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Focusing on Bad Opponents – The Bad Way – CBS Boston

Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots are only a 5-0 NFL team. They defeated opponents 155-34. Some people find this very impressive. Others remain unconvinced that the Patriots are a great team.

This is based on the fact that, in five weeks, the Patriots faced five very bad teams. Their opponents are a combined 5-18, with three of those opponents still winning by this time of the year. Throw in the formidable parade of bad counterattack that played in front of Bill Belikik's team, and rightly point out that the full and complete domination of the Patriots is still happening with a raised eyebrow or two. As opposed to better competition, the Patriots will certainly look a little more human.

This is very clear. But to focus only on the lack of competition is to miss the essence of what is happening.

Consider this: R if we wanted to evaluate the Patriots ̵

1; and especially their defense – we can't use any teams since 2019. We can't use teams last year or even the last decade. We also can't look at the best teams of the Bill Belicic era.

If we are to find a point of comparison, we must … turn to the greatest teams of all time. We have to look at the 1985 or 2002 Chicago Bears or the Pikans or the 2000 Baltimore Ravens or the 1970s Steel Curtain. These are the only points of comparison we can gather because no other team has ever been in the Patriots' stratosphere in 2019 (usually in five weeks).

Don't take my word for it either. The NFL does this:

These remedies are remembered for varying their sealing levels throughout the seasons. They made history for their dominance.

They did not go down in history for their quality of contender.

Can you name, at the top of the head, five apostates faced by bears & # 39; 85? That's unlikely And although this team was led by Joe Montana, it also lost to the only other top-tier QB to collide the year Dan Marino threw for 270 yards and three touchdowns in Monday night's 38-24 victory.

Other than that, the Bears received a heavy dose of backsliding as Randy Wright (career passer rating: 61.4), Jim Zorn (67.3), David Archer (61,9), Mike Pagel (63.3) and the last year of his career Joe Tismann (59.6 rating in '85) . The bears have twice faced Steve DeBerg (career rating of 74.2) and Eric Hippl twice (68.7 career rating). In the playoffs, the Bears defeated Dieter Brock's CFL (19459006) (he has one NFL general season) in the championship game and the duo of Tony Ayson and of Steve Grogan . Realizing that Grogan is a favorite figure around these parts, he still only has a career passer rating of 69.6.

Despite the cavalcade of capricious quarterbacks, the 85 Bears remain the NFL's gold standard of defense.

If it were a contender, it would be the Ravens of 2000. The best indents facing these Ravens were Brad Johnson (82.5 career rating), Steve McNair (82.8) and Mark Brunell (84.0).

Those Ravens also lost games Cordel Stewart (70.7), Jay Fiedler (77.1) and the aforementioned Johnson.

These Ravens have faced indentations like Spergon Wynn (39.5 rating), Ryan Leaf (50.0), Akily Smith (52, 8), Doug Pederson (rating 62.3), the last year of his career Troy Aikman (rating 64.3 that year), Kent Graham (69,0), Jake Plummer (74,6), Winnie Testaverde (in one of four years he led the league in interceptions), Tim Kush (75.1) and Scott Mitchell (75.3).

Yes, Tim Kuch was one of the best cks fours to speak against the 2000 Ravens.

In the playoffs, they won duo Gus Frerotte (74.2) and Jarious Jackson (46.4) in the wild-card round, and they beat McNair in the divisional round. The Ravens knocked Rich Gannon out of the championship game, forcing Auckland to move to Bobby Husing (64.3), who supposedly completed 50 percent of his passes by throwing two picks. And in Super Bowl XXXV, the mighty Ravens were dominated by the poor Kerry Collins (73.8).

Yet, rightly, the 2000 Ravens defense is remembered as one of – if not – the best defense in sports history.

That's why it's not so important to spend too much time complaining that only the Patriots are facing Ben Roethlisberger (94,0), duo Ryan Fitzpatrick (80,7) and Josh Rosen (65.2), Luke Folk (62.4), Duet Josh Allen (70.4) and Matt Barkley ( 67.6), and by Colt McCoy (78.4). After all, it won't matter. It will be important if the Patriots can hold this type of defense game until the next Super Bowl victory. If so, that's all that's remembered.

Now, to put a little story on the back burner, let's dive into the remnants of 33-7 thuds of the dead in the water of red skin, shall we?

