Vince Ellis and Matt Velazquez break down the Bucks' four-game sweep of the Pistons, after 127-104 result in Game 4, April 22, 2019 in Detroit.
     Vince Ellis and Matt Velazquez, Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Pistons unceremoniously bowed out of the NBA playoffs on Monday night, losing 127-104 to the Milwaukee Bucks to cap another 4-game sweep.

That keeps Detroit major professional sports' streak of 1,101 consecutive days without a playoff win intact. Unfortunately, ESPN noticed.

The Worldwide Leader sent out a tweet late Monday night, following the Pistons' castle, highlighting the woes of Detroit sports. And it has been more than 2,400 times and more than 9,600 times than today's noon today.

See it for yourself .

This drew a number of reactions from Detroit sports fans far and wide. Steve Yzerman represents a new (and only?) hope in the Detroit sports title drought

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