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Democrats admire the strategy, as Trump captures the initiative after Muller's announcement

The majority of the party house plans to hold a conference call at 17:00. ET on Monday will discuss the next steps after the report. And Adam Schiff, head of the Democratic House of Intelligence, said on Sunday that a meeting will be held in the next few weeks on whether to hold impeachment.

Trump entered the political vacuum, filling the weekend with indignant tweetings about a report that is unlikely to end his presidency, but presented a damned account of his behavior.

His attacks on Twitter highlighted how President and his Attorney General William Barr controlled a political story about the end of Muller's investigation for almost a month and left the Democrats trying to answer.

"Despite the conspiracy and the obstacles, radical left democrats do not want to go to legislation for the benefit of the people, but only to investigate and spend time. And Dems will cost a lot of time in 2020!" Trump wrote on Sunday.

A special lawyer presented democrats with a dilemma with its nuanced findings ̵

1; that contacts between the team of Trump in 2016 and the Russians do not make a conspiracy – and his inability to free President from obstacles

Democrats fear that an attempt to push Trump out of impeachment, rather for all, will lead to negative consequences for the republican numbers in the Senate and, thus, can cheer the president and further electrify his base in 2020.
to confirm his behavior in the 2016 campaign and ignore the rich evidence that he used the presidential power to prevent the federal investigation. It would also make the Democrats turn out to be powerless and unable to take advantage of most of the houses they won after they promised to restrain Trump. after release of the edited version of the final report of the special advocate.

The party's reaction to Muller's stunning history of interference in Russian elections, as well as lies, mutual accusations and concealment in the White House, still lacks a coherent thread. 19659002] Some leading democrats, but excluded the hearing of impeachment. Some say they can still be on the table, while others say it's too early to decide.

"This is a very difficult decision, and we are going to have to do it in the next few weeks to try and get out. What's the best," said Schiff at Fox News Sunday.

Judge Chief Justice Jerry Nadler stated that some of Trump's actions, described in Muller's report, look like "impeachment."

But he added that "NBC's meeting with the press:" I do not think we are doing this. We can get to that. We can not. As I have already said, our job is to go through all the evidence. "

House Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ilya Kummings noted the political risk of opening hearings on impeachment.

" The fact is that I think we have to be very careful " – said Cummings of CBS in Face the Nation. "The American people, many of them obviously still do not believe that President Trump is doing things to destroy our democracy."

Cautious of the candidates 2020

Democratic 2020 candidates are also divided on what to do next, adding to the feeling that Trump has already come to Per place in the back after the report.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren distinguished himself from his rivals, becoming the first candidate in the year 2020 to call for impeachment. But another major democratic hope, Senator California Kamala Harris, told reporters that, although she believed,

South Bend, Indiana, mayor Peat Bathgyhig said that it was before

"I think that he may deserve (impeachment), but my attention because of the fact that Trump prevented justice, she wanted to see" basic evidence. "

South Bend, I'm not a member of Congress, but I'm part of the 20th 20 years old is to give him a decisive defeat at the ballot box, if he is a republican nominee "In the absence of Washington's most powerful democrat in the country, Chamber Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was on the delegation of the Congress abroad, when the report was published on Thursday, maybe partially

"Cocos plans a conference call on Monday to discuss this difficult business, which, as soon as our analysis and religious traditions of this holy season allow," said Pelosi. Letter to members.

Trump also took advantage of Barr's decision to release the report before the Easter and Easter holidays when the Congress was out of town and the FDP leaders were deprived of their place in the report

The Trump Explosions of the Mueller's Probe on Long Days on the Weekend

The president, although claiming that he was rehabilitated, is not ready to withdraw from Muller's investigation. fo The crime committed by Democrats? The president wrote in yet another angry tweet:

Trump and his supporters say that the investigation itself is a symptom of corruption in the FBI and an attempt by the Washington Institute to invalidate it.

evidence of repeated contacts between his associates and Russians in 2016, against the backdrop of Moscow's efforts to intervene in elections and in favor of Trump, in the retrospect do everything, but inevitably, that there will be alarm bells in the intelligence community of the United States.

Rudy Giuliani, speaking on CNN's "State of the Union", insisted that the campaign had not been violated by ethical breaches in numerous meetings with Russians, which were subsequently deceived by the aides of the president.

Giuliani said:

  Giuliani: Nothing wrong with getting information from Russians

The press releases of the president were distorted by distortions and inaccuracies, but they were typical of the effective flash offensive that he had set up for months to discredit Muller.

His strategy did not provide any leak from his base, offered fodder for a conservative agitation car, and made it impossible for most of the critics of the CP to congress in Congress to break it.

The outcome of the conspiracy report also played in the ongoing efforts of Trump to convince voters that "there was no conspiracy", while Muller's uncertain conclusions about barriers allowed Barr

Leading Democrats, Indirect for Impeachment


Democratic 2020 candidates, meanwhile, have not heard many calls for impeachment on the trail of voters who are more interested in increasing healthcare spending and economic inequality.

The release of Muller's report shows that only a minority of voters expresses impeachment, and support even falls among democrats.

  Why Müller's report is probably not a change to the game for voters

But the democratic strategy in Monday also offers party leaders to understand that they can not

As an alternative to listening to impeachment, the heads of the Democratic House will strive to maintain the pressure on Trump with high public testimony of Barr and Muller.

A number of other investigations also include the Capitol Hill, which provoked disassembly over Trump's taxes, his past business record and the behavior of his White House.

Democrats hope that such activity will build voters in order for the President to not be suitable for the second term. In this case, Muller's findings can serve as a feed for those who stand as Democrats in 2020.

However, the nonimmited route also has political risks that have not yet been addressed in Washington. Democratic leaders will be confronted with questions about why they did not use their power to seduce the president when they had a chance and why they did not force the senators of the Republic of the Republic to publicly protect the behavior that critics considered unacceptable to the President.

CNU's Manu Raju and Ashley Killough contributed to this report.

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