– I like Twitter. It's good. Everything is good. But Twitter really has to be closed for the first hour of every Patriots game . Obviously, the Patriots didn't get off to the hottest start, trailing 7-0, and then missed the PJSC to move the deficit from one point to another quarter. But the instant pandemonium that erupts on Twitter every time it happens is frankly a little exhausting. It's as if every week represents the first Patriots game that many Patriots watchers have ever watched.

I only wish I could compose every tweet-drop tweet sent to my side in the first half of a Patriots bad performance that ends with a Patriots blast. That would be a good read.

– They say, Head, this was the ugly first half of the year.

– As of this year, we may not remember too much about this football game. But we remember this for two reasons.

We remember this as "a game of Dont & # 39; a Hightower" because using the football term is sacred shit.

We got good indication that the Hightower motor was giddy pretty well when it chased Chris Thompson from behind in the loss of a yard on game three.

Don't Hightower (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass) – Play sequence to start the second quarter. First, at second and 1, Hightower exploded across the line to fight Wendell the Little Forest for yard loss.

Dont Hightower (NFL.com/GamePass GIF) -i-2, Hightower flew like a bat from hell straight to poor Colt McCoy.

Dont's Hightower (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass) made19659033-inchMcCoy looked like a survivor. He was very bad after that. (He was also very bad about this, but we don't need to go into detail.)

Hightower offered an incredible quote from Jeff Howe Athletic: "I'm not trying to spin any of this." Tall tower back, fresh legs and all that -. I just had a good game today. This is. "

Yes, man.

– We also remember it as a game where the Redskins played this" defense "on Ryan Itso.

Repeat technical football term: Holy crap.

Oh! ALSO in the game Red Skins played this defense on Julian Edelman:

[19659003] Some teams just look at Julian Edelman and see someone they don't have to worry about.This is crazy right now.

– If you want to find some reasons for optimism in the offense, you can easily find it number 19. Here are the number of combined receptions for Sony Michel, Ryan Itzo and Matt Lakoss. All three of these players are drawn into the invisibility cloak for different periods of time running routes for Tom Brady, but KV sought them out for nine combined goals on Sunday. Michel caught three passes for 32 yards, which could be the first steps to developing a much-needed second threat.

Michelle looked natural while catching, adjusting the pitch and joking the quarterback to turn a short gain into an 11 yard pickup:

records (1965) NFL65/GamePass GIF19659033: 11Izzo also showed some nice hands, tuning in to the right-hand side to get a 29-meter gain from the fake that Michel faked in the first quarter. [19659053] Ryan Itzzo (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass) records19659033 SAMSEcurarages signs around those looking for a clearer offense.

– In my words, I wonder if the tale of Dante Skarnecchia, through which this offensive line is held through 19 games, can go away. The second half was obviously much better, with 100 yards plus yards and one sack. But defense was a major issue in the first half, and one has to wonder what it might look like against a real NFL team that gives up nothing before the break before releasing the head coach in a few hours.

] – I want to show you screenshots of three consecutive plays in Third Washington.

Here they are.

First and 10:

First and 10 (Screen taken from NFL.com/GamePass) done19659060 engaged First and 10 (Screen taken from NFL .com / GamePass)


Second-and-17 (Screen shot from NFL.com/GamePass) taken19659033 shotsThird-and-17: records19659064 shotsThird-and-17 (Screen shot from NFL.com/GamePass) records19659065 shotsThird-and-17 (Screen shot by NFL. com / GamePass) records19659033: 11Not great for Washington. Not at all what you want to offend.

is just not a blast without some piss. And people, do we have any cruelty for you?

The first was a good old-fashioned FEROCIOUS STIFF ARM, which, frankly, we don't see often enough these days.

Josh Gordon (NFL .com / GamePass GIF)

Golllllllllly .

The other one was by classic FEROCIOUS JUKE, by – who else? – Jimmy White:

James White (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass)………19659033 Seconds. Jack was so furious that CBS did not show repetition out of respect for the victim.

(We will not publicize the company name of this victim.)

– Each of them subscribed to Tom Brady, but not me, the ultimate MEANING of FOOTBALL that Brady had for the main DEMERITIS in this ness.

