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Diary of the Tesla Model Y Diary Day 3: Installation of a trailer at $ 320

This is a daily diary of my experience buying Model Y. Day 1 and 2.

One of the reasons I didn’t worry too much about the panel gaps on my Model Y was that I was going to take the entire rear end to install a third-party hook. I obviously would have thought Tesla would do it sooner, but their gossip was not available when shipping my car. They are now available to order.

Why am I in a hurry? We are going to Vermont this weekend and we wanted to bring bikes…

I went with a popular third-party trailer from Torklift, which cost $ 322 shipped, about a quarter of the price of Tesla. The Tesla tow pack comes with a 7-pin standard connector for electrical / lighting fixtures and uses its software to “tow” mode instead of comparing apples to apples. It is also installed, which is a big plus. But I only use a bicycle hitch now, so the Tesla package is probably redundant.

Install the Model Y towing hitch from Torklift


7;s EcoHitch поста comes in about a week on FedEx ground and arrived a few days before my Y model. It weighs about 35 pounds. and its selection shows why Tesla did not make it a standard feature. It’s a lot of extra weight added to the machine for something that only a few people can find valuable.

The process of removing the rear end of the car, including the bumper, was very scary, especially since it was a new car. Torklift manuals were a poor 14-page guide to Xeroxed, leaving much to be desired. Their quick YouTube video didn’t help much either.

Fortunately, there have already been some good YouTube videos (1, 2) that have helped connect the dots.

I directed my inner rich perestroika and went to work yesterday afternoon. The tools for my dad were mostly normal to work with, but I recommend getting 5/8 ″ or 15mm deep socket for pulling heavy bolts on the inner bumper. I ran to the hardware store last night and grabbed it along with a longer, stronger wrench for $ 30.

You can also put the Model Y on the sockets. I didn’t do that, but it would be nice to have a little more space when removing the lower screw.

In total, it took me about 4 hours, but if I had to do it again with what I learned, I probably could do it in 1.5-2 hours. I didn’t make videos because you can just watch the ones that are already on YouTube and not see my stupid mistakes. But here are some of the massacres:

Observation of the model trailer Y

After digging in the car, I can understand why it is so difficult to nail the gaps on the nail panels. Most of them are plastic mounted on steel, and any bends or breaks in this plastic lose their full appearance. I ended up getting everything back, at least as well as I used to, but it took some adjustment. There were a few examples of excess glue and insulation, as well as some curved parts that I hope I can solve. I didn’t have the threaded screw in the pan release that both other YouTubers had.

Overall, I’m happy to have saved about $ 900 by doing this myself, but I’m sure I would have just put Tesla on them if it had been available last week. I have a much better understanding of the internal workings of the Y model, which may or may not be useful later.

One thing I would like to do in the future is to add even more sound insulation to the rear of the car to reduce road and suspension noise.

I have a Thule bike mount with a 2-inch receiver and it fits well. Unfortunately after all this work, I realized that my children’s new motorcycles are not mounted well, so I can get a platform connection.

EcoHitch supports the same weight of 350 pounds, towing 3,500 pounds as Tesla, so there should be no problems with transporting multiple bikes. I probably could even throw a fuck in there. This is very solid in my limited tests. This does not feel frivolous at all.

Model range Y with bicycles?

My biggest concern right now is how many strokes my range is going to take with me on bikes. I’m also worried that the Model Y will turn off the rear notifications because I don’t have the official Tesla “towing mode” option. I will be able to check and document that this weekend on the way to Vermont, which is about 180 miles.

So far, enjoy some shots of my work.

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