This is what parks could look like when they open their gates.


Dozens of Disneyland enthusiasts and cast members gathered outside the park on Saturday to protest its continued closure, resulting in the loss of more than 28,000 jobs at both Disney theme parks in the United States.

Disneyland has been closed since March due to a coronavirus pandemic, while Walt Disney World in Florida reopened with reduced capacity in July. According to John Hopkins, the United States reported more than 8.1 million cases and 219,500 deaths.

“The cast doesn’t want to lose the job they dream of,” US co-organizer Natasha Ramirez said TODAY. “It’s better to open Disneyland just like everyone else and let the cast choose whether they want to come back or not, instead of having no choice at all and being fired.”

Because one protester’s sign read, “If other parks have opened a safe, why can’t Disneyland do the same?”

USA TODAY asked Disneyland for comment.

Some protesters, wearing Mickey Mouse masks or armbands, held signs demanding the opening of the park with Disney links. “Tell the guards to open the gate,” read one sign, quoting a line from “Frozen.” “Oh, worry! Why is Disney still closed?” asked another with a picture of Winnie the Pooh.

Ramirez, a former actor, started the protest with Desi d’Amani, who was one of thousands of Disney workers fired last month. It all started when they both invited several fellow actors to support thousands of people through an event on Facebook.

“We started this event in response to the layoffs, hoping to bring Disneyland back so that there would be no more layoffs and so that those who had recently been released could return,” Ramirez added.

Although some on social media criticized the protesters as people who simply “miss taking pictures at Disneyland,” Ramirez says it was not the spirit of the event.

“People … think we just want to open Disneyland so we can go buy churro,” she said. “The cast members for whom we did this come to us to thank us because they want to go back to work, and those who still have a job there don’t want to lose theirs.”

The group is currently discussing plans for a second protest, the date of which has not yet been set.

When will Disneyland reopen? Disney will save the governor of California after he slows down the resumption of California theme parks

Earlier this month, California Gov. Gavin News said that Disneyland and other surrounding major theme parks would not open any time soon. The state is “in no hurry to issue guidelines,” he added, citing rules that theme parks should operate safely as the pandemic continues to rage.

The statement came as a result last month, when Newsom said he expected the guidelines to be issued “very, very soon” as the state negotiated with the industry.

“We do not expect any of these large theme parks to open in the near future until we see more stability,” News told a news conference.

The theme park, the California Association of Attractions and Parks, said there was no reason for the attractions to remain closed when there was enough evidence that they could open safely.

“We are concerned that Governor Newsom does not have scheduled schedules for the issue of theme parks, and is very concerned that he does not expect the theme parks to open soon,” wrote CEO Erin Guerrero.

Disneyland and Anaheim officials are trying to increase pressure on Newsom to issue these guidelines. “Once the date and guidelines are in place, I can tell you we’re ready,” said Josh D’Amaro, Disney’s Park, Experience and Products Officer Roger Dow, CEO of the Travel Association Trade Group. , in August.

Contributed by: Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

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