michigan without DAGA and Charles, – said Nessel. Elections "were a team effort, but Karl was in the center of it."

This is a similar story in Nevada.

Earlier, Racine helped recruit the majority leader of the Aaron Ford Democratic Senate to work for the Attorney General of Nevada. His candidacy, like Nessel, was historic: Nevada never chose an African-American Attorney General.

In mid-summer 2018, RAGA created an attack around Ford records about minor arrests when he was a college student at Texas in the early 1990's. "Aaron Ford Ranin" from the law, "the announcement and the website stumbled. Critics in the local media have suggested that the ad has fallen into the whistle-dog policy.

Whatever the subtleties of this line, in the following was not there.

In November 2017, Aaron Ford Son of the child's generation was among the group of children in whom the police cited them for a small private property incident in the vicinity of Las Vegas. When law enforcement officers arrived, that matters are better treated by parents, and urged them to come and to take out their children, Ford was among these parents.

RAGA sued to force the police to release camera body pictures made by officers. "It's very easy," said ZAGRADE, the then RAGA spokeswoman. "The public deserves on the knowledge of what Aaron Ford said on that day. "

" They followed Aaron Ford and his seven on race, "said Racine. A light pet allows him to be" outraged. " Він відразу подзвонив Форду і запропонував підтримку. Він слухав. Він співчував.

DAGA публічно назвав тактику "не тільки расистським, але й поза межами і неприйнятним", вливав більше грошей у кампанію Ford і протиставляв RAGA партією свіжих оголошень. "Карл і ДАГА були кавалерією, яка прийшла, щоб забезпечити вирішальну підтримку", сказав Форд. «Він потрапив на борт: моральний, фінансовий і тактичний.

У листопаді Ford виграв менше, ніж 5,000 голосів, перевернувши крісло і ставши першим чорним AG в історії держави.

Під Racine, DAGA стала гнучким і добре фінансованим політичним страйком. сила у Вашингтоні, яка в 2018 році зібрала і витратила рекордні суми грошей, розпочала кампанію "цифрового дверного отвору", яка контактувала з 12 мільйонами виборців у більш ніж десяти цільових державах за допомогою однорангових текстових повідомлень і грала головна роль у перегортанні місць в АН в Неваді, Мічиган, Вісконсін і Колорадо.

Існують практичні наслідки для цих виборів: у понеділок, три з цих держав були серед 16 осіб, які подали скаргу на блокування екстреної декларації Трампа про прикордонну стіну – тільки один з того, що неминуче буде багато судових битв між новими демократичними АГ і адміністрацією Трампа.

Тепер, коли подали позови, вибори виграли, а Расін повернувся як співголова DAGA – його потенційний наступник, Марк Геррін г, пішов з посади після того, як виявив, що колись носив чорну гамму на вечірці в коледжі – як демократи, так і республіканці задаються питанням, що буде далі.

"Карл – супер-талановитий адвокат – добре вподобаний" сказав RAGA виконавчий директор Adam Piper. "Він є конкурентом, але легко з ним поєднується".

Зі свого боку, Пайпер "дуже любить карту в 2019 році" і бачить блискучі можливості для республіканців у Північній Кароліні, Кентуккі і Міссісіпі.

На Демократичній стороні, як очікується, інші вважають, що синя хвиля ще не піднялася.

“Ми захищали наших чиновників, як [Virginia Attorney General Mark] Оселедець, і вони втратили [Brad] Шимель у Вісконсіні, ”сказав Джордж Джепсен, колишній Коннектикут АГ і колишній голова DAGA. "Це зовсім інший світ, якщо республіканці повинні витрачати гроші на захист місць у таких дорогих державах, як Кентуккі, Флорида і Техас".

Джепсен дозволяє собі замислитися над можливостями: "Уявіть собі, якщо Техас перейде до Демократичної АГ".

Звичайно, ще щось захопило уяву більшості демократів, серед яких Расін: кінець адміністрації Трампа. Але хто повинен бути кандидатом?

"Я люблю Камалу Харріса", сказав Расін. Її чоловік, Дуглас Емхофф, адвокат з Лос-Анджелеса, був колишнім правовим партнером Расін у Венейбл, і обидва чоловіки є близькими друзями. "Можливість допомогти комусь, як Камала, є інтригуючим", – додав Расін.

У 2015 році, коли Расін з'явився на своїй першій конференції DAGA, Гарріс, тодішній генеральний прокурор Каліфорнії, помітив його по кімнаті і застав його. – Гей, Карл, – сказала вона, – тепер у нас є дві афро-американські АГ. [Расін зазначає, що зараз є п'ять.]

Але перш ніж президент Камала Харріс зможе прийти на посаду, Расіне доведеться продовжувати працювати з президентом Дональдом Трампом.

Расин з компанією Frosh, штат Меріленд, подав до суду на Трамп за порушення положення про емоції – заборона конституції на федеральних чиновників, які отримують пільги від ділових підприємств. Расін і Фрош стверджують, що через його власність на Міжнародний готель Трамп на Пенсильванському проспекті у центрі Вашингтона президент незаконно нажився і відкрився для корупційного впливу.

Справа закінчується через федеральні суди в штаті Меріленд. ухвалив рішення Расіна. Там відбудеться слухання на 19 березня, і, очікуючи його результату, процес відкриття може розпочатися незабаром після цього.

Тим часом він керує 300 адвокатами як DC AG, зосереджуючись на роботі, яка є менш оприлюдненою і більш відчутною в житті Вашингтонців. Його адвокати змушували орендодавців ремонтувати нестандартні будинки, вивозили 1723 дітей з прийомних сімей і отримали більше 10 мільйонів доларів допомоги споживачам. Він також приєднався до керівництва двохпартійної Національної асоціації адвокатів Генерального штабу, щоб бути президентом через два роки.

Расін каже, що його серце полягає у реформуванні ювенальної юстиції та створення шляхів для виведення дітей з системи кримінальної юстиції.

] Але чи його серце зацікавлене у висуванні до федерального офісу? Врешті-решт, Расін зробив решту в офісі адвоката Білого дому під час слухань імпічменту Клінтона. Чи буде він вважати, що він служить генеральним прокурором Камали Харріс?

"Звичайно, я б", сказав він.

Здається, Карл Расін стає менш спокійним щодо своїх амбіцій.

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