SportsPulse: In 162 games and without trash shortages, the MLB insider Bob Nightengale believes that time for the league to make something harsh: Adopt the split season schedule.

PHOENIX – disposable painkillers may be outdated in MLB

Several terms of trade may disappear without trade permitted after July 31.

And there will be no longer teams like Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phyllis, playing with a roster of 40 in September, and Miami Marlins playing with only 25 players.

The MLB and the union will officially announce Thursday a few major changes to the rules, most of which will be introduced in 2020, two USA TODAY Sports officials said.

The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts signals the change of duck throughout the World Series. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports)

– Rodent racing will require at least three strikes in the game starting in 2020.

trading terms starting from this season, teams are prohibited from doing any kind of trade after this date

– the visit of the mounds will be reduced from six to nine during the game starting this year and, may be reduced to four visits in 2020. 19659005] – The election day will begin this summer in which fans will be able to identify starting players in the game with all the stars with a 24-hour vote.

$ 1 million to the winning player.

– Commercial breaks during feeds will be reduced by 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

– Players' positions will be forbidden to throw in games that are not part of the extra feed, unless the team is ahead or behind at least eight runs.

– Committees will be appointed by the Commission for official discussion of the economic problems of the game. They will explore ways to activate the market of free agents. They will discuss eliminating incentives for teams from deliberate losses to get the top choices of the project. They will investigate their efforts to prevent team service time manipulation that delays their best prospects from calling to major leagues.

– And finally, starting from 2020, all teams will have a register of 28 people in the last month. in September, after 26 people register in the first six months of the season

Fans and players will still vote for the All-Star team until July, but the first three finalists in each position will be on a one-day ballot where fans will determine starting players.

The $ 1 million prize for home derby is designed to take part in the best baseball stars with a total pool of $ 2.5 million

The Union is impressed with the fact that there are still 30 baseball jobs and that the MLB has abandoned the idea clock, but the compromise is that, starting from 2020, jugs must face at least three beats in the game.

The biggest aspect of the changes is that the MLB and the Union are ready to talk about the big issues facing the game and maybe make amendments to the Collective Agreement, preventing a potential stopover after the 2021 season.

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