President Trump declared an emergency to free his border between the United States and Mexico. But the announcement of a national emergency is not new – in fact, the use of extraordinary powers is older than the country itself.

WASHINGTON – Thirty minutes to defend its decision to declare an emergency to help build its border wall, President Donald Trump has issued an admission that may have handed ammunition to legitimate opponents of the move.

Trump, who for a long time described the situation on the southwestern border as a "crisis" and "invasion", seemed to indicate that his administration needed all the time to build hundreds of miles of border bar he demanded for months

"I could have made a wall for a longer period of time, I did not have to do it," Trump told reporters gathered at the Pink Garden's White House on the eve of the day, just before he signed the proclamation on emergency situation "But I prefer to do it much faster."

Tramp's opponents, including a number of groups and officials who sued the emergency administration, threw themselves on the president's sincere remarks and said they seem to undermine his urgency requirement at the southern border.

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George Conway, a lawyer and frequent critic of Trump, married to a longtime helper of Trump Kellian Conway, summed up the reaction to Twitter post: the first sentence of the first paragraph of each [lawsuit] filed.

A group of groups lined up to challenge a national Emergency in Trump probably relies on a quotation to offer an "emergency" is a fiction. The federal courts have carefully studied the words of Trump and tweets to distinguish the administration's argument that the travel ban, which the president signed in early 2017, was not aimed at predominantly Muslim countries. We had to consider not only the statements of Trump, but also the "credibility of the presidency" during the consideration of his actions.

But experts said that the words of the president, which most of the parties had been imposed on cable network chironi, is unlikely to resort to an emergency. declarations The National Emergency Law provides the President with broad powers to determine that such an emergency is the establishment of rigid rules on how urgent a problem or potential damage can be.

Congress wrote the law, intentionally, to give presidents flexibility. The more complex legal issue for the White House is which powers Trump intends to refer to after the announcement of a national emergency.

"Since the words of the president are so contradictory to the usual meaning of the" emergency ", any short-term appeal to the emergency would be negligent to not cite it," said Peter M. Shane, a professor of constitutional and administrative law in Ohio. University. "Will the court use these words to cancel a declaration – this is another matter."

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on February 15, 2019 at the White House in an attempt to finance and build his long-awaited wall along the American-Mexican border (Photo 11: ERIK S. LESSER, EPA-EFE)

Trump signed the proclamation on the day after the Congress sent him the law that inansuye government by the end of September, preventing another closure, and included 1.375 billion. Dollars on the wall, far less than the $ 5.7 billion he originally sought. The White House said Trump would seek access to another $ 6.6 billion because of an emergency at the national level and to transfer funds from other programs.

A public citizen, a Washington-based observer group, was one of the first to declare he intends to sue Trump. Alison M. Zive, Director of the Judicial Team of the watchdog, said that the organization "will undoubtedly say its statement in our documents, and I expect all complaints to be made."

Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, also raised Trump's remarks during his own press conference on Thursday, in which he stated that he was co-ordinating with the other attorneys at law to prepare a lawsuit.

"President Trump was given one right this morning when he said," I did not have to do this. "He is right, he should not do it," said Becerra. "In fact, he can not do this because The US Constitution gives the Congress, and not the president, power to direct dollars. "

US Government data from the southern border indicate that the vast majority of drugs trapped at the border are approaching through the ports of entry rather than the wide boundaries between them, where an additional bar may be installed, and the number of migrants who were arrested nor for illegal travel to the US, much less than it was a decade ago. The southern border is actually at a historic minimum, and the border patrol usually detains more than 1 million people per year – reaching 1.6 million in 2000 – over 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. In 2017, he detained just over 300,000.

But experts predicted that some of these items would be important for legal issues. [196459005] More: The Trump Declaration on Emergency will lead to the deployment of a legal struggle [1959905] 459020]

"The trial will not include the question of whether an emergency is needed," – said Stephen Waldeck, a law professor at the University of Texas and Austin, who draws up a law on national security.

"This will surely be called by the contenders," he said, "but this is not a group error. "

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Contribution: Richard Wolf, Alan Gomez


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