Health Commissioner Rockland Updates Nyack Hospital Influenza
John Meor,

Forty two people have been exposed to measles virus at Montefiore Nyak Hospital recently, a healthcare commissioner from the Rockland County, Dr. Patricia Schnebel Rupert

. , four pregnant women and 20 people with an unknown vaccine status, said Rupert at a free vaccination clinic in Hawstrooke.

Another seven persons who were exposed at the hospital were born until 1957, they were probably subjected to the virus as children.

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Commissioner of the Rockland County, Dr. Patricia Schneabel Ruppert, updates the press about people who suffered from measles at the Nyack Hospital during a MMR clinic at the WIC office in Haverstraw on Friday 5 April 2019 (Photo by John Meore / The Journal News)

"Nyack did an outstanding job to report these people … Everything is processed very, very well," said Rupert. Corneal Rockeland: more cases, more clinics offering vaccinations

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A representative of the Hospital Noko Montefiore, Lauren Malone, said that he was contacting someone who could be subject to it.

"We immediately reported information to the Department of Public Health in Rockland County and the New York State Department of Public Health," she said.

Rupert repeatedly recommended anyone with the symptoms of measles – a rash, fever, non-life, red watery eyes and a cough – before visiting to protect other people. The Sheela Geevarghese health nurse booster during a measles vaccination clinic at the WIC office in Rockland, Haverstraw, on April 5, 2019. "width =" 540 "data-mycapture-src =" "date -mycapture-sm-src = "" /> Buy photos

Jeff Sterling from Nyack, on the left, is preparing to receive his MMR amplifier from the office of Sheela Geevarghese's nurse during a measles vaccination clinic at the WIC office in Rockcland County at Haverstraw on Friday, April 5, 2019 (Photo: John Meor / Magazine News)