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Get acquainted with ostriches under the supervision of the Trump Anti-Scientific Climate Experts Group

In its constant attempt to discredit decades of climatic science, the Trump administration reportedly appeals to some of the most experienced deniers on the chain to join the new panel in order to present an alternative climate change issue.

The Washington Post reported for the first time that the administration is recruiting scientists and researchers to challenge the scientific consensus that climate change is an immediate crisis caused by the dependence of the world on fossil fuels. In the first place, the list of committees will be the National Climate Assessment Report approved by the Congress, which was reported by scientists from 1

3 federal agencies in November.

In this report, which President Donald Trump said that he did not believe it came to the conclusion that planetary warming "may increase by 9 ° F (5 ° C) or more by the end of this century without dramatic changes in emission reductions.

The purpose of this Presidential Committee on Climate Safety is to conduct a "competitive scientific expert assessment" of climate science, according to E & E News Monday, referring to the source's memory of the White House. For those who have gone behind the Republicans' efforts to cast doubt on the climate crisis, the names that have emerged as potential participants will be familiar.

Many came to the hearings at the Congress, the former Chairman of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the Committee, Lama Smith (R-Texas), organized to disseminate climate misinformation and its own anti-information activity. – scientific views.

Trump reported to head the panel William Hopper retired Professor of Physics at Princeton with without experience in climatology. E & E noted that those under consideration also include Judith Curry former professor of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of Georgia; John Christie, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alabama; and Richard Linden, retired MIT professor.

Kurt Davis, director of the Center for Climate Studies, told HuffPost that the early list of candidates indicates that the White House decided to contact people from academic circles and not with representatives of think tanks of climate denial. Although may do so, it seems that they have more confidence, all bring "different tastes of denial," Davies said.

"These guys' arguments are kept only in high regard among a very small club of climate denies," he said. – They are not part of the basic thinking about climate science.

William Hopper

Happer, who is Deputy Assistant to Trump for New Technologies of the National Security Council, has a long history of colorful comments on climate change. He called climatic science a cult and has repeatedly argued that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

  Physicist William Hopper at the Trump Tower in Manhattan on January 13, 2017.

Physicist William Hupper in the Trump Tower lobby in Manhattan on January 13, 2017.

"Demonization of carbon dioxide is the same as the demonization of poor Jews under Hitler," Gaper said in an interview with CNBC 2014. He added: "Carbon dioxide is a benefit to the world, as well as Jews."

Evidence before the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works of 2009, Happer said that "CO₂ Growth will be good" for mankind. And he compared the current climate movement with the movement of moderation in the early 1900s, which led to a ban.

"Deeply sincere people thought that they saved humanity from the evil of alcohol, just as many people now sincerely think that they are saving people from evil from CO," he said.

Judith Curry

] retired A climatologist, known for mocking "climatic panic", Curry was repeatedly invited by Republican lawmakers, including Smith, to testify at congressional hearings. Although she recognizes that the planet has warmed, she raises a scientific consensus about why.

"The climate is constantly changing, and it will change in the future," she said at a hearing Committee on Scientific Research. "The question is how many changes occur through people. We dont know ".

Curry came to the defense Scott Pruitt, a former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency when he told CNBC in 2017 that he did not believe carbon dioxide was a major factor in global warming.

In an interview with Andrew Rewkin (National Geographic) last week, Curry said the White House was "the last bastion of hard denial." to its new climate committee if requested, as long as members of the commission will follow the data they hold.

John Christie

Christie, another favorite resource for Republicans, was appointed this month as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of EPA . Like Hopper, he often argues that combustion of fossil fuels is beneficial to the planet.

" It is beneficial, not cost to produce carbon energy," he said. And in the 2015 interview with The Guardian, Christie said: " Carbon dioxide makes things grow. Plants love this material. It creates more food. There is absolutely no doubt that the energy of carbon provides … longer and better life. " In 2007 in The Wall Street Journal, he wrote that he sees "neither a developing catastrophe nor a chicken pistol, which proves that human activity is to blame for most of the warming we see."

Richard Lindzen

Lindzen is an outstanding senior research fellow at the Cato Institute, a Libertarian think tank based in Washington, DC, and is funded by the fossil fuel cosha brothers. Like Happer, Lindcens equated those who believe in climate change with members of the cult.

"Like any cult, when the cult mythology begins to collapse, instead of saying, oh we are wrong, they are becoming more and more fanatical," he said in a radio station in Massachusetts in 2015. Mail.

Last year, Linzen headed the letter signed by more than 300 climatic skeptics, urging Trump to pull the United States from the UN Convention on Climate Change. "Since 2009, the United States and other governments have taken measures to address the global climate that are not scientifically sound and already exist and will continue to cause serious social and economic damage – without environmental benefits," the letter reads

. ] In his letter to the president, more than 20 Linden colleagues at MIT wrote that they wanted " to explain that this is not an opinion we share or prevailing. the majority of other scientists who devoted their professional life to a thorough study of the science of climate.

Michael Man, a climatologist at the University of Pennsylvania, named the list of names that have become candidates for the White House panel, a "true story".

"Exactly what we expect from the administration that when it comes to energy and environmental policies, it is the brand's brand rubber for the Koch brothers and environmental interests," Mann said in an e-mail message.

The committee would be one of the most important initiatives of the "red team, blue team", which plans Pruitt in 2017. have supported the researchers to sit at the same table as the actual climate scientists. As a "special group," the new Trump Committee will not be required to meet publicly or be subject to public queries, according to The Washington Post.

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