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Did not resist Hanoi Hail Mary, a player of Trump

He needed a victory and a distraction in view of a one-day hearing at a House congress where his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, drew a devastating picture of the President's character and in fact accused him of crimes on Wednesday.

Tramp's attempt to counteract was not successful when the summit with Kim Jong-Unem broke early without consent. She left behind the initiative of North Korea – on which Trump played a huge political capital.

It was inconvenient for the President and a great disappointment for those who understand how the devastating war on the Korean peninsula would be and would like to see the last world confrontation of the Cold War in history.

Washington's decision to offer Kim equal pay with the strongest man in the world ̵

1; an invaluable propaganda revolution – at two major summits and the whole Impact of Trump and talks on egocentric talks. The style is now open to question.

Criticism that Trump is the engineering summit with North Korea, since large photo-devoid of substance looks more valid after a trip to Hanoi.

Subjugation of yourself?

The president's repeated insistence, for example, that he was "in no hurry" to obtain an agreement may have undermined his own negotiating strategy.

Trump tried to suppress the collapse of the summit, stating that Kim agreed to maintain his suspension of missile and nuclear tests.

"Trump told reporters about the end of the summit," Trump said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed that the United States wanted the North Koreans to "do more" to show it was sincere in rejecting the nuclear weapons program, and Kim refused, it can be said that the US firmly refused to end the meeting when not got what they wanted and refused to cancel the sanctions before significant denuclearization took place.

The failure of the summit does not mean an immediate disaster, a regime that is isolated and uninhibited, like that in Pyongyang, has always been zinc. No president, before Tramp was able to put an end to his nuclear threat – and to continue the status quo as the current commander-in-chief, is a much better scenario than advancement in the war, which was one of the opportunities when Trump threatened to rain "

The president did not has carried out the fears of many foreign policy experts and even some of his officials that he can impulse to offer Kim a great deal after the sudden freezing of US and South Korean military exercises at their last meeting.

Trump Immersions in Reagan calls

Truman's conservative supporters, including Fox News, who asked questions at the President's press conference, were quick to turn the story to the top level as a show of Trump's principle and a great victory. [19659002] Hennith reached for the rescue of President Ronald Reagan's face, who ended the summit with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik in 1986, when the Soviet leader demanded to put an end to the American plan for the missile defense space system.

On this occasion, an agreement was concluded on the elimination of American and Soviet nuclear arsenals. But there is no sign that such a breakthrough is nowhere near Kim. And the unresolved historical debate still poses the question of the calculation of Reagan.

Trump, which is unpredictable and unorthodox, may be about a single president who could establish a relationship with mercury Kim, and ultimately make Americans safer. But this opportunity can not disguise the serious problems that the inconvenience of the summit in Hanoi raises over the approach of Trump to North Korea and diplomacy in general.

The president twice drove up to Air Force One, during the day arrived in Asia and gave Kim the international credentials he aspires to be with the President of the United States.

In both cases, Kim picked up the victory he could propagate for propaganda purposes at home, without offering anything specific. There was no obvious progress in denuclearization.

Both sides do not yet have a common definition of what it will mean, as Trump acknowledged at its press conference.

Trump's persistence that he did not give anything can not disguise with the shocking glance of the American president who praises the man who controls the despot, keeps his people isolated and hungry, and governs the rumble.

He has a certain vision, and this is not entirely our vision, but it is much closer. [1] as it was a year ago, and I think that eventually we will get there, "said Trump.

The president, incredibly, seemed to allow Kim to break away from the death of ex-American hostage Otto Warmbacher, who was returned home from a jail in a coma from which he never came.

"He was feeling it badly. He felt very bad, "said Trump." He tells me he did not know about it, and I'll take it on his word. "

Working with shovels

  Tramp-Kim Hanoi summit

Since the administration intends to discuss the results of the summit, it now needs to be questioned whether the obvious lack of progress is to be invested in the personal prestige and time of Trump future meetings.Officials should decide whether Kyrr requires the language of direct presidential involvement.

Odn The criticism of the president may be that the hard-headed breakthrough with North Korea is much more complicated than the fresh prediction of progress that he had offered before flying to Washington.

His approach – that he alone with his supposedly virtuous negotiating skills can The most severe diplomatic conflict in the world is now outraged

The highest geopolitical talks precede the months of the lower-level talks to ensure that the President is not confused on the world stage and that for him etc. estytsiy have sufficient income

. There is no evidence that the agreement with the president closed his team with well-known tough negotiators of the North.

"It's about lack of training," said Joseph Yun, a former US spokesman. for North Korean politics.

"As a rule, summits include so much of the work of the job, and in fact you go to the summit, and the deal is a preliminary conclusion," said Yun, now CNN's global affairs analyst. "This time we saw very little preparation, and I was worried about it."

Even Trump seems to be reviewing whether it would be wise to meet Kim without agreeing the results.

He left the companies without obligations

"We will see if this happens," he said.
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