Joking aside, that would be good. But the 42-year-old threw for just 348 yards and three touchdowns (the red zone also decided badly). Are people already impressed with this or do I have to stop mentioning it? For example, I never hoped to analyze Tom Brady's performances in 2019, so I keep knocking this drum.

–At this record, here are the best seasons in NFL history for a 42-year-old quarterback:

Warren Moon, 1998
145/258 (56.2%), 1,632 yards, 11 TDs, 8 INT, 76.6 pass rating, 4-6 record

Tom Brady, 2019
118/187 (63.1%), 1.409 yards, 10 TDs, 2 INTs, 99.4 record 5-0

Brady, by the way, played only five games.

It's also a hoax because Luni was 42 years old until November 18 in that 1998 season, so he only played ONE game as a 42-year-old.

What I'm trying to say is what you see with Brady – damn red zones – incredible and unprecedented. If you don't appreciate it then you are a wackadoodle. (Sorry for the harsh language, but it was necessary.)

–Brady also got his ass on Sunday. Fella takes some hits. On the day that Patrick Magomes broke away from the loss and the Steelers dropped to the third string QB rookie overtime, when the Bears played a reserve QB in London (and lost), and when New Orleans played another game with his backup QB , at least it's worth noting that Brady started 312 out of a possible 327 games since you started the Patriots in 2001, when you were 11 years old. It's crazy.

(This should be 316 of 331 games, but sometimes fake scandals will get the best of you.)

–Also: don't let him slip when Brady's landing went to Brandon Bolden one and a half times. As someone who wrote a 7,000-word love letter for Russell Wilson's landing Thursday night, it's only right that it will take me awhile to wonder at Brady's arm and accuracy by moving right and dropping that gap in the 30-meter bucket.

Brady Bolden (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass )

And that's up to Bolden, the runner who has now caught exactly four passes from Brady over the last three seasons with the Patriots. So it's not as if they had the chemistry that facilitated this transfer.

—Julian Edelman is a wide professional receiver.

there was no doubt.

– Stick stunt!

(GIF from NFL.com/GamePass)………19659033 picsOuch. records19659003 recorded19459004: 11 – I mean, it was a great defense day overall and a great day for Hightower. But is it really him to get a little six here to spice things up?

(GIF from NFL.com/GamePass) records19659033: 11 What a disappointment it was for this defense not to match the scores of the opponent. Shame.

– Speaking of defense, I think of the nickname Tum Tum Collins for a man who currently has 4.5 sacks, 27 tackles, three interceptions, a touchdown, forced fumble and recovery. .

Jamie Collins celebrates after a jump on the Colt McCoy. (Photo by Scott Tatesh / Getty Images)

A man just loves to eat quartets.

– a quick question: should Josh Bailey start all year long? Was there pride with Stephen Gostkovsky? Because it doesn't make extreme sense – for a bozo like me, anyway – to have a 35-year-old who struggles with a hip problem to be loud banging and running around the field in pursuit. Is this it?

–Second theory: I believe that Matt Lakoss and Ryan Itso can switch jersey numbers weekly and people can never intercede. Prove me wrong.

– That was ridiculous.

– If a thousand words about how to deal with bad retreats weren't enough for you, I was also curious to see how the Patriots' opponents have been made against other NFL teams. The results are interesting.

Stillers – Patriots: 3 points
Stillers against four other opponents: 24 points per game

Dolphins against the Patriots: 0 points
Dolphins against three other opponents: 9 points per game

: 0 hit points
Jets against three other opponents: 5 offensive points per game (Gross!)

Scores against the Patriots: 10 points
Scores against four other opponents: 20 points per game

Redskins Vs. Patriots: 7 points
Redskins against four other opponents: 16.5 points per game

Again, no one confuses any of these offenses for the big ones. But the stark contrast of how they played against the Patriots compared to all the others really stands out. (Except jet planes. They stink.)

– good news! Daniel Jones and the New York Giants' 25th Criminal Burst Rankings are only three days away from Foxboro in preparation. Recruits always thrive in Foxboro, especially those who lose 55 percent of the day on the day they lose their home. It has to be… well, it has to be more of the same.

Perhaps the Patriots will notice the landing giants, much like they did against the Reds, only to make it at least a little interesting for a national audience. [19659003] You can send an email to Michael Hurley or find him on Twitter @michaelFhurley .

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