The bark spreads through Washington DC, known for having decided not to vaccinate its children, and health officials have declared a health emergency.

Bill Shine, the White House director's wife, said on Wednesday that measles, currently in a state of flare in New York and Washington state, "keeps you healthy" and "is struggling with cancer ".

from Darla Shine came in a series of anti-vaccine tweets that grumbled at their own vaccination of children and promoted her immunity to infectious disease.

"All the people who lived today had # Measles as children who return to our childhood diseases that they hold.

She extended referring to the measles vaccine, known as MMR:" In childhood I had #Measles #Mumps #ChickenPox, as well as every child. I knew – Unfortunately, my children had #MMR so they never had the long-term natural immunity that I have. Give me a breath! "

Shine, a former television producer, began the lawsuit following an explicit CNN report on flashlight that she called" fake "and" hysterics. "

The bouts of bark in New York and Washington sent health officials who tried to keep the disease alive born in the United States almost 20 years ago

One outbreak in Washington DC infected 50 people with a disease in the air, leaving a red spotted rash in the mouth that spreads

Anti-vaccination supporters like Shine have become global a health threat, said the World Health Organization this month. And the number of unvaccinated children aged two years is increasing, at the centers of control and prevention of diseases.

Darla Sveta. (Photo 11: Melanie Dunea)

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The rise in the anti-vaccine movement is partly due to a discredited belief that the vaccine is autistic. No ingredients in vaccines cause autism, reports the CDC. Devi Nemyarampil, a professor at the New York University of Medicine, told CNN, in response to Shin's comments, that measles could be deadly, but its threat has been underestimated over the past decades due to the effectiveness of vaccines.

"Her children, having not succumbed to (measles), are actually safer," she said, despite the fact that those with illness are immune. "We do not necessarily need this immunity, because we had a vaccine."

But here is not the use of a specialized strain of measles, – said Nampiaparampil network: "We will not infect people with a virus to try and fight cancer

Man Shine , Bill, is a former executive of Fox News, who joined the White House last year on allegations that he helped hide sexual harassment online.

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