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Kyrie did not want his own team – Amico Hoops

  Colton Jones
  Colton Jones

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As for David Griffin the so-called "repair" relationship between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were not necessary.

Griffin, former general manager of Cleveland Cavaliers, said that his former superstars in Cleveland have never been in dispute first place.

"For me, what I publicly perceive is that relations are regarded as something that I have always considered it as first. I have never looked at their relationship as a tension. We had a natural clash of things, "Giffin told Dime. "We had probably the biggest player of his generation at LeBron James, who was to become the most dominant, most effective dictator of floor results in the finals, and he would always be that way.

"And then we had a 23-year-old Kiriy Irving, who had already made the most important shot in the history of franchising, who knew that he was capable of more and wanted to do more in terms of conducting a franchise. He had nothing to do with the "desire of his own team."

Griffin does not believe that Irving wanted to leave Cleveland to avoid the giant shadow cast by James, who is considered to be the best active player on the planet by many.

"At that time (Irving) made it clear that he might be happier elsewhere, I think that he was at the point where he just looked for a platform to see how it could be real and he was not going to Get that in the team that Lebron James had, because if your goal is to win the championship, any coach in the world is going to put LeBron in the hands of him because he is the most effective, dominant player in the history of the finals, "Griffin said. ̵

1; So he will have a problem, and it is problematic if the way you are going to grow and develop is to prove that you are capable of making people better at such a speed. Naturally, they eventually need different platforms. I think that from the human point of view, what people now perceive as a thawing of their relationship is where they have always been.

Griffin reflected on his time in trade terms during his stay in Cleveland and the stress that came with him.

"This is the only thing that is going to mark success. win the championship because your margin for error is much smaller. Many people can go on auction, which is really fixed, "I'm just going to make a deal, if it's a lot, and it makes me look good," he said. "We (in Cleveland) did not have such luxury. We went to the trading floor to get better, and I think you saw that the league had teams that recognized that they needed to improve.

"That's why I had so much gratitude – whether you like particular transactions or not – I was very grateful for the fact that Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, that they did in the deadline. They announced their side, and then to a great extent left. When you do this, yes, you have a radically more intense trading period. "

Despite the fact that his departure from Cleveland arose because of his inability and the owner of the Cavaliers Dana Gilbert to agree on the extension of the contract, Griffin praised Gilbert's desire to do all that was needed to succeed, culminating in the first Cleveland Championship for 52 years due to a victory in the NBA Championship in 2016.

"We were really blessed in Cleveland, because Dan Gilbert would spend everything needed to win. We were able to build incredibly deep, very good staff, "he said. "Most of these people still exist, and the quality of the decisions you make as a franchise has all the relevance to the quality of the information you receive and the strategies that you use."

"Dan supported this process with incredible financial resources and great part of the decision-making process, which also led to such an infrastructure. I think we were blessed when we knew that we would have better information than most in the term of trade. "

Although the current beliefs of today's NBA players are that they favor where they play the public, in the case of Irwin, Jimmy Butler and, more recently, Anthony Davis, Griffin does not consider this perception fair.

"I think that the perception that players who are more vocal now or more are willing to share their thoughts is probably not entirely fair. , but I think this is due to the coincidence of the various events that have taken place over the past few years, "Griffin said. "The latest changes in the Central Bank were really aimed at helping small market teams save stars, but the unintended consequences of this class put an alarm clock. She says, "Hey, look, you're going to take supermax at this moment, and if you do not want this from the team from which you are going to get it, then you need to burn their house." I think it's what the agents have, that's what they are referring to super-max and what he intended to do.

However, as always, the majority appears in the lower part, if not all decisions.

Unfortunately, now the money around the game is so great that boys signing boys shoes, for example, make so much money from the court, the money that you can give them in a super-max contract, it's not enough to spend money that they can do it from court, "he said. "While the primary consequence that was intended, you are most likely to keep the star home, I think you saw that the star admits:" I do not want to be forced to stay here, I want to make my own decision: "Their reaction is to do what you did."

Griffin, a regular member of the NBA channel, recently played a role in helping to judge which of the four participants went through the stiffness of GM's obligation to see if they have what it takes to head the NBA franchise for showing called, "GM School , "which debuted on a Tuesday night.

He said an angst that comes from being NBA GM in the term of the trade came to be enjoyable for him.

"I think that over time I became more comfortable in my lack of comfort, which takes time," Griffin said. "At the end, the term trade was a really enjoyable process. At the beginning, when you get better, it's very tense.

Im Griffin came up with the recent release of Dell Demps from Pelican of New Orleans. Was he assigned to return to the forefront in terms of NBA franchise management?

"In fact, this is exciting. Projects such as "GM School" and NBA Television, which I managed to do, allowed me to be more selective, and it was also a discovery for me, "he said. "I learned that many are removed from the day-to-day team that I really believe that will make me better if I ever get back.

" I'm sure there is a situation that could talk with me, the group the possession of which I could be in the bench with the head coach who could provide the vision we have. I think that if you can find yourself in a situation where you are building a family that loves each other enough to tell each other what they need to hear if you can be authorized to do this and be part of it with the property, This is an exciting situation.

"It seems to me that they are less and less, so it is a blessing in order to be removed from it and really pick up a place."

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