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Estimation of the first wave of off-season acquisition

There are several teams that made themselves much better in this off season (Browns, 49ers, Raiders, Titans, Jets) and others who made themselves much worse (bosses, giants, dolphins). The free agency is not done at all, with dozens of players who have not yet signed and millions of dollars are not spent yet.

The raiders will have to pick up several more players before the project to fill the registry, but let's consider each of their offshore moves so far. The first major off-season move that the team has made is to hire Mike Meyok instead of Reggie McKenzie, and so far he looks like he is worth his gold.


) Trade for Antonio Brown

This was the first large list made by the raiders, and he sent shock waves all over the NFL, both the Stillers and the Reuters of the fans. Auckland fans were curious about how lucky they were, while Steeler admirers were delighted with how little they got compensation for the best WR in football. The only knock on this deal is that raiders had to pay big money in a new contract with a 30-year-old receiver, but one who has a fantastic form with a lot of work ethic. The deal is short-lived, it lasts only three years, so if it somehow does not work, it will not weaken the team in the long run. In this regard, you will see a pattern.

The result is that Brown on the third and last round was a robbery highway, and the contract is market value and fair, and not albatross by any means.

Score: A +

2) Signing Trent Brown to a contract for 4 years, 66 million dollars.

The raiders released a free agency time before anyone else agreed to the terms of Brown's mass decision for at least nine minutes during the open intermission period. Recently, Brown saw Super Bowl, and most of the Tom Brady season went through the entire AFC arm without taking any bag. Brown faced some of the best passers in the AFC and made them totally ineffective

Mike and Grudin clearly aimed at Brown and called him an agent a proposal that Brown could not refuse. The only worry is the prospect of giving the biggest contract in history to the player who was so undeterred, but not too often you have such a young player, and that's good with such a strong side that you can get on the offensive. These positions are usually fixed to extensions at an early stage. Brown's contract lasts four years, but if raiders cut Brown after 2020, then there is no zero money.

Score: B +

3) The signing of Lamarck Joiner for a four year contract of $ 42M

over the past few years swept with Reggie Nelson in one of the security spots, and it simply can not continue. Joyner comes from Rams after having solid seasons with them in St. Louis and Los Angeles. He was a database in Florida, and played both in the slot-corner and in safety with Rams. He is convinced that he has managed to skip only the last season's gear.

Joeyer's question is its height, because it is only 5 "8". He is good in coverage, but as a security raider, he is asked to cover some very high and talented dense ends, which can be eight inches shorter. This creates some challenges, especially if you take into account its security, Carl Joseph – 5-10 years. Nobody ever doubts Joyner's talent, but only his status. This step is interesting, considering all the security that was (and is) available and which is higher than Joeyer. Perhaps the raiders want Joyner to return to the corner, and in this case, he's great. Just do not hold it on Travis Kielce and wait for good results.

Joyner's deal contains zero money after the 2019 season.

Score: B-

4) Signing of Tyrell Williams for four years, $ 44.3M contract

Outside of New York Giants signee Golden Tate, Williams is probably the best broadout available during this period of a free agency. The raiders did not have absolutely anything in this position by the end of 2018, and now they are packed with two good external receivers.

Williams – 6 "3" and has 4.4 with an almost 40-inch vertical jump, so it has all the measured and sporting abilities you may want. The raiders did not have that type of big goals, since Andre Holmes and Williams skillfully use their height to win the jumpers. Where Williams is lacking, he works on the route because he is not clear and does not use his body in order to protect the defenders from the moon. He must also continue to improve his blocking. I would prefer raiders to go after Tate, but Williams offers an element of size that is less Tate's.

Like Joeyner's contract, Williams has no money after the 2019 season.

Quality: C +

5) Signing up JJ Nelson up to one year, $ 1M contract

Nelson is one of the fastest large-scale receivers in the league, and the third member of the new Raider WR Triumvirate, which so collectively fast that Al Davis personally arrived to Mike Mayock in a dream to command him to sign them. Nelson's question in his car is drops because his hands are not very reliable. It is perfectly suited to the third receiver and will undoubtedly be open when the teams will participate in the Brown and Williams program. Perhaps the Brown's bank for drops motivates him, as well as playing with the best defender than he ever had.

This contract is very small, since it is for only $ 1 million and only this season but also not

Score: C

6) Signing DE Josh Mauro for one Year, contract for $ 1.4 million

Currently, Mauro is the only defensive end to Raider raiders, and almost nobody knows who he is. Of course, the riders planned to sign a permit at a free agency, but all the good ones were hit by the franchise tags, and then Antonio Brown blew up a pretty piece of hat. Mauro is what we get.

Mauro spent four years at Stanford and started 11 games, a total of 11 bags, so he has certain abilities. He's just never been a NFL starter. It looks like a type of guy that can be part of DE rotation and not be responsible, so that's what raiders need, but he's probably not a starter in this team until the raiders get some edges in the project. He, of course, is not something that someone had in mind when they thought that Auckland would sign a defensive end.

Mauro's contract is only for this year and for peanuts, but I hope he plays well enough to get back.

Score: C 19659035] That's exactly how the additions are still so far, although the riders have made some cuts, including Donald Penn, Gordy Nelson and AJ McCarron. They also traded Kelechi Osemela Jets. All of these were anticipated and release the capecover space, giving the Raiders about $ 25m left to play with, not including their rookie pool pools.

Total grade: B


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