Jay Allen – new voice of the Comerican Park. We checked in with him as he prepared for the Tiger Open Day on Thursday, April 4, 2019.
Mandy Wright, Detroit Free Press

Detroit Tigers have called for a 59-year-old midfielder to make their debut for the big league today.

Jay Allen will be the new public speaking Tiger Speaker – the voice of Comerican Park – when tigers play in Kansas City to open the season at home.

"This will cover my life," Allen said. – In August, I will be 60 years old, and it seems to me that my life begins again. I'm very grateful ".

Allen spent his career playing as a PA Speaker at the Baseball and Football Matches Arena in Grand Rapids, as well as for football and basketball matches. He replaces the venerable Bobby Vergiels, who was a voice in the Comerican Park for 15 seasons, but retired after the 2018 season.

Meet Jae Allen (Photo by Mandi Wright)

"I have big boots to fill," Allen said. – But I will do my best. I have a size of 13 feet, so I think I will do well. "

Opening day at Comerica Park is an informal holiday in Detroit – all day long, fill the streets, pack bars, two-cornered. This is the reason to skip work, leave school and celebrate the beginning of summer.

Even if she never feels like summer.

If the weather reports are accurate – yes, insert the tired old jokes here –

But this is unlikely to be unusual.

This April is in D, is not it?

Former Tigers pitcher Willie Hernandez must throw the first step, nod to Tigers 84, and Mary Wilson from Supremes sings the national anthem.

Several years ago, the day of opening in the park of Comerica felt as the beginning of a grand journey.

when this team had a whole host of talents and low wages.

But these days, according to Ernie Harwell, "LOOOOOOONG GONE!"

Jordi Mercer # 7, Dustin Peterson # 13 and Josh Harrison # 1 Detroit tigers celebrate a 3-1 victory over New York Yankees at the Yankee Stadium on April 2, 2019 in the Bronx area of ​​New York. (Photo: Elsa, Getty Images)

This year, the opening day feels more like the date of the blind, and it's better to come without any expectations. Nobody expects this team to fight for the championship. Nobody expects this team to win more games than they lose.

In many respects it does not feel that the Day of Discovery, because the Tigers have already played two series.

And we've already seen many windows and falls. Pitching was better than expected, but this team has already gone through drought.

But hey, they would be Yankees, okay?

Spencer Turnbull is scheduled to get a start on Thursday against the royal family who has to offer something to watch. This is just the start of a big league. He turned well well before the three-month fourth inning on Saturday in Toronto.

"He has electric material," said Jordan Zimmermann, the tiger jug ​​of the Tigers broadcast network. [196459005]

Here is where to eat, drink and hang on the Tiger Day opening day

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Komerika Park is not a parking lot. This may be the best baseball stadium

Something new

So get out today and pick a chicken egg horse – new this year!

Get to the park early for a new Home Run Happy Hour during the first hour

Put on a poncho – just in case.

And sit and listen to Allen.

About 50 people filed a statement to become PA speaker, but Allen got a nod.

"I just want to stay away from what is going on and let things happen," he said.

There were some well-known lines from the narrators, as the late ideological voice of Bob Sheppard representing Derek Jeter: "Now batting, for the New York Yankees. No. 2 … Derek Jeter … No. 2.

Alain will have the phrase? "You can not plan them."

In his full-time work, he sells cars for Fox Ford in Grand Rapids. "It's about two hours to drive," he said. "I got a hybrid Ford Fusion, which gets about 37 miles to a gallon."

He said, moving into the full mode of the seller. "We will see how it works," he said. "This is what I so strongly wanted and dreamed that I could not abandon this opportunity.

He grew up in Holland and began working on the radio in the early 1980s.

"I like the radio," he said. – But there is something about being a PA speaker. You are right in the crowd.

His twin brother, Verne, offered to buy his own microphone.

"I said," Why do you want to buy a microphone? & # 39;

"He said:" When you declare a tiger, I will feel that I'm with you in the cabin. "

He stopped: "This is exactly what I have ever dreamed of doing."

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