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Food to save a planet is not just what I'm eating is what I do not do

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During three weeks of eating a diet devised by scientists to support a planet with 10 billion people, I learned about my own food and food outbreaks in 2050. This week, I looked in my fridge and realized it was one thing I really struggled with.

Pushing in the direction of spinach, I vigilantly looked in shame at the leftovers packed with better intentions but left slowly to wilt and turn inside mason t jars and other containers. I looked at the vegan Nacho cheese (which you did, even if you mock with Vegan things). I was preparing to add to the beast, and wondered if the same fossil fate would meet. While eating what was called a Planetary Diet with a Healthy Plate, I stopped at what was on the plate, but also put the food that goes into the garbage, with the relief.

Food waste is a huge problem, and although this is not the case. t uniquely American, we are doing more than most countries. The Ministry of Agriculture has estimated that waste accounts for 30-40 percent of our food supply, while the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that "more food has landed on landfill and combustion than any other material in our daily rubbish" in 2015 Year shows that the average American spends nearly a kilo of food every day. At the same time, shocking 40 million Americans do not have food security.

There were attempts to resolve the issue of food waste from the delivery service sent to you by ugly farmers who (theoretically) otherwise throw away to urban compost programs. But, as Emily Atkin found for the New Republic, the first turned out to be somewhat problematic. While the latter draws waste from landfills where it can produce methane, and instead it uses them, it is better to use them for people who need it. Less spent food will be transferred to farmers and farmers who grow smaller, reducing the need for water, land and nutrients.

And this is something not just in the US, but the whole world should work. The EAT-Lancet report, which outlines the planet's healthy diet I've tested shows that halving food waste is one of the greatest actions that can help reduce the use of fertilizers around the world. One way to reduce waste will also be the return of agricultural water supply to a sustainable level, which will help reduce the use of agricultural land and greenhouse gas emissions. (Other strategies, such as changing the world's diet, are more effective in that respect.)

In a short EAT-Lancet report, the Commission offers to pack remnants for lunch or to find creative use for them. I'm doing the first, but my creative use of the return of my refrigerator to a scientific experiment is probably not what the authors of the report meant. In short, it is also suggested to make a nutrition plan, which I usually do when I do not feel lazy (see below A).

Menu this week. Also depicted is: a sad pug and the best damned alliance.
Photo: Brian Kan

But after the "strange nachos", which involved the vegetarian cheese mentioned above, sweet potatoes and cauliflower, I stayed with such a heavy amount of sweet queso potatoes. It was too little for a forthcoming Nachos transfer, but not enough to justify a throw. In fact, I realized that it was virtually with all my remnants. There was a handful of lentils I swore that I would add to the salad at some point, there was a spot of hummus. I thought maybe I could have made the basis for salads.

I have always been a little hater. But the planetary plate healthfully ironically pushed him into an overdrive, as I made whole grains in bulk and bought more perishable foods to keep up with the diet.

I really do not have a clear idea of ​​how to fix it, except that I am consuming my damn remnants. But this problem made me think that we do not devote almost enough energy to say that it's easy to hang in the arsenal of a sustainable diet that does not raise, for example, talking about less food. 19659003] Nobody likes to be afraid of Sunday when it's time to clear the refrigerator; blades molded residues and rub the remains of the spoiled half and half without opening the box in the trash. It's a terrible thing, which basically means throwing money and the planet in trash. Now that I'm a little more aware of the problem, I'll do my best to make sure that the back of my refrigerator is no longer an empty unsuccessful dream.

Speaking of this, struck me if you have ideas on how to use this vegan cheese.